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SpawN > GeT_RiGhT

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Mar 12, 2008 13:43

Since alot of people are flaming us for removing GeT_RiGhT in the favour of SpawN after only one tournament I thought i'd give you some more insight from the teams' point of view.

GeT_RiGhT is a huge talent skillwise and yes, he might need some time to evolve routine- and experiencewise and he will, for sure. We all needed that time.
SpawN and GeT_RiGhT are basically the same type of players, great aimers and aggressive players who can win a game themselves on any given day.

After Extreme Masters we had a talk concerning whether or not GeT_RiGhT filled SpawN's position in the game and yes, he does. He does a great job in-game.
On the other hand, we all agreed that chemistry is more important than anything and all of us were very comfortable with SpawN in the team. There's a big age difference between most of us and GeT_RiGhT compared to SpawN and we like to have fun together too and we prioritize SpawN in this sense.

GeT_RiGhT might very well go onto another team and be successful and end up destroying us in some future tournament, but still - we're gonna go with chemistry here and see where it takes us.

All of us hope for your contiuniung support, it is greatly appreciated!

Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg

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