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Good day versus fnatic Girls

By Ho 'robocop' Le Xuan
Jul 15, 2010 12:55

Fnatic Girls come to Vietnam doing PR stuff for MSI
Fnatic.ZaaZ and Fnatic.Ispa come to visit Vietnam Computer Expo 2010. In MSI booth, they play 1vs1 aim_map. who get to 10 rounds is the winner. The guest who wins will get a MSI netbook U160 :D

I was lucky being chosen to come to play against ISPA. And I won :D . It is a really nice netbook.

But the more important thing is I have a chance to meet Fnatic.girls in real life hahaha, even play with them haha . to be honest, they are really cute, especially zAAz, she's so lovely !!!

Big thank to MSI and Fnatic.girl for doing amazing stuff like that in VietNam !!!

p/s: I hope to meet cArn and Getright but they went to Thailand, not Vietnam :D

Omfg I used the laptop with zAAz steam log on, but I forgot to remember her Steam ID :( ! what a PITY :(( :(( :((

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