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SK gaming win DHW 08 WGT!

By Florian 'tiMy' B
Nov 30, 2008 18:53

SK Gaming can go home tonight with a taste of revenge and can go home with over 9,000 € and hardware worth 15,500 €.
After three hours of playing the WGT final is finally over. SK Gaming and mTw were the two teams who went head to head. An emotional match for SK Gaming after losing 1-2 in the grand finals at WCG 2008. Revenge was sweet in this tight match.

The first map was de_dust2 where mTw shocked us all by winning the CT side 12-3. SK Gaming did not give up but didn’t have enough rounds to fall back on from the first half, ending the match 16-10 in mTw’s favor.

The second chosen map was de_inferno. SK Gaming brought their momentum from the previous match with them and won round after round. After 10-5 at halftime they ended the match 16-5.

1-1 was the score and a third map was in place. De_nuke. SK Gaming carried their momentum with them yet again, but towards the end of the second half mTw managed to get four round. mTw won the second gun round and after that they managed to turn things around to tied 15-15. Two over times were played. On the third round of the second overtime zet managed to win a 1on4 situation giving SK Gaming the upper hand. There after SK Gaming continued on to win two more rounds making them the winners by 22-20.

Dreamhack 2008 Winter WGT Final Standings:

1. SK Gaming - 9,800€ & hardware for 15,500€
2. mTw - 5,800€ & hardware for 3,500€
3. Meet Your Makers - 2,450€ & hardware for 2,450€
4. fnatic - 1,470€ & hardware for 1,470 €
5-8. Made in Brazil
5-8. Giants
5-8. mousesports
5-8. Blank

mTw wins WCG 2008

By Florian 'tiMy' B
Nov 10, 2008 11:17

the last major event of 2008, the World Cyber Games has now come to an end, this of course means a winner, and a loser. The stage was set once again for the Danish boys in mTw, and the swedish guys from SK-Gaming, four of the mTw players had previously been in a WCG final, without trying to win. Several SK players had also lost with NiP in 2006. But this wouldn't be the time for the Swedes to take home a WCG championship. After 3 maps, with a semi eco on train with two scouts, some crazy gunrounds, mTw could finally take the WCG final they had sought for such a long time.
1. mTw - $50.000
2. SK Gaming - $25.000
3. e-STRO - $12.500
4. cbteam
5-8. GamePlay
5-8. k23
5-8. Gravitas
5-8. MYM
9-16. Just
9-16. Immunity
9-16. DTS
9-16. PUTb
9-16. HiNet-UMX
9-16. NoPression
9-16. esport-Eu
9-16. TEK9

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir ?

By Florian 'tiMy' B
Oct 27, 2008 12:46

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir ?
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir ?

SK-Gaming :)

By Florian 'tiMy' B
Oct 27, 2008 12:39

GO allen GO ^^!

US Government now accepts LCS as a sports

By Florian 'tiMy' B
Jul 13, 2013 21:25

The official announcement comes from twitter Leigh "Deman" Smith, at Riot eSports commentator, who announced entry into the United States of LCS in the list of sports along with other big names such as the NBA, NFL or the NHL.

This is what Deman said « You may have missed an announcement. The U.S. government recognizes the LCS as a sport, just like the NBA, NFL or NHL to the pros now obtain visas. »

Following numerous successes eSportives in recent months, as the All Stars who held spellbound over 18 million people online and off, it was expected that the recognition of eSports develops and spreads on a global scale. But such an announcement was rather unexpected in qualifying times for the World Championships Season 3 Leagues of Legends that are revealed gradually. The euphoria immediately contaminated the LoL community worldwide.

What changes to expect professional players?

First, if one relies on the case of the NBA, it would leave open the possibility for other leagues to create to complete the championships League of Legends. In addition, it would allow players and managers belong to specialized in the sector of eSports unions. That would leave also, for example, the possibility to develop eSports academic activity in the USA.

All this will become clearer course in the coming weeks, but we can already say that eSports has a bright future ahead of him and could we still reserve good surprises in the future after the boost from the U.S. government

So, great news for LCS and great news as a symbol to E-Sports!

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