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H2k Gaming won Assembly Winter 2014

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Feb 4, 2014 18:01

ImageThe Norwegian team H2k Gaming won the Finnish event by defeating minttu in a series of three maps in the grand final.

During the group stage, the Norwegian team NO H2k Gaming won their first match against the Estonian team EE MayaM , but fell short against the Finnish team FI minttu . Despite the loss, H2k Gaming still had one more chance to be crowned as the winners of Assembly Winter 2014, which was enough for them to later on stand against team FI Cursive . H2k Gaming secured themselves further competition by quickly winning the last match of their group.

Results from Group B:

NO H2k Gaming 16:7 EE MayaM @ de_nuke
NO H2k Gaming 10:16 FI minttu @ de_train
NO H2k Gaming 16:6 FI Cursive @ de_inferno

Coming next for H2k Gaming was a tough match against the fan favorite FI ENCE eSports , where we witnessed the Norwegians winning the first map with an overtime and scoring the second one without much resistance, sending FI Joona 'natu' Leppänen's ENCE eSports in a battle for the third place against the other Norwegian team NO partyastronauts .

NO H2k Gaming 19:15 FI ENCE eSports @ de_dust2
NO H2k Gaming 16:7 FI ENCE eSports @ de_inferno

Moving forward to the grand final, we witnessed a strong push from the Finnish team minttu, who managed to win the first map of the best-of-three series. Unfortunately for the Finnish side, H2k Gaming did not lose faith and continued to play on top level and progressing aggressively, which was more than enough for the Norwegians to defeat minttu and win Assembly Winter 2014.

NO H2k Gaming 12:16 FI minttu @ de_dust2
NO H2k Gaming 16:5 FI minttu @ de_inferno
NO H2k Gaming 16:8 FI minttu @ de_mirage

H2k Gaming won Assembly Winter 2014 (Photo by Aleksi Kinnunen)

The final standing is the following:

1st NO H2k Gaming – 3,000€
2nd FI minttu – 1,500€
3rd FI ENCE eSports – 500€

The MVP of the tournament was:

Stay tuned at SK Gaming for the coverage of the $250,000 EMS One tournament organized by the Electronic Sports League, which will take place on March 14-16th at Spodek arena in Katowice, Poland.




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