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CoD team with a stand-in at Skylan #2

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Jan 28, 2014 23:11

ImageAfter an exciting weekend in Paris SK Gaming's Call of Duty team finishes its first offline event.

With SkyLan #2 the SK Gaming Call of Duty Team finished its first LAN attendance. But before the team was able to finally head to Paris, DE Milan 'MiLiX' Mladanovic reported that he couldn't attend the event due to private reasons. Because of that one day before everyone was going to Paris the team, and especially Team Manager DE Daniel 'ShoX' Berger had to meet the challenge to find a suitable replacement in form of a pick-up player. With ex-teammate DE Kevin 'raidN' Kreutzberg they found a skilled and expert pick-up who could attend the event even on such a short notice.

Finally the following line-up was attending SkyLan #2 in Paris:

It was the evening of the 24th of February when the whole team arrived at the hotel in one of Paris' suburbs. After doing some video content for YouTube, it was the final chance to once again talk through all the tactics.

Day #1

After the team arrived at the event location it was time for their first group stage match on the main stage. With a delay of about an hour the match against FR EvaZion eSports was going its way. After a dominating Search and Destroy round, the SK Gaming Call of Duty line-up earned its first group win. Not an hour later, they had to play against another French line-up called FR Syn3rgie eSports. Again, they cruised through the French and won the match with a final score of 2-0. In the third and final match of the group stage the team was facing FR XsV.GodLine PU, which were also defeated with a final result of 2-0. With three out of three possible victories SK Gaming moved into the Winner Bracket. The first match of the Winner Bracket against FR Flex Gaming was simultaneously the last match from day one at SkyLan #2. It was really important to finish this first day with a victorious match to maintain the motivation on a high level. After a 2-0 final result they achieved what they wanted by not losing a single map throughout the whole day.

Day #2

Before the second day dawned, it was clear that all upcoming opponents would be really tough. With facing FR Katrina FR in their first match of day two, the team went against one of the strongest French line-ups. Unfortunately the SK Gaming Call of Duty team was defeated with a final score of 2-3 in a Best of 5 mode. Henceforth they had to storm the tournament from the Loser Bracket. After they have won their first LB match against FR XSV.VenQ, they were facing the french powerhouse FR Vitality.Returns. In a stunning and highly exciting Best of 5 match the French managed to defeat SK Gaming and kick them out of the tournament. With this defeat, the team occupied the 7th place at SkyLan #2. Taking into account that they were playing with a last minute pick-up with whom they only had 3 hours of training, it's a fairly good result.

DE Lukas 'RocKzz' Stach comments on the performance in Paris:

"A big thank you to SK Gaming, who have given us the opportunity to participate in this event. Unfortunately, we could not implement what we had hoped for and remained below expectations. But as I said DE Kevin 'raidN' Kreutzberg was a pick up at the last minute and thus saved us. Also again a huge thank you to Kevin for that! Now the focus is clearly on London, where we naturally want to compete with the entire team and show what we can really do."

Final placements:

1st: FR Vitality.Rises (Gotaga – BroKeN – Krnage – bLue)
2nd: FR KFR.COD (DooVeZ – Mehdax – Kradia – Misaa)
3rd: FR Gamoniac.Titans (Gaiden – Hardy – Telo – Vortex)
4th: FR Vitality.Returns (Agonie – AzoX – TonyJaaaa – Getsom)
5/6th: FR Unnamed.Payback (Melo – devicz – deviza – wizr)
5/6th: FR Unnamed.Unleash (Grams – Priwaa – Tedzy – veziok)
7/8th: DE SK Gaming (RaidN (PU) – QxiCky – Kivi – RocKzz)
7/8th: FR Vulnezia (Boris – Hope – Crizia – Yann)



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