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SK 10 Years Anniversary

By Min-Sik 'reis' Ko
Sep 24, 2007 02:15

Hey everbody this gonna be my first blog on SK-Gaming and on the one hand iam pretty happy that this weekend is over on the other hand it is sad to say bye to such great people. Nevertheless I gonna try to resume the weekend.

Friday Day 1
I took the train from Duesseldorf to Collogne around 6:40 so that I could pick up Inso from the train station in Cologne but my train managed to come later and a way which takes me normaly 30 min took me almost 50 min. So i came a bit late and Inso was waiting for me. When I met him he told me that he doesnt have his luggage the guys from the airport told him that he will get it in Cologne. I did not know anything about it and I actually didnt know where to get his luggage so we went to the service point and it took us almost 20 min. to get an answer.When we managed to arrive the Lufthansa service point we were told that his luggage is missing, damn that was a great news a guy who came over for 3 days got no luggage and a company who offers such delivery as a service manage to lose his luggage . I guess you can imagine how Inso felt.

When we finally arrived at the office the Fifa guys were already there as well as the CS guys. We tried to get Warcraft III working and octoshape but it wasn’t that easy because we did not have enough keys and just one computer with English Warcraft on it. Almost 30 minutes later Heman and Madfrog arrived. Both of them are pretty funny and Heman is kind of a Maradona when it comes to soccer. During the evening I got the message that Maly missed his flight and so he gonna spend a night in]Amsterdam[/url].

At around 1am I asked Merusame where the hotel is supposed to be and he said wait let me check it and than he realised that he had not even got a confirmation email from the hotel which meant that Inso and me had no hotel but we weren´t too bothered who needs a bed when we got airbeds in the office??? Actually those things looked pretty good but if you start to lie on them you realised that the appearance is just a delusion.

Saturday Day 2
I was pretty lucky around 6 am I woke up and was like what the hell were did my airbed gone till I realised that the air went out during I slept which was really uncomfortable for my back … So I was awake at 6 am and could not do a lot aside from just checking some threads on SK-Gaming and playing some dota. Around 10am I picked up Maly who managed to get to the train station. Around 12 we all met at the office to get to play soccer it was just amazing! You can see the coverage [url=

After the soccer game Inso and me got ready for the wc3l clanwar vs Fnatic, a really important war cause almost all teams have similar points and so we need to gather as many points as possible. We were watching the games on the big screen at the office which was really fun cause everybody was watching even the cs guys and Fifa guys. Lineups were pretty good for us and at the moment we are leading with 4-0 and one postponed game cause of ReMinD being in China right now. After that war I took the train with alx to get home and the other guys went to the giga studio for the Counterstrike stuff. I had to go home cause I was so tired due to the airbed without air as well as the soccer game tiring me out.

Sunday Day 3 Today
Today I woke up around 4 am cause everything hurts on my body and I couldnt really sleep so what else could I do apart from playing some dota`?? I went back to bed at 8am and woke up at 10 am to get to the office. 11am I arrived at the office and we went to the giga studios to finish our warcarft III tournament and the rest of the other games of CS and Fifa. Today it was my first day to cast some games in Fifa which I never played before but it was fun cause everything is so fast and all of the sudden the ball is in the goal. In Warcraft I had to cast in English which was not that good for me because English is just my third language but I had a lot of fun doing it with Templar and with it being my first experience it just can get better.

By the way Heman/Madfrog/Inso had such a hang over at the morning the first thing that inso asked was that he needed to eat something and Madfrog had a hard time keeping his eyes open. During the warcraft tournament we had some problems because of hosts and the games getting delayed, that is the problem if you have an online tournament that you cant stick to your shedule cause anything can happen. Around 8pm we get back to the office with 2 games left in Warcraft III but we gonna hand them in later.

The whole weekend was a just awesome and I hope to see all the guys in the near future!

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