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By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Oct 15, 2010 14:19


WCG was quite the disappointment. We were really unlucky in the match vs FX and they managed to tie the third map and win on overtime. Anyone who saw the last five rounds knows there's not much to say.

Something I've been lucky at again though is I managed to win another €134 on their games! I don't spend alot of time on their site but i've been really lucky. The extra cash is very nice.

We will be going to WEM in Hangzhou, China soon. It looks to be a really good tournament and it'll be fun to visit asia again. It's been awhile.
I will also be going to Shanghai after the tournament and meet up with my girlfriend and her family who are on vacation there. Timing is perfect and that should be fun!

I also dyed my hair again.. I was gonna go for my natural colour (brown) but left it in too long so it basically became black :S this is out of control!!


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