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Getting salary from playing CS 1.6

By Ho 'robocop' Le Xuan
Nov 12, 2010 17:24

1st.VN 1st lines-ups are going to receive salary for the full-year 2010
We are the first and the only CS team in Vietnam history who get money salary for playing CS. There was a problem that made me think we are not going to receive any salary. But finally, all problems are sold and we will receive the 12 months salary of 2010 in the end of November. So I just treat it like I put all the salary in bank for saving and withdraw it in the end of the year hahaha. We cannot disclose how much we get but I can tell you our salary is MUCH more than Vietnam GDP (1200USD/person/year)

After 10 years playing CS from beta to 1.6 (not CSS lolz) this is the 1st year I have salary !! CHEER. And I know many better teams out there in the world don't get anything except gears, T-shirts etc. . . Hope that CS scene will get better and better

p/s: in a developing country like us, you can do a lot of things with 1200usd :D. for example a very good meal costs 2USD in Saigon, the biggest city of Vietnam

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