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elemeNt goes United 5

By Andréas 'fisk' Johansson
Dec 8, 2005 04:25

Late in October this year Ola Moum, also known as elemeNt has decided to go seperate way then his team-members, and therefor leave 4Kings. He also mentioned at this time, that his gaming career would now take a break, but it seems like his plans has taken a sudden turn, and decided to become a part of the hugh and famous multi-gaming team United 5, and we'll also be seeing him with the team on the officiell tour CPL Winter games in Dallas next week. Most people would think of this fast switch as quiet odd, but the reason is that United 5's main-player known as "CuZ" are suspended from all upcoming LAN since two month ahead.

United 5's statement:
Now many people have been asking what United 5’s CPL lineup is now that CuZ is unable to participate? After having gone through a few names (being that Derosa could not attend the bootcamp and all the days of the event), we have decided as a team to use Ola “element” Moum as our new 5th. We have known and competed against Element many times and many events, so when we came to find out that he was local to the team and not participating at this event with any other competitive team, we felt that he would fit right in. With his many years of CS experience as well as numerous CPL titles, his raw skill and smarts will be a great asset for this squad. One of the main reasons we chose him was the fact that he could call strats too.
Their official CPL lineup is:
Risasi "Kmode" Coffee
Corey "kaM" Hanes
Shaun "Hostile" Catron
Ryan "Pham" Pham
Ola "Element" Moum
We would like to wish United 5 and elemeNt best of luck in CPL, and let the best team win.



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