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By 荣 'x-r' 荣
Jun 25, 2008 05:56

i just feel so shameful. totally a loser. i've been struggling for 12 years, just to wait for a 3-number score.
everything goes wrong, including myself.

life exam

By 荣 'x-r' 荣
Jun 8, 2008 17:41

i never know these fucking two days could be that fucking. if you are not a chinese, especially a chinese young people, you could never feel this true felling. millions of students gather together to compete to enter few universities. it's awful. after the earthquake, more and more people realise the importnce of edu., to change their fates. people,huh... 1.3billion.

im just a small fish in this huge pond. unfortunatly, i have a boyfriend, and unfortunatly his family is really poor, and unfortunatly, his aim is struggling between loving him and avoiding affecting him,,,,, well that's no big deal.

we have studied for 12 years, and they just judge our destinations in 2 days. i cant say it's fair. he's really hard-working, he is really losing his golden times. no pains, no gains. i shoud believe it.

in this special 1 year in senior 3, i cant describe the hardships since they are pieces after pieces. future is not far away, wish we could catch the last train.
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