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By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Nov 19, 2009 14:36

At the moment, we are practicing online to prepare for Dreamhack and Arbalet cup which will be played in the end of november and beginning of december. Practice is so-so. We could be doing better definetily, but hopefully offline it'll be different :).

All of us are using xai right now too. Jimmy might be using kinzu though. You can never tell, he'll be switching in between maps during practice.

To be honest, it's a huge adjustment changing from the mouse me and the guys have been using before. I myself, and RobbaN aswell has been using the 3.0 for like ten years. It sounds like such a long time when you actually say it. Shit.

Anyway, I was never interested in changing mouse before but with everything that xai offers it's worth it to me. The shape difference is hard to adjust to, but I think most people will dig it. The main pro is that you can set it up exactly how you want it and it's _saved on the mouse_. With this, you never have to bother with external programs on tournaments.


Wish us luck, eh.


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