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IOL update

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Jan 31, 2010 16:16

We are currently in Stockholm at Inferno-Online playing the IOL qualifier tournament. Yesterday was our side of the bracket and the only real threat against us was the two last matches. The first was versus on dust2 in a best-of-one. Those kind of matches are always uncertain as dust2 is considered kind of a mix-map, and with definetily being a very talented team. We managed to get 9 rounds as terrorists which was allright considering we lost the pistolround. Thanks to a good start as counter-terrorists we were able to close it down fairly early into the match.
Our semi-final was not versus ravens as alot of people might have expected, but versus LedPC, fortunately in a best-of-three :). I felt as if we had quite good control all through the match but it was definetily swinging both ways at times. A team like LedPC can be hard to play against since you have no idea what so ever what their playing-style is like. They didn't manage to surprise us too much though.
We are currently waiting for matches to finish so that we can sit down to practice. We have to wait for todays bracket to be played before we know who we're facing in the grand-final.

Wish us luck

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