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An update

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Aug 19, 2008 23:15

Hiyo dudes and.. dudettes(?).
It's been awhile since I last wrote a blog and I guess it's about that time again, just to update you on what's going on in and outside of the team.

ESWC Masters was our last tournament and we weren't happy at all with the result there. We got knocked out by fnatic after having a big advantage, but we just didn't get into the match. We weren't able to grab five (I think) rounds as Terrorists on train which was very disappointing.

After ESWC Masters we had a break and I jumped into the car and drove 1100km to get back home north and I gotta tell ya, there's nothing like home. I've enjoyed spending time with friends, just chilling in the good weather and seeing my family. I needed that.
Anyway, nothing lasts forever so I had to go back to Stockholm to resume playing.
We're currently bootcamping in Stockholm at two different locations. We've been at Inferno-Online and we're in Tentpole's apartment right now which is very nice, we can focus alot on our play and chillax when we're not playing.

Shortly after we resumed playing we started playing in the EMIII online-qualifier and first few matches weren't very hard, but the last three proved to be a real challenge.
First was Begrip which gave us a good run for the money, but we managed to pull out a 2-1 victory finally.
Second was Blank and we lost the first map, D2 after an amazingly weak CT-half. I doubt we have ever played that poorly D2 CT-half, practice or official. We had to win the two remaining maps and we managed to pull ourselves together, winning train relatively easy. Nuke was the last map to be played and it was very tight. They had this very annoying CT-push with two or three guys flanking us from ramp everytime we rushed B1. Last round, we had Tentpole wait for them to flank and well, he took out three which gave us a 16-14 win. PUH!

Last match for a spot in EMIII was vs fnatic and this proved to be the easiest match of the three for us (on paper, that is). The first map was tuscan which we had practiced three times, and I think fnatic had also practiced it three times. We started out bad with 1-8 as CT but we got back into the match making it 7-8. With our amazing comeback we felt confident we had a good shot at winning tuscan. Pistolround was lost, and we ran a deagle-rush towards B1. We didn't win the round, but felt as if we should have, and we managed to kill enough of them forcing them to eco if we would win the third round. We ran the same deagle-round and this time, we hit our shots and won the round, forcing them to eco. It felt as if we controlled tuscan and the economy of T-half pretty well and won the map 16-12 after being down 1-8 CT-half.
With fnatic losing the first map, they were allowed to pick the second and they chose their favourite map train. We have had bad experiences of playing fnatic on train (ESWC Masters), and we got to start as Terrorists. We got alot of momentum terrorist-side and made it 10-5 first half. Second half, allen was totally dominating, allowing us to win 6-0 making the total score 16-5.
It's relieving to know that we're qualified for EMIII already and we just have to focus on practicing for the main event.

On another note. Me and alot of the other guys like to sharpen up and get focused before matches or practice so we'll usually just drink a redbull or a coffee but before the fnatic game we tried this new FUCAPO product. It's a chewing gum promising to boost your focus, which we need alot of the time in tournaments, after having played all day, match after match. It's a cool product actually and me and the guys will definetily be using it in San Jose, and other upcoming tournaments.

This was the last day of practice for us since Tentpole and allen are going to Germany to represent Sweden in ENC. We'll be losing a few days of practice but practice has been good lately and I hope it'll be enough. We'll just try to stay in shape individually and keep in mind the new stuff we've gone through during the bootcamp.

All right, that's it for me. Cheer for SK in San Jose! Peace.


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