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Last but not least SK.Jaywalker

By Min-Sik 'reis' Ko
Feb 2, 2009 22:32

Hello, My name is Jaywalker (Vanished) and I will be a WoW player for SK-gaming from February.

When I first played WoW from Classic, I chose the Warlock because its summoning skills were very different from those of any other games I played. As I played PvP with Warlock, I realized that the counter character of Warlock, Rogue is a more suitable character for me, and I changed my main character to Rogue.

After the Burning Crusade was released, I started to play Arena with Hyoga and TheSnowstorm with a RPM combination. After the Season 2 and 3, our team received Merciless Gladiator and Vengeful Gladiator title. As we heard the news that Korea regional qualifier for WWI and Blizzcon will be held, we participated with confidence as team Council of Mages and won the title for WWI after finishing the qualifier with 2nd place. For Blizzcon, however, the other Europeans teams analyzed the Korean teams playstyle while our team was bsyystruggling with an absence of sponsors. Without enough studying of the opposing teams, we could not advance to the final.

When the news that ESL will be held in Korea was announced, we scouted Kwana to replace TheSnowstorm who had quit the team for personal reason. However, we struggled with insufficient amount of practice and the new released 3.0 patch. In the tournament we had to be satisfied with a semi-final place.

As the Wrath of the Lich King was released, we put in more time to practice,and was able obtain the 1st place in the battleground. Although we had some bad luck after winning the WWI, we would like to make a fresh start as we get to participate in future tournaments under the SK team logo. We are pleased to have good sponsor, and promise that we will have good results from now on.

Introducing SK.Hyoga

By Min-Sik 'reis' Ko
Jan 31, 2009 02:40

My name is Hyoga and I have recently joined SK Gaming's WoW team.

I was the former team captain of 'Council of Mages' and I would like to thank SK gaming for supporting us even though our team did not achieve impressive results in recent matches.

The first character I started to play WoW with was Warlock. The powerful Warlock from the WoW opening intro video strongly impressed me. However, pure damage dealer type Warlock did not fit me well somehow, and I switched to Priest at the end of the Classic.

Later Burning Crusade was out, and ever since the Arena system was introduced, I started to play Arena with Jaywalker and Snowstorm with RMP combination. Those two people were the players I played PvP with before Arena system was out. We were in a good shape as we finished 1st season with Gladiator and 2nd with Merciless Gladiator. By that time we heard that Blizzcon Korea regional qualifier will be held, and participated in it. After the tough matches we barely advanced to next round with 2nd place. Then we were invited to 2008 WWI, where we won our first title.

However, after winning the tournament,our team chemistry was not very good for some reason which resulted in 4th place in Blizzcon after barely making the regional qualifier with 2nd place. After the tournament Snowstorm quit the team, but we acquired one of the best Mages, Kwana.

In November ESL Asia regional qualifier was held but in a situation with a new member who joined the team a week before, we failed to advanced to the final due to lack of practice.

When Wrath of the Lich King was out we started to play in one server to have better teamwork and find better strategies. As a result, we took 1st place 2 weeks after the 5th Arena season started.

In the all tournaments we will be participating,I can guarantee to all the fans that our RMP combination will be the best and the strongest. Do not miss our matches and please support us by watching them.

I would like to share the joy to be in SK gaming with Numberline from team HON, my rival and the only player who is better than me, as well as my other partner Hyren and the rest of my guild members.

Please support as our team reborn into SK_COM.
Thank you

SK.Kwana Korean Version

By Min-Sik 'reis' Ko
Jan 29, 2009 11:10

안녕하세요 2월 1일부로 SK Gaming의 WoW Progamer로 활동하게되는 SK_Kwana(한글 닉네임: 관아) 인사드립니다.

처음 Hyoga님의 이야기를 들었을 때 믿기지 않았지만 실제로 제의가 온것에 너무 놀랐고, 앞으로 SK Gaming의 마크를 달고 활동할수 있게 되어 영광입니다.
이 기쁨을 저와 PvP를 같이 했던 모든 분들과 제 여자친구와 함께하고 싶습니다. :D

와우를 시작할 때 친구의 권유로 그 당시엔 죽음의 기사 / 성기사가
없는 호드 클래스중 무엇을 선택해서 플레이할까 고민했던 시절이 떠오르네요.
자유로운 활동을 좋아하는 저인지라 아무래도 스스로 만들어 쓸수 있는 물빵과 포탈이 있는 마법사를 선택하게 되었고, 지금까지 꾸준히 마법사를 주캐릭으로 와우를 계속 해왔습니다. 그 시절부터 인스턴트 던젼 플레이보다는 PvP에 관심이 많았기에 항시 필드에서 얼라이언스와의 전쟁을 즐겨했고, 전장 팀을 종종 들어가서 재밌게 했던 시절도 생각이 나네요.

그렇게 와우를 하다 불타는 성전이 열리고, 투기장이 문을 열림과 동시에 2007년 블리즈컨 5vs5 arena 지역 예선이 4/15일 까지 진행되었을 때 , 5:5 꺔恬?팀의 Mage로 전냥법주기 조합을 통해 한국 1전장(격노의 전장) 1등으로 지역결선 참가자격을 얻었으나 저의 계정문제로 인해 좌절되었을 때 많이 아쉬워 했던 기억이 납니다.( 그때 당시 블리즈컨 세계 우승 조합이 저희 조합과 일치한 전냥법주기 조합이었습니다)

*전냥법주기 = Warrior + hunter + mage + paladin + shaman
그 후 저는 제 명의의 계정으로 새로 마법사를 다시 키우고 5vs5를 꾸준히 하여 2시즌 Merciless Gladiator(무자비한 검투사)를 달게 되었습니다.

그러나 블리즈컨에서 드러난 5vs5의 난잡함 + 시청하기의 불편함 등등 여러문제가 발생하게되어 앞으로의 대회가 3vs3대회로 바뀌게 된후 저는 3vs3 RMP조합으로 전환을 하게 되었고, 2008년 2월 Ongamenet 대회 공동 3등을 하게 됩니다.

그 후, 2008년 3월부터 ~ 7월까지 이어지는 블리즈컨 예선에서 2차대회 1등 (Royal Secret)에서 마법사로 활동했고, 마지막에는 RMP 조합으로 지역결선에서 아쉽게 3등으로 Blizzcon 기회를 놓쳤습니다.
(당시 승자조 4강 / 패자조 결승에서 지금 COM을 만나게 됨)
*COM(Council of Mages)

그 이후 2008년 10월부터 연속되는 GOM TV 정규시즌 1에서 역시나 꺉驩?팀으로 RMP조합으로 4강의 성적을 이루게 되었고, 그 이후 확장팩 준비로 인해 팀원이 죽기를 선택하게 되어 대회가 끝난 후 팀원이 없어지게 되고, 다른 팀을 찾던 도중 COM의 마법사 자리가 비어 그 쪽 팀원분들의 스카웃에 COM에 합류하게 되었고 2008년 11월 ESL Asia 예선에서 첫날 15승 0패로 1블록 1등으로 시드를 받고 올라왔으나 , 패치(3.0) 이후의 같은 RMP 조합 상대시 택틱이 완전히 뒤바뀌었고 , 팀원 호흡/ 연습도 워낙 단기간에 하다보니 좋은 성적을 내지 못하고 4강에 만족해야 되었습니다. 팀이 꾸려진지 1주일후에 바로 열리게 된 대회라 연습량이 부족해서 정말 아쉬움이 많은 대회였습니다.

그러나 그 대회를 발판으로 다시 COM(저희팀)은 발전하고 있습니다.
부족했던 연습량도 지금은 많이 채워지고 다음 대회를 기약하고 있습니다.

2008년 WWI 세계 우승팀 COM이 다시 일어서게 되기까지 오늘도 저희는 새로운 택틱을 짜내고 연습합니다.

마지막으로 저에게 게임 할 수 있는 달란트를 주시고, 그걸 충분히 채워주지 않아 노력하게 해준 저희 부모님께 감사합니다. 그리고 항상 새로운 시도(창조)를 해야된다고 강조해준 제 친구들 의 말 깊이 새기며 살아갑니다. 친구들에게 고맙다는 말 전합니다.
한때 자만과 허영심이라는 수렁에 빠져 앞을 보지 못한 제가 떠오르네요.
제가 최고라는 어리석은 생각을 버리겠습니다.

SK Gaming의 마크로 활동하는 만큼 그 명성에 맞는
멋진 플레이와 성적으로 보답하겠습니다.
저희팀 지켜봐 주세요.
We would be the best

2009 . 1. 28
SK Gaming

To let bygones be bygones

By Min-Sik 'reis' Ko
Nov 27, 2007 10:31

UPDATE: This blog is 3 days old because I wanted to upload it for the new site! I am sure you love the new site :)
It is Thursday the 22nd of November and it is almost a week ago when the SK Korean players arrived at my place. Just took my last pill, people who followed the weekend on the esl stream might have seen that I was a mess, I caught a cold, had a sore throat and problems with my left ear. Now I start to feel better and thought about telling you my impression about the last week.

The Koreans arrived on 14th. As always their flight from Frankfurt to Düsseldorf had a delay so I had to wait at the airport. Luckily I was not alone since with me was MYM|Losemann. Losemann and I met the day earlier and had dinner together and a chat since we knew each other before his time in MYM so it was pretty cool to hang around together. On that day there was nothing too special, the MYM guys were heading towards Cologne and my boys and I went to my place had dinner and checked some replays before going to bed.
"When it came to the war between SK and MYM the lineup wasn’t that good for us. I guess most people expected that we were going to lose our 2on2 but our 2on2 was the key point at the finals."

Seriously ReMinD had the best sleep of all, due to the fact this guy can snore unbelievably loud. When we got up we went to the Internet Cafe called Atomik (, we used to boot camp there back in World Elite and the owner is a good friend of mine so it was pretty easy to get a room for the players and me.
We had Korean food for lunch and at 7pm we went back home. Btw we met the MYM guys twice in the ladder one time we won one match and lost the other time, was pretty funny.
After getting home I had to meet up the BET team. They stayed at my place too because I got the message that they were unable to find a hotel yet so I talked with erica
and munne and we made a deal so that the whole BET team could sleep at my place. My family have an apartment building and we have rooms that we usually rent out during an exhibition, actually our rooms were all booked but my dad managed to make place for the BET guys.

Due to the fact the BET guys had their airplane tickets all ready they were unable to change their schedule anymore so I had to pick them up in Cologne train station with my older bro who was the driver. At Cologne train station we found out that the luggage of the team was missing, you can imagine how it is with 7 players

After talking to the woman behind the counter and telling her what kind of luggage is missing, we went to my place. I thought those guys might be tired but no they had a poker session until late at night.
"I am really happy about the outcome and the team spirit that we showed during the finals THX a lot to all my players."

Finals coming closer and at around 10am the guys from Lufthansa brought the luggage of the BET team so they were kind of happy. After a talk with Erica we went to the internet cafe again because that is the only place to train. SK stayed there just for some hours cause we had an appointment in cologne with our CEO. We met Xlord, Inso, Merusame and TheSlash there. After talking about some stuff and showing the Korean players the office of SK we went back to Düsseldorf because we made an appointment with the BET team to have dinner together. When we came back to the Internet café to pick up the BET team they were still laddering. BET was sharing one account but they made some losses already and sweet was a bit pissed because he lost. Pretty funny to see the Koreans playing cause they always swearing during the game and the chat logs between the games are really funny.

Some Information about the BET guys and my impression :
Fov : The oldest guy of the team its easy to see that he and Sweet have the most experience in the team and he acts as the kind of captain. He always run around with a jersey and it was fucking cold outside I hope he does not get sick when he gets back to Korea.

Sweet : Poker guy and very calm he and Fov were always offending SoJu it was fun to see because SoJu was always looking confused.

Check : He came to my place once back in WE when they participated at their first offline finals in Germany Oberhausen. He just gained some weight but still the funny guy.

Who/Winners/Jini : Those 3 were pretty calm. Who and Winners were the only two guys who never played poker it seemed like Who started to learn a bit about Poker.

17-11-2007 - 18-11-2007
The wc3l finals season XII, I was kind of sad that this time they made the player room so small and it was kind of bad that every team just got 5 PCs to practice on because that meant in our case that 2 players couldn’t practice with the other guys, I hope that wont happen again.

Impressions during the Finals :

First war vs World Elite. Tough clan war, like I mentioned at my interviews before the toughest opponent for us cause they got all races. World Elite had nothing to loose and they were highly motivated to beat us. They were smart enough not to put Ted in the lineup cause of his race. 2on2 went as expected and the game between ReMinD and infi was pretty boring to watch.

Nevertheless the important thing is who wins it doesn’t matter if the game is boring or not the goal is it to win and Infi did it  .
We had like 6 hours to wait because winner bracket was the last war on Saturday so we watched the other games. I was impressed when I saw the match between Fov and Sky and the situation when Sky’s MK lvl 6 went down at same time as the DK lvl 5, the crowds went crazy and were stomping it was unbelievable, never seen a German crowd go so mental.

When it came to the war between SK and MYM the lineup wasn’t that good for us. I guess most people expected that we were going to lose our 2on2 but our 2on2 was the key point at the finals. ReMinD and SoJu were so confident in their 2on2 ability and the games went well for us. That Lyn lost to Focus was kind of a surprise nevertheless it was still an Orc mirror.

The games between SoJu and Moon were awesome. There was a situation on TR when Moons DH survived cause SoJu’s manaburn was missed otherwise it would have been Sojus game but in my opinion Moon has always kind of a guardian angel who always let him staff his heros at the very last second and giving him a bonus that his heroes survived.

Nevertheless Moon is an outstanding player no doubt about that but always incredible how he plays. SoJu was swearing after his 2-1 loss vs Moon the whole time because of the missed manaburn and he claimed his items were crap. :D . Remind played the deciding game as usual ((NGL one season 2 beating moon twice, last wc3l 2on2 vs 4k) this time against Lucifer. We were pretty happy that we won 3-2 cause that meant we could sleep a bit longer cause we didn’t have to play at 12 :D.

Sunday we went to the location around 1pm to watch the games between MYM and WE. MYM won and we had to face them again. This time lineup looked much better for us and SoJu was ready for his revenge. Lyn winning vs Lucifer was kind of expected as was SoJu vs Moon. Once again TR was the deciding game and this time SoJu played an awesome game and managed to win a game where Moon had 30 supply more then SoJu but yeah Superman solves ;D. Hot vs Susi, not the best matchup for Hot and Susi beat Suho 2-0 some hours before. Hot pulled out everything he could and won that bo3. It is a nice feeling if you know during a game this can be it with this point you won the finals and you just wait for the GG of the opponent.

There is not much to talk about this weekend it was a good weekend with a successful end. I am really happy about the outcome and the team spirit that we showed during the finals THX a lot to all my players. Respect to World Elites performance beating BET and pretty bad performance by BET but it was the first Finals for BET next time you will do better.

Funny thing is the BET guys went to play cageball (beach-soccer) on Sunday due to the fact they lost all matches on Saturday. My brother went with them he told me after 5 min they were all really exhausted and when we came back home on Sunday after winning wc3l they told us they slept the whole day after the soccer game cause it was so tough :D. For dinner we went with the BET team to have German food it was very delicious and the guys had fun.

WC3L finished and just a day to relax. We went to the SK office to meet the other players cause they were going to leave soon. We travelled there just to have a little conversation and to say goodbye. We had a chat with TheSlash and talked about the weekend and everyone was happy about the outcome. During the afternoon we went back to my place and ordered some pizza cause the BET did not have lunch yet so we said we order just 2 pieces of pizza planning to have dinner later in a Korean restaurant.
The guys started to play poker and to sing karaoke and then they said they want to stay here and we ordered more pizzas and had a smooth evening at my place.

On the next day the players left and it is always hard to let them go but this year we met 4 times already in Germany and I will go to Korea soon to meet them again
So we will see each other pretty often. I am happy about the performance of my team and hope the next year will be similar to this year with maybe more than
3 Champion titles.

So long, reis


By Min-Sik 'reis' Ko
Oct 25, 2007 18:29

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SK 10 Years Anniversary

By Min-Sik 'reis' Ko
Sep 24, 2007 02:15

Hey everbody this gonna be my first blog on SK-Gaming and on the one hand iam pretty happy that this weekend is over on the other hand it is sad to say bye to such great people. Nevertheless I gonna try to resume the weekend.

Friday Day 1
I took the train from Duesseldorf to Collogne around 6:40 so that I could pick up Inso from the train station in Cologne but my train managed to come later and a way which takes me normaly 30 min took me almost 50 min. So i came a bit late and Inso was waiting for me. When I met him he told me that he doesnt have his luggage the guys from the airport told him that he will get it in Cologne. I did not know anything about it and I actually didnt know where to get his luggage so we went to the service point and it took us almost 20 min. to get an answer.When we managed to arrive the Lufthansa service point we were told that his luggage is missing, damn that was a great news a guy who came over for 3 days got no luggage and a company who offers such delivery as a service manage to lose his luggage . I guess you can imagine how Inso felt.

When we finally arrived at the office the Fifa guys were already there as well as the CS guys. We tried to get Warcraft III working and octoshape but it wasn’t that easy because we did not have enough keys and just one computer with English Warcraft on it. Almost 30 minutes later Heman and Madfrog arrived. Both of them are pretty funny and Heman is kind of a Maradona when it comes to soccer. During the evening I got the message that Maly missed his flight and so he gonna spend a night in]Amsterdam[/url].

At around 1am I asked Merusame where the hotel is supposed to be and he said wait let me check it and than he realised that he had not even got a confirmation email from the hotel which meant that Inso and me had no hotel but we weren´t too bothered who needs a bed when we got airbeds in the office??? Actually those things looked pretty good but if you start to lie on them you realised that the appearance is just a delusion.

Saturday Day 2
I was pretty lucky around 6 am I woke up and was like what the hell were did my airbed gone till I realised that the air went out during I slept which was really uncomfortable for my back … So I was awake at 6 am and could not do a lot aside from just checking some threads on SK-Gaming and playing some dota. Around 10am I picked up Maly who managed to get to the train station. Around 12 we all met at the office to get to play soccer it was just amazing! You can see the coverage [url=

After the soccer game Inso and me got ready for the wc3l clanwar vs Fnatic, a really important war cause almost all teams have similar points and so we need to gather as many points as possible. We were watching the games on the big screen at the office which was really fun cause everybody was watching even the cs guys and Fifa guys. Lineups were pretty good for us and at the moment we are leading with 4-0 and one postponed game cause of ReMinD being in China right now. After that war I took the train with alx to get home and the other guys went to the giga studio for the Counterstrike stuff. I had to go home cause I was so tired due to the airbed without air as well as the soccer game tiring me out.

Sunday Day 3 Today
Today I woke up around 4 am cause everything hurts on my body and I couldnt really sleep so what else could I do apart from playing some dota`?? I went back to bed at 8am and woke up at 10 am to get to the office. 11am I arrived at the office and we went to the giga studios to finish our warcarft III tournament and the rest of the other games of CS and Fifa. Today it was my first day to cast some games in Fifa which I never played before but it was fun cause everything is so fast and all of the sudden the ball is in the goal. In Warcraft I had to cast in English which was not that good for me because English is just my third language but I had a lot of fun doing it with Templar and with it being my first experience it just can get better.

By the way Heman/Madfrog/Inso had such a hang over at the morning the first thing that inso asked was that he needed to eat something and Madfrog had a hard time keeping his eyes open. During the warcraft tournament we had some problems because of hosts and the games getting delayed, that is the problem if you have an online tournament that you cant stick to your shedule cause anything can happen. Around 8pm we get back to the office with 2 games left in Warcraft III but we gonna hand them in later.

The whole weekend was a just awesome and I hope to see all the guys in the near future!

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