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Well, well.. I think I am hooked!

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Jun 4, 2010 15:41

Hey there. A very important Dreamhack Summer is awaiting us in 2 weeks and after our upset at the Arbalet Stockholm event in may we really had to get our act together and bring some changes into the team. So what did we change? I'm not calling strats solely anymore. We decided to give this task to RobbaN, as he did this for the Dreamhack Winter in 2008, where we won gold. This means that I can concentrate on the good old AWP again - look out! We will need your support during the Dreamhack, so please keep your fingers crossed for us! Besides hours of Counter-Strike I have been playing something rather interesting……..
So basically caught my attention when they decided to partner up with SK-Gaming. Before this all happened the only thing I heard about LOTTO was from my grandmother who strictly plays Lotto twice a week, always with the same numbers - fascinating. The playhugelottos website is structured very well and easy to handle. You can choose between different lotto organizations, namely superena, euromillions, uklottery, usamegamillions or usapowerwall. The jackpots at the moment vary between 15 and 81 million $. Imagine winning that much money…! Enough gushing around - see for yourselves and give it a try!

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