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SK CoD @ Bootcamp 1. day

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Apr 19, 2011 08:04

Yesterday at 7 o'clock the bell rang. I have readied up myself and also checked all my things again which I would need for the whole week of Bootcamp and ECL.

My train went off at 8.39am, but like it always is the train had a delay about 10 minutes. I have heard some music and after 8 minutes a train arrived and I went in to my seat. Everything was fine until the guard came to check my ticket.
He said "Well, nice ticket but you are on the wrong move" :D
I always smile about other pepole failingt to catch their right train and now this happened to me. Then I had to switch trains, drive back to Mannheim and start from the beginning.
Most angryly was the fact that I had to pay 35€ again for the train, as my ticket was a special offer for the train at 8.39am.

Whatever, having 2 hours delay I finally arrived in Cologne where Aiko 'SirRam' L. was waiting for me. He showed me the way to the SK office where I have met Alexander 'TheSlash' M. and Cengiz 'mouz django', but back to the location.^^

It is really great here in the office. There are a lot of trophies and prize-money checks of the tournaments which SK has won before. I was really impressed by the location. We have a nice room for training and also antoher one for meetings.

Unfortunately, my mates have arrived late i the evening, so Aiko and me had a lot of time for hanging around. That is why we decided to visit the Community Manager of the Consoles Sports League Stefan 'Speedy' W. in his office. A very nice guy btw :)

After having pizza in the evening, we only waited for the arrival of Kevin 'raiden' K., Michael 'QuiCky' B. and Max 'Tapout' A.
It was very funny to see these guys for the first time, as they all look exactly like on their photos. You could see the smile on each of our faces, as this all is quite unsual and new to us.

There will be a photo album closely, so stay up-to-date.

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