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By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Oct 15, 2010 14:19


WCG was quite the disappointment. We were really unlucky in the match vs FX and they managed to tie the third map and win on overtime. Anyone who saw the last five rounds knows there's not much to say.

Something I've been lucky at again though is I managed to win another €134 on their games! I don't spend alot of time on their site but i've been really lucky. The extra cash is very nice.

We will be going to WEM in Hangzhou, China soon. It looks to be a really good tournament and it'll be fun to visit asia again. It's been awhile.
I will also be going to Shanghai after the tournament and meet up with my girlfriend and her family who are on vacation there. Timing is perfect and that should be fun!

I also dyed my hair again.. I was gonna go for my natural colour (brown) but left it in too long so it basically became black :S this is out of control!!


Woah. SEC, Lotto & WCG!

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Sep 9, 2010 10:20

First, lemme offer you something to listen to while you read;


Wow, what a great feeling winning SEC - especially since we've felt like we've had trouble playing mTw lately.
We started out on dust2 and for the past weeks we've been trying to improve our CT-side on dust2. It is still a very hard side to play but I think that anyone can see that overall it's become better. We had a 10-1 lead, I think, with them taking the last four rounds making it 10-5 in our favour - a result we were very satisfied with switching to T-side. Anything is possible but one simply shouldn't lose a map like dust2 when you have such a lead from the CT-side, which has to be considered the harder side of the two.
Next up was train. We started out well winning the pistolround and first gunround but fumbled somehow and weren't happy with the end-result 7-8 at all. Our t-side on train has been strong on practice lately, so we didn't give up and felt quite confident that if we got our game going we could close it down. Losing the pistolround was a set-back of course, but we managed to get the bomb down on both the pistolround and the following eco which enabled us to buy on the third round which we won. After that, we only gave mTw one gunround making it 9-3 for the win.

As if the prizemoney from SEC wasn't sweet enough, when I got home on monday, our day off, I played @ and actually managed to win 350€ which definetily is not bad! I'm aiming for one of those insane dream-amounts in the millions though ;)

We started playing again on tuesday, as we've got WCG coming up soon. We were in pretty good shape at SEC but there are alot of things we would like to improve and it's these kind of things you notice best when you play matches. Whether you lose or win there's always something you can improve so that is what we will try to do up until WCG. And of course, we'll try to play as much as possible to be on top individually as well!

Thanks for reading, i'll post another blog before WCG so keep your eyes open.


Well, well.. I think I am hooked!

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Jun 4, 2010 15:41

Hey there. A very important Dreamhack Summer is awaiting us in 2 weeks and after our upset at the Arbalet Stockholm event in may we really had to get our act together and bring some changes into the team. So what did we change? I'm not calling strats solely anymore. We decided to give this task to RobbaN, as he did this for the Dreamhack Winter in 2008, where we won gold. This means that I can concentrate on the good old AWP again - look out! We will need your support during the Dreamhack, so please keep your fingers crossed for us! Besides hours of Counter-Strike I have been playing something rather interesting……..
So basically caught my attention when they decided to partner up with SK-Gaming. Before this all happened the only thing I heard about LOTTO was from my grandmother who strictly plays Lotto twice a week, always with the same numbers - fascinating. The playhugelottos website is structured very well and easy to handle. You can choose between different lotto organizations, namely superena, euromillions, uklottery, usamegamillions or usapowerwall. The jackpots at the moment vary between 15 and 81 million $. Imagine winning that much money…! Enough gushing around - see for yourselves and give it a try!

Arbalet Europe coming up

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
May 10, 2010 14:47

G'day mates.

This weekend all of us will be going to Stockholm to Inferno-Online for Arbalet Europe. There are a lot of great teams attending and it looks to be one hell of a tournament, be sure to follow and cheer for us! It's gonna be interesting to see what teams are gonna step it up and play well and as always, see who will be the underdogs of the tournament. I think that you have a few given favourites such as fnatic and Na'Vi but I think that mousesports has been feeling like they're on fire on practice lately, so watch out for them. Also, lets not count out mTw - they haven't been looking that great lately but one should never count those guys out. There's also neo and his polish team which is either great and goes and wins the whole thing, or they'll wipe-out in the groupstage. Definetily a VERY interesting tournament where anything can happen. Will any of the lesser favourites be able to upset, like United, MYM, H2k or Ravens? There are always upsets and I hope we're not on the receiving end :). Unfortunately, we haven't been able to bootcamp before this one and I hope our online practice will be enough. We learned quite alot about ourselves as a team at last Arbalet best-of-four in Kiev - and time will tell if we have used this as efficiently as possible. If I were you, i'd cancel my plans for the weekend and get some snacks and bench myself infront of the HLTV all weekend. Enjoy, and be sure to cheer for your favourite team SK! :)



By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Apr 11, 2010 08:25

Good morning.

I'm gonna have to keep this short because we're currently sitting on stage waiting to play United. We're very disappointed about our game vs Na'Vi as we felt we could have won atleast two of those maps had we played just a little bit better. Versus fnatic we played more like ourselves and managed to win 3-1-1, even though we really, really should have had nuke. Not being able to take it down as CT was very disappointing but we're happy to have beaten fnatic. Next up is United, and we're gonna focus on this match map by map, and try not to think about the final result because we can't affect that. All we can do is do our best and that would be a 5-0 victory, which should be unlikely considering they actually won two maps versus fnatic, surprisingly.

Break a leg, 'eh?



By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Feb 26, 2010 15:03

We are currently at the SK office in Köln bootcamping for the Global Finals which starts next week. We've been playing as much as possible from home before coming here, trying to bring Gux into our game. Bootcamping like this is always good a few days before a tournament. It's easier to come up with new tactics together when you're sitting next to eachother and you have more time to focus on your individual game. All of us just gathered here at the office. Our sleeping schedules are different, so I ate breakfast alone this morning and grabbed the train. The rest of the guys came in two taxis a few hours later. We just ate and are gonna start playing soon. We'll probably look at a few maps today and try to come up with some new stuff and then play, play, play and try to analyze our game afterwards.
All for now.


IOL update

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Jan 31, 2010 16:16

We are currently in Stockholm at Inferno-Online playing the IOL qualifier tournament. Yesterday was our side of the bracket and the only real threat against us was the two last matches. The first was versus on dust2 in a best-of-one. Those kind of matches are always uncertain as dust2 is considered kind of a mix-map, and with definetily being a very talented team. We managed to get 9 rounds as terrorists which was allright considering we lost the pistolround. Thanks to a good start as counter-terrorists we were able to close it down fairly early into the match.
Our semi-final was not versus ravens as alot of people might have expected, but versus LedPC, fortunately in a best-of-three :). I felt as if we had quite good control all through the match but it was definetily swinging both ways at times. A team like LedPC can be hard to play against since you have no idea what so ever what their playing-style is like. They didn't manage to surprise us too much though.
We are currently waiting for matches to finish so that we can sit down to practice. We have to wait for todays bracket to be played before we know who we're facing in the grand-final.

Wish us luck


By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Nov 19, 2009 14:36

At the moment, we are practicing online to prepare for Dreamhack and Arbalet cup which will be played in the end of november and beginning of december. Practice is so-so. We could be doing better definetily, but hopefully offline it'll be different :).

All of us are using xai right now too. Jimmy might be using kinzu though. You can never tell, he'll be switching in between maps during practice.

To be honest, it's a huge adjustment changing from the mouse me and the guys have been using before. I myself, and RobbaN aswell has been using the 3.0 for like ten years. It sounds like such a long time when you actually say it. Shit.

Anyway, I was never interested in changing mouse before but with everything that xai offers it's worth it to me. The shape difference is hard to adjust to, but I think most people will dig it. The main pro is that you can set it up exactly how you want it and it's _saved on the mouse_. With this, you never have to bother with external programs on tournaments.


Wish us luck, eh.


Where is my mind?

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Nov 4, 2009 19:17

Man, i'm worn out. It's been alot of travelling lately. And on top of that, I drove Johan from Stockholm to Borås last night. That was 900 kilometers. I can tell you the way back to Stockholm was atleast an hour faster and 20 litres of fuel more expensive. Also I found a lot of cans of DOCKERS energy drinks in my car the day after, helpful stuff for pulling off roadtrips like this one, trust me.

We were just in Korea, Suwon for the IEF tournament. The tournament layout was pretty strange with most of the matches being played in a best-of-one format. This is very hard in Counter-Strike, as you can easily lose one map to a lesser team but seldomly a best-of-three game. I'm not an expert in Warcraft or Starcraft but I can imagine that it's even more random than CS playing best-of-one. It is really a shame for the players who were unlucky in the groupstages not being able to recover because of the format.

Anyhow, we are happy we pulled through and managed to win the tournament. I was expecting to face Tyloo in the finals but they suffered a big loss vs wNv who proved once again to be a very talented team.



By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Oct 21, 2009 20:39

We are now back at the hotel after a long day at the event.
I'm pissed off we managed to lose to K23. It's just like us to play a good group-stage and then throw away the last match.
Our CT-side on inferno was pretty decent i'd say, even after losing one round to a glock-eco (doh). The T-side on inferno is usually quite good for us, but we simply got nowhere. Their aim was top-notch and whatever we tried we got shut down. We atleast finished first in the group thanks to a tiebreaker vs Vitriolic, who also had four wins and one loss. Maybe we were too tired after the night before wasn't too quiet for some of us. Next time more Dockers energy drinks, I mean, they send us those trays for a reason..

A weird thing happened today. I was walking past GeT_RiGhT when he says "gratz" and I have no clue what he's talking about.
"Isn't today your birthday?" he asks. It was. I had totally forgotten about my own birthday. Good job Dennis.
Thanks to Jimmy for the birthday-cake (an ice-cream from McDonalds, very yummy).

Tomorrow is the semi-finals and I think we're playing fnatic. I can't say for sure. Be sure to watch the game and cheer for us!

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