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ESC failed to qualify for EMS One Katowice

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Feb 8, 2014 17:20

ImageThe Scandinavian mix team lost against H2k Gaming and failed to qualify for the upcoming $250,000 tournament run by ESL.

Featuring our star player SE Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson, the Scandinavian mix team EU ESC Gaming was unable to overcome the Norwegian team NO H2k Gaming , who recently won Assembly Winter 2014. The match was played in a single elimination best-of-three format and was the first round of the Nordic Regional Finals qualifier for the upcoming $250,000 EMS One tournament, which will be held on March 14-16th at Spodek arena in Katowice, Poland.

SK|Delpan was standing in for ESC Gaming.

The Scandinavian mix team EU ESC Gaming had the following lineup:

Starting on de_dust2, H2k Gaming won the knife round, but surprisingly chose to start on the slightly less favored T side. The pistol round went quickly to the Norwegians, as we witnessed NO Adrian 'hoyland' Johansen taking down four targets in order to win the important round. During the next one, ESC Gaming decided to go for Desert Eagles and rush bomb side B, but unfortunately were stunned by NO Markus 'maak' Karlsen, who scored an ace with P90 during that process. H2k Gaming won the first three rounds as expected, but were outmatched on the first gun round by SE Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson and his AWP. DK Sune 'crZy' Hansen scored a flawless round for his team. ESC Gaming continued to add rounds, but NO Pål 'Polly' Kammen and NO Bjoern 'SkurK' Maaren stepped up during the fourteenth round and secured one more round for the Norwegian team. Delpan won the last round of the first half for ESC Gaming with three more kills in the scoreboard.

During the second half, we witnessed ESC Gaming winning the all important pistol round, thanks to NO Martin 'cENTRYZ' Brandal's strong defense on long, which was devastating for the rush performed by the Norwegian team. A good round by H2k Gaming followed next, as Polly almost managed to win an anti-eco round with three kills and a bomb plant, but was denied by the Scandinavian mix team. A knife kill from Delpan was enough to drop H2k Gaming's hope of a comeback. ESC Gaming won the needed six rounds in a row to win the first map.

The second map was de_inferno, where H2k Gaming started once again on the slightly less favored T side, yet managed to win the pistol round, thanks to hoyland and Polly clutching a 3on5 situation. Delpan quickly bought the AWP during the first gun round and managed to take down two targets, but failed to win a 2on2 situation. He once again faced a tough situation, alone against five players with a pistol only, however surprisingly he was able to shoot down three opponents, yet unfortunately still losing the round. NO Ruben 'RUBINO' Villarroel and maak were once again on the edge, but still managed to clutch a 2on2 situation. H2k Gaming went completely dominant during the beginning of the first half with eight won rounds in a row. However, the Scandinavian mix team did manage to come back, as DK Jesper 'Tenzki' Plougmann won 1on2 situation and defused the bomb in order to win the first round for his team. Another round for ESC Gaming was won by cENTRYZ and crZy. Delpan continued to score rounds with an entry kill and two more later in the round. ESC Gaming managed to secure the last round of the first half.

Moving forward to the second half of the second map, we witnessed the pistol round going directly to H2k Gaming thanks to Polly's great individual performance. The Norwegians continued to play stable as CT and won an important 3on3 situation. Despite Delpan winning one round for his team by taking down three enemies, ESC Gaming were unable to overcome H2k Gaming and unfortunately lost the second map.

The third and final map was de_nuke, which was a tough challenge for both teams. ESC Gaming won the knife round and started on the heavily favored CT side. Excellent play by SkurK added four frags in the scoreboard during the pistol round and he took the early advantage for his team with an entry kill, but unfortunately was unable to clutch 1on1 situation in the end, leaving the all important round in the hands of ESC Gaming. The next two rounds went to the Scandinavian mix team as well, but H2k Gaming was able to secure the first gun round. Delpan's entries and close combat engagements won a large amount of rounds for ESC Gaming. The Norwegian player cENTRYZ won a 1on1 situation by a timeout. H2k Gaming scored a team ace during the thirteenth round and managed to win the last round of the first half as well, despite being terrified by cENTRYZ's two instant auto sniper frags.

An interesting fact is that after the major update that was released few days ago, the AUG is significantly overpowered now and according to the streamers of NiPGamingTV there was a gentlemen agreement between the two teams to not use the mentioned weapon during that match. However, that agreement was broken by Delpan, who bought AUG during a round in the first half of the third map, but was unable to take a kill with it. Unfortunately for ESC Gaming, that might be the reason why they lost, because during the second half H2k Gaming massively used the AUG and that significantly affected the end result.

Moving directly to the second half, we witnessed SE Joel 'emilio' Mako winning 2on4 situation and scoring the pistol round for ESC Gaming. A good round by Delpan went to a 2on2 situation win. Another knife kill appeared, this time from SkurK stabbing cENTRYZ. Polly went completely insane with AUG and managed to shoot down four opponents. Three men AUG stack strategy was executed by H2k Gaming, which was crucial for the Norwegians to comeback in the second half. The Swedish player emilio scored three kills, but unfortunately lost 1on1 situation versus Polly, who in later round managed to instantly cut off two heads with the AUG, leaving Delpan with AWP alone against four players. SkurK and his teammates were able to push ESC Gaming to overtime.

The first round of the overtime went to ESC Gaming due to Delpan's excellent play. Polly once again decided to play with the AUG and made three frags to win the next round for H2k Gaming, but later on decided to drop the AUG and play with AWP instead. Nice try from cENTRYZ to turn the tides in favor of ESC Gaming as he made two quick AWP shots, but was denied by SkurK and company in a 1on3 situation. Angry because of the AUGs, during the first round of the second half of the overtime, we witnessed ESC Gaming buying four AUGs and an AWP to counter the Norwegians. Thanks to Delpan entries with the AWP, the Scandinavian mix team won the round. Despite the overpowered weapon, emilio decided to play with M4A4 instead and secured yet another round with four frags in the scoreboard. Unfortunately, ESC Gaming were unable to win the map, despite the overpowered AUG, as we witnessed Delpan losing 1on3 situation, leaving the Norwegian team H2k Gaming to move forward in the qualifier.

EU ESC Gaming 16:5 NO H2k Gaming (10:5; 6:0) @ de_dust2
EU ESC Gaming 7:16 NO H2k Gaming (6:9; 1:7) @ de_inferno
EU ESC Gaming 18:21 NO H2k Gaming (10:5; 5:10; OT: 1:4; 2:3) @ de_nuke

H2k Gaming progresses further and will now face the Finnish team FI ENCE eSports today at 19:00 CET. For more information about the upcoming match, please visit

Stay tuned to SK Gaming for more news from the Nordic Regional Finals.



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