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Reigning WCG Champion Sky Interviewed

By Ran 'FoReVeR_ManUtd' Liu
Oct 22, 2006 19:22

World Cyber Games started last Thursday. Many of the best players competed for one of the biggest prides in their careers. The champion was declared today and SkyCN, who is World Cyber Games reigning champion, defended his crown successfully. He defeated numerous top players in the world such as GoStop, Grubby and HoT and beating ToD with 2:0 in the final. Congratulations! Replays.Net interviewed him right after the game. The original interview is in Chinese and I translated it into English. Hope you will enjoy it. You can find the interview below:

Congratulations on defending your WCG champion. What was in your mind the moment you won?
I didn't think too much, but all the pressure on my shoulder went away at that moment. Though I wrote that I shouldn't give myself too much pressure in my blog, I was full of fuel to defend my champion.
What do you think is the key to your win over ToD?
Maybe luck. I want to say thank you to King. He encouraged me since yesterday and he said it didn't matter even if I didn't get the crown. I prepared a lot of tactics for it. I wrote many notes about how to play tier3 tactic, tier2 expansion tactic and so on on my laptop. I lost to ToD in WEG Masters. I prepared a lot for European tier3 tactic and Asian tier2 expansion tactic since then. Everone can see that the Panda I used is for European tier3 tactic.
We saw that you used the same tactic as you used against Insomnia in ESWC third place decider. Did you prepare to use this tactic against ToD? Many people think ToD and Insomnia are two players who have different style.
Not really. I will decide my tactic on my opponent's way of creeping and routine in early game no matter the player I play is European or Asian. For example, if my opponent has arcane tower in his base in early game, I will upgrade water element. If not and he's creeping red spot, I will choose blizzard.
Everyone knows what happened when you played with GoStop. Did it affect you much in your game versus Grubby?
A bit. It affected me a lot in the first game on TM. I was so lucky that I performed better in the coming games, but of course Grubby is definately an outstanding player. He's the toughest player I encountered during this WCG.
How did you adjust when you lost to Grubby?
Actually I tried to adjust myself during the first game. I tried to focus on the game.
Did you feel that you had a great chance to defend your champion?
No, because all the players present at this event are top players in the world. I only wanted to play my best even though I was not 100% sure I could do it.
What do you want to say when you receive your prize for China?
I want to say thank you to everyone for your support. I did my best and I don't think I disappointed you because I did my utmost.
Chinese players have good results in WCG since CQ2000. What do you think about that?
I think it's because many of us believe that the hardest working one is the most successful.
Is your next goal after this the WC3 Grand Slam?
Hehe. I will have to think about my goal because I feel a pressure which is much more than I ever felt before when I won this WCG. Of course I have confidence no matter what tourament I participate in.



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