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SK qntm about ECL!

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Apr 28, 2011 11:57

Team manager SK qntm gives a review about ECL which took place in Blackpool last weekend.
Last week was a very great one. Starting with a bootcamp in Cologne, the players got to know each other, which was very fun. For the first time I saw all the guys I am speaking to nearly every day. Furthermore there have been two students who made a short reportage about and some interviews with us.
We trained a lot and felt very well prepared for ECL. Thursday evening, it was then time to leave the SK Office to go to Cologne airport from where our plane to Manchester went.
Having arrived in Manchester, we had to take the train to Blackpool for another two hours, so it was very late when we arrived in Blackpool. We thought that our hotel was about ten minutes to walk from the station, but out of ten minutes we made about fourty minutes, as it was quite far away. The hotel itself was ok for sleeping, but not really more than this.
The next morning, we readied up to leave the hotel at 9am, so that we are at the Norbreck Castle in time for registration, but then the problems started.
Although registration should start at 9.30 am, the teams could first start registration at about 11am. So there was a huge delay from the beginning on. With more then three hours of delay the teams could finally go into the gaming area.
I really have to say that the area made a good impression. Many game stations, some old consoles like the 'Nintendo 64' and a few sponsor areas for SteelSeries etc. Also the mainstage was very impressive.
But somehow problematic was that there was no space for the teams to keep warmed up. The tournament started with the FFA cup in which our team captain Michael 'QuiCky' Bühler could reach the quarterfinals. Having this huge delay, there was no time left to start the first groupstage matches, so that they were delayed to the next day. But then, the next morning, we were shocked. The groupstage was overfllown and directly started with a tournament bracket. Having no chance to warm up a bit, we had to play against the French team Katrina that really played well. In a close match we have won 3-2.
Afterwards, we had to wait for more than three hours for the next match. There was no chance to warm up again what is really hard. Then we lost against Imperial and all players were down. I tried to bring them up for the next match against Lions.QPAD, but this match didn't work even better.
So we were out of the tournament and had to watch the others instead of playing the next day.
It was quite boring to watch the others only, but there was nothing that we could do instead of that. The most fun thing was the final. I don't mean the match itself, but more the show around it. All the UKs were grumping and shouting all the time, as mythiX was about to win the match.

All in all it was a great experience and I would do it ever again, if it is not in Blackpool anymore, as this city doesn't look that friendly:)

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