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Arbalet Europe coming up

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
May 10, 2010 14:47

G'day mates.

This weekend all of us will be going to Stockholm to Inferno-Online for Arbalet Europe. There are a lot of great teams attending and it looks to be one hell of a tournament, be sure to follow and cheer for us! It's gonna be interesting to see what teams are gonna step it up and play well and as always, see who will be the underdogs of the tournament. I think that you have a few given favourites such as fnatic and Na'Vi but I think that mousesports has been feeling like they're on fire on practice lately, so watch out for them. Also, lets not count out mTw - they haven't been looking that great lately but one should never count those guys out. There's also neo and his polish team which is either great and goes and wins the whole thing, or they'll wipe-out in the groupstage. Definetily a VERY interesting tournament where anything can happen. Will any of the lesser favourites be able to upset, like United, MYM, H2k or Ravens? There are always upsets and I hope we're not on the receiving end :). Unfortunately, we haven't been able to bootcamp before this one and I hope our online practice will be enough. We learned quite alot about ourselves as a team at last Arbalet best-of-four in Kiev - and time will tell if we have used this as efficiently as possible. If I were you, i'd cancel my plans for the weekend and get some snacks and bench myself infront of the HLTV all weekend. Enjoy, and be sure to cheer for your favourite team SK! :)


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