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Four Kings add DeMusliM

By bai 'Invincible' Coce
May 9, 2007 23:58

Recently team Four Kings announced its return to the UK scene with an all English line-up in their Counter Strike 1.6 roster. Now they have announced another UK talent to join their Warcraft III roster. Ben "DeMusliM" Baker is a human player and has attend quite a few international events such as WCG and ESWC. Even though DeMusliM will be joining the team, the management at Four Kings has stated that he won’t actively be playing a role in the current WC3 "team" line-up as far as online events go, instead he’ll be pursuing an individual career. Please read on for a statement from the man himself. DeMusliM: "I'm happy to be joining 4K, even though I know I need to step it up more than just 1 level. I hope to achieve many things being under their command and I wish to do them well in many tournaments" The current 4K roster looks like this: 4K.Grubby 4K.FuRy 4K.ToD 4K.Zeus[19] 4K.Creo 4K.DeMusliM We here at SK Gaming wish team Four Kings and DeMusliM the best of luck in the future!

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