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Random shit

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Feb 27, 2009 20:08

Okay, so I didn't manage to stop smoking completely but seriously - it's really hard not to smoke when you have Robban and Jimmy doing it around you all the time. I did hold up one month though and I do smoke alot less these days. It used to be one pack a day, and now one pack lasts 3-4 days atleast. I'm going in the right direction, ye?

So, last weekend we took a break from bootcamping. Robban and Jimmy spent some time with their girlfriends while Marcus played UGT in Växjö. Kristoffer & I went to LanBauer in Gävle with a mix consisting of myself, Tentpole, threat & FYRR73 from Giants and face from team-Blank. We were a mix of some very nice people and managed to have a good time AND win some money, which is always good : ).

Y'all probably know we've been bootcamping for a while now if you've been reading any of the other blogs. It's been good and I feel as if we're in good shape right now. Hopefully EM will be a good event for us.

Tomorrow me and RobbaN will be going to Norrköping to play the UGT tournament there. I will write another blog when I get back from that and tell you about it.

I thought i'd let you in on an example of my IRC conversations to round things off;

(19:55:32) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**k you
(19:55:36) (SK|walle) f**k you!
(19:55:47) (rayne^shbtshlom) NO NO F**K YOU
(19:55:55) (SK|walle) dude
(19:55:56) (SK|walle) no.
(19:55:58) (SK|walle) f**k YOU!
(19:56:10) (rayne^shbtshlom) no no listen
(19:56:12) (rayne^shbtshlom) F**k
(19:56:14) (rayne^shbtshlom) U
(19:56:17) (SK|walle) lemme tell you a story
(19:56:20) (SK|walle) it involves you
(19:56:22) (SK|walle) and you are f****d
(19:56:29) (SK|walle) the end.
(19:56:32) (rayne^shbtshlom) no no
(19:56:37) (rayne^shbtshlom) i have another story
(19:56:42) (rayne^shbtshlom) you are the f****d
(19:56:46) (rayne^shbtshlom) and you f**k
(19:56:50) (rayne^shbtshlom) it means
(19:56:52) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**k you
(19:56:53) (SK|walle) f**k you you f**king f**k
(19:57:10) (rayne^shbtshlom) go to f**king country
(19:57:12) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**king f**k
(19:57:21) (SK|walle) f**k you sideways
(19:57:46) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**k you ass
(19:57:50) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**k your self
(19:57:52) (rayne^shbtshlom) ohhh f**k
(19:57:55) (rayne^shbtshlom) yes f**k f**k
(19:57:56) (rayne^shbtshlom) plz f**k
(19:57:58) (SK|walle) f**kin' ey..
(19:58:11) (rayne^shbtshlom) you love to f**k you?
(19:58:17) (SK|walle) I will f**k you up!
(19:58:25) (rayne^shbtshlom) I will f**k you down...!
(19:58:34) (SK|walle) so, what's up?
(19:58:52) (rayne^shbtshlom) im fine.....hehehhe im from israel and u?
(19:59:07) (SK|walle) I'm fine, thanks.




By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Feb 1, 2009 18:07

We're obviously 1/12 into the new year. Whatever happened to that whole month? Time passes quickly these days. I guess it's because I don't look forward to stuff as much as I used to when I was a kid. December used to be such a slow month.

So, what's new?
I came to the conclusion that I am a man of too many addictions; nicotine, coffeine & soft drinks in general, mostly Cola Zero : ).
Anyway, i've gotten rid of the cancer-sticks but not of nicotine all together. I'm currently using 'snus', which I hope to be able to lay off eventually too.
One thing at a time, eh?

We didn't qualify for EPS, which is a shame. A lot of important matches during such an inactive period of playing which resulted in bad performances by us. We could have been in better shape, that's for sure but everyone has been spending well deserved time with family & friends.

We will soon be back in shape and try to get a bootcamp done @ inferno-online, so that our main focus is CS for a period of time.

I'll finish this off with a song, since that seems to be a trend nowadays.

mushroomhead - solitaire unraveling

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