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Allow silent-run!

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Mar 14, 2008 19:31

There's alot of fuss nowadays concerning whether or not silent-run / russian duck or whatever you want to call it, should be allowed.

I'll admit, when most professional players started using silent-run it annoyed me a bit in the beginning. I wasn't able to hear them because I wasn't used to the sound of someone silent-running - i'll recognize it now.
Then there's the question about bugged hitboxes while silent-running. That was a pain in the ass in the beginning too. You would aim as you normally do when waiting for someone to pop up from behind a corner but now, instead i'll take into consideration he might be double-ducking around corners.

I think being able to do this manually (ctrl or whatever your +duck button is) _IS_ a skill and has become a part of the game, the same way past changes of the game has become a part of it eventually.
Basically every professional Counter-Strike gamer uses silent-running and tournaments should recognize that 'top-gamers' are pro-silent-running.

If you, as a Counter-Strike player want to be the best you can be that concerns all aspects of the game. If you on the other hand totally despite silent-running, there are always these awfully boring servers with a modification which disables double-ducking.

Either allow it, or have it removed from the game.

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