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SK Gaming CoD:BO Team (QuiCky)

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Jan 22, 2011 21:55

Hi guys, It is time for Blog number two. As I mentioned last week that this text deals with our Team Captain Michael ‘QuiCky’ Bühler. The first part of the Blog will be my own opinion and some information about Michael and afterwards, I will have a short interview with him to give you some more detailed facts.
To give you some general information about Michael, I will make a short listing.
Name: Michael Bühler
Born: 30.09.1991
City: Luzern, Suisse
Clanhistory: VorteX, evilAxis, newEra, fLx.uNreaL, qG.Valour, H2k-Gaming, deutsche zocker schinken e.V
He starting playing on Xbox Live about 5 years ago.

Michael ‘QuiCky’ Bühler is the most achieved German-speaking Call of Duty player on the Xbox 360 and moreover, he is one of the top 3 players in the world in my opinion. I have never seen such a player before, because he has got a game understanding and movement that could be compared to f0rest on PC. But not only being a great aimer with an unbelievable movement makes him that important, he is in addition to this a real Team-player. He always has an sympathetic ear for his mate’s callouts and knows how he can solve situations the best way.
In his ongoing career he has reached more than 60 achievements in Rainbow Six Vegas, Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and CoD: Black Ops. As you can see above, he also has a clan history that many console player would dream of, because these are the organisations that really have a name in our scene.

“Hi Michael. Thanks for taking the time for the short interview. So first of all, how does it feel to you  to play for SK Gaming now, as you have played for so many great organisations before?”

I always take some time for you.
It is a great honour for me to play for SK Gaming which is the most successful e-Sport organisation in the world. SK is just so huge and it is simple the biggest thing to play for them. To be honest, in the past I have never thought of my career ladder to get up that high.
And yeah, I have played for many well-known organisations, but I have experienced a lot of bad thing, for example that promises weren’t kept by the organisations. Everything was quite unprofessional.
In contrast to this, the things at SK are a lot better, as we have a lot of kind and serious guys in the management who stand behind us. It is like a new experience after 5 years of Online-Gaming.

“What purposes and aims do you have for 2011, playing under the flag of SK?”

For my mates and me it is very important to reach as many Offline-Events as possible, because they give the most prestige. The most attractive ones are the three ECL Events which we want to finish top 3. The more, we want to be as successful as at the moment in Online Tournies and try to stay under the European Top Teams. Of course, our aim is to dominate the German scene like we do since Call of Duty: 4.
At least, my personal highlight would be to be prized for ECL MVP, but this is more a dream than an aim. :)

“You are the most achieved player in the German scene, thus what is your personal recipe for the success?”
Ambition and never giving up, if it doesn’t work at a certain moment. So never loose your hope. That’s the biggest problem, most notably underneath German Teams. A new Team is generated, looses two times and split up again.
If I remember my times at Team Divinely in CoD4 where we generated a new Team to jump into the Random Gen world, we haven’t won any match or scrim, but we never gave up ourselves, analysed our mistakes and tried to make things better next time. The time brings improvement and with the improvement, the achievements come along with.
Another very big point is Team chemistry. The longer your Team plays together with the same Line Up, you get to know each other better which is very comfortable for your Teamplay, as you always know what your mate is doing. That’s my whole secret.

“Who do you think is your biggest opponent at the moment?”

I think it is Reakless from France, because they are nearly ahead with their tactics, having invested very much time in Black Ops until now. That is the key for the success at the beginning of a new Game.
But I have to say that fnatic.MSI establish under the Top Teams. They have found their new fourth player, after being inactive for some time. They have been dominating MW2 in the last year, thus I expact that the matches versus fnatic will be the hardest ones. Always barely and exciting.

“Thanks for you tme. Some last words of you?”

Tanks for the interview. Herewith, I want to say thank you to SK Gaming again, spending the confidence in our Team. 2011 is going to be great. See you

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