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ProBuilds:Build Like a Pro

By 'sfmoca'
Apr 16, 2013 03:34 has provided advice to many newbies and expert players on how to play and advance in League of Legends. A community of League of Legends players can comment and rate other user’s champion and share advice and techniques. Letting the community show others how to build and buy items for each champion has given a huge following.

Now created a new website that is dedicated to tracking and sharing pro and high-ranked players’ ability build and buy orders for each champion. The new site is called and it could be just what you need to become a LoL player. is giving the League of Legends community a great opportunity to see how the pros play and gives non-pros an inside look into how each player plays and builds. keeps track of every buy order and ability build from start to finish of each game for each champion. There are also reports if that game was a win or a loss and it lists other champions played during that game. The stat-tracking is almost like a step-by-step guide on how to build a specific champion.

It’s inevitable that the amount of information available on is just going to get larger as the community grows. Now all players can learn how high-ranking players play and incorporate those insights into their overall game. Newbies and pros alike can look at builds by pro players and see what is an efficient build for each champion. Think of as a useful, online guide for players to grow and reach their full potential as summoners. is in beta and is asking the huge LoL community to find bugs and any improvements. is already available in five languages: English, Korean, German, French, and Spanish. Since already has a huge following, the prospects look bright for to also become a major destination for players of League of Legends.

Learn more at ProBuilds:

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