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Quake 3 - czm wins

By David 'Icecold' Sørensen
Dec 18, 2006 19:37

After 7 CPL World Tour stops, it's now time for what it's all about, the CPL Finals. The best players and teams will face each other once again in a top tournament in Counterstrike and Quake 3. As usual the the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Dallas will be where it all goes down. In the Quake 3 tournament 128 players from around the world compete for the $50,000 in prize money. The mapcycle the players will compete in is pro-q3dm6 The Campgrounds II, ztn3tourney1 Blood Run Tourney, Hub3AeroQ3 Aerowalk & pro-nodm9 Totally Lost. The tournament will be composed of 2 group play rounds, which will determine a 32 player double elimination bracket. As always, a win in the group stage will be awarded with 3 points. The 2 best players in each group will follow through to the double elimination bracket. In the playoffs 32 players competes in the double elimination brackets and the final will be played in a best of 3 maps format. Quick Links Players Prizes Grand Final Consolation Final 5th/6th Place decider 7th/8th Place decider Upper Bracket Round 5 Upper Bracket Round 4 Upper Bracket Round 3 Upper Bracket Round 2 Playoffs Lower Bracket Round 1 Lower Bracket Round 2 Lower Bracket Round 3 Lower Bracket Round 4 Lower Bracket Round 5 Lower Bracket Round 6 Lower Bracket Round 7 Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H Group I Group J Group K Group L Group M Group N Group O Scorebot: #cplcast.q3 Livestream: GTV IP's

Ryan Oakes
Michael Smith
Gregory "Mailman" Yingling
Zhibo "Hacker.RazerJ" Fan
Aleksander "karabas" Kravchenko
Brandon "Powuh" Alviso
Jamie "g0d/Missy" Pereyda
Andrew "Python" Cha Cha
Therese "g0d/trito" Andersson
Nicholas "Jebus" Borelli
Marco "Crush" Rocha
Mark "onscl0ck" McGrail
Kevin "KillJoy" Lamar
Tassilo "toxter" Teppert
Gregrey "plebian" Carpenter
Alexander "mouz.Z4muZ" Ihrfohrs
Sara "g0d-RQ" Bustoz
Jake "Mojo" Valianes
James "King0r" King
Brian "onsdestrukt" Flander
Alana "Ms.X" Reid
Kevin Holowchik
Dean "deanomyte" Souter
Anton "mouz.Cooller" Singov
Jarrett "vi0^" Baker
Iskender "Raistlin" Ildiz
Matt "Wriath" Quinta
Paul "czm" Nelson
Josh "Stasis" Davis
James "ERMAC" Boyd
Andrés "exsorz" Blanco
Jason "mouz.socrates" Sylka
Neil "(wm)ceppy" D'Benedetto
Matthew Winke
Nathan "phat13" Bally
Meng "RocketBoy" Yang
Theron "GoodBoy" Speer
Chris "fake_id" Gadd
Gary "Thedalius" Sterna
Vijal "viju" Patel
Antonio "Visiedo" Bertolín Sorando
Rogelio "clowN" Vel
Tyler "g0dfathr" Gravatte
Sean "onsdaler" Price
Jake "Gorn" Myers
Arty Flores
Chris "Lunat1c" Schulze
Rafik "EG.LoSt-CaUzE" Bryant
Chris "tuffy" Buchoveck
Livia "g0d/Liefje" Teernstra
Shane "rapha" Hendrixson
Austin "etcz" Vandever
Auliya Marie Giddings
Jon "onsmaps" Borden
Jason "fury" Gonzalez
Daniel "carnage" Sturdivant
Andrew "obsolete" Dobbs
Giancarlo "Cloud" Rodpotong
Andrew "EG|gellehsak" Ryder
Jeff "FienD" Abbott
Grand Final
Starting at 20/12 03:00 CET.
Hacker.RazerJ [ 11:22 ] [ 15:09 ] [ 04:18 ] czm
Consolation Final
Starting at 19/12 23.30 CET.
Hacker.RazerJ [ 2:1 ] mouz.Cooller
5th/6th Place
Starting at 19/12 21.00 CET.
viju [ 2:1 ] Python
7th/8th Place



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