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Rule-set for SK Showmatches

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
May 15, 2012 14:47

here is the rule-set for upcoming SK Showmatches

Decerto v4:
Maps and Game Modes

Seatown (Search and Destroy)
Dome (Capture the Flag)
Arkaden (Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy)
Bootleg (Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy)
Carbon (Search and Destroy)
Lockdown (Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy)
Underground (Search and Destroy)

All Game Modes

Spectating: Team Only
Killcam: Enabled
Radar Always On: No
Wave Spawn Delay: No
Force Respawn: Enabled
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Max Health: Normal
Health Regeneration: Normal
Perks and Proficiencies: Enabled
Hardcore Mode: Disabled
3rd Person: Disabled
Headshots Only: Disabled
Killstreaks: Disabled
Custom Classes: Enabled

Capture The Flag

Round length: 5 minutes
Score Limit: Unlimited
Respawn delay: 7.5 seconds
The winner is decided by flag count, not round count

Search and Destroy

Round Length: 2.5 Minutes
Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 7.5 Seconds
Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
Score Limit: 4 Points
Round Switch: Every Round

Banned Lethals

Bouncing Betty

Banned Weapons

All launchers
Machine Pistols
Riot Shield
All shotguns
Type 95
All LMGs

Banned Tacticals

Flash Grenade
EMP Grenade
Trophy System
Tactical Insertion
Portable Radar

Banned Attachments

Heartbeat Sensor
Grenade Launcher
Rapid Fire
Extended Magazines

Banned Proficiencies
Attachments (No double attachments)

Banned Perks

Blast Shield

Death Streak

Set to Hollow Points

Additional Information

• On Capture the Flag, the highest total flag score wins, it is not decided on round wins. Teams must take note of the score at half time.
• In the event of a tie on Capture the Flag, stopwatch rules apply.
• Stopwatch rules state that you must replay the map. Upon the first flag capture, the host must end the game. The map is then restarted for a second time with teams switching spawns. The losing team must capture a flag within the same time that the winning team did. If they fail to do so, they lose the map. If a team captures two flags, they win the map.

(Official Decerto Rules -


By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Aug 28, 2011 23:26

Hey guys,

its been a couple of months since my last blog. Was a very curious time with many ups and downs, but now there is sth good to write about again.

You may have heard of the Call of Duty XP event, powered by Activision and XBOX 360. I've written a few news about it, so what I want to talk about is everything offside the event and maybe a flashback afterwards.

So, first of all I want to start with reviewing the German qualifiers for the XP thing at 2011's gamescom. Tbh, I was a bit sceptical whether this was going to be a success or not, as the ruleset wasn't officially announced till the day of the qualifier itself. Our luck was that I still have some contact to the community manager of who was then responsible for the qualifier. So I got the information before anyoneelse got it.

We were a little bit afraid of failing the qualifier. The problem was that I had to play the event instead of Milix, our new fourth in the team, due to him being underage. I think my skills are not bad for playing that few Call of Duty over the last one and a half year, but you can still see my unexperiencedness and always some mistakes in my aiming and movement.

Having failed the pre-qualifications for the qualifier itself on Thursday, we had to take our chance on Friday. I felt really self-confident for this day and I knew we were going to make it.
Everything went fine till the final where we had to play the former KD Gaming guys. We knew that they are able to play really good. Unfortunately, we lost CtF on Hanoi with one flag less than KD.
It was great to see that the audience was on our side. They applaused for good scenes and pushed us. Having won Demo clearly it was up to SnD. KD is really good on SnD. Nevertheless, we could take the 5-4 lead after a 1v2 by me. But it then ended up in losing SnD 5-6, which forced us to win both of the remaining maps.
Funniest thing was Tapout realizing that he had unabled aimbot before the match and was playing badly therefore. He switched it and you could immeadiatley see a change in his stats :)
We then played like we were supposed to play and made our way through the match straight to the win.
Close match with fair losers. GG KD

But now back to the topic.
On Tuesday, the 30th August, it is already time to take the flight to L.A. Flying that early we will spend some time in shopping and visiting the city with the two other qualified German teams.
'reis' is going to join us on Wednesday to support us during the tournament, which starts on Friday or Saturday (we don't really know yet) then.
It's nice that Activision not only paid our flights and hotel for the tournament, but also gave some pocket-money to each team. So we will have some extra money to spend in eating a real American steak, a big burger and some more stuff :D

We also received a timetable for Friday from Activision. It is going to be a hard two days with a lot of things to see, such as the Kanye West live act on mainstage.

I am really excited and hope it is going to be a good time.
We really want to get a top 8 placement, but in my opinion this will be difficult to realize. We are playing Modern Warfare 3, a game that nobody played before. This means it is going to be the skill of each player and not the teamwork that will decide the matches. And Tapout being quiet inactive the last months and me being the team manager usually are not the best players with great skills in aiming and movement.
So our aim is somehow far away to realize. But we will give our best to prove SK and the world that we are nevertheless a competitive team and we'll do everything to fulfill our dream of a top 8 placement. This would mean so much to us.

So all in all, this is going to be a great week, but also a difficult one, as there are so many top teams which we might face during the tournament.
I hope that you are going to be on our side and give us some pushing comments.

Cya to my next blog which will be released the upcoming days.

SK qntm about ECL!

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Apr 28, 2011 11:57

Team manager SK qntm gives a review about ECL which took place in Blackpool last weekend.
Last week was a very great one. Starting with a bootcamp in Cologne, the players got to know each other, which was very fun. For the first time I saw all the guys I am speaking to nearly every day. Furthermore there have been two students who made a short reportage about and some interviews with us.
We trained a lot and felt very well prepared for ECL. Thursday evening, it was then time to leave the SK Office to go to Cologne airport from where our plane to Manchester went.
Having arrived in Manchester, we had to take the train to Blackpool for another two hours, so it was very late when we arrived in Blackpool. We thought that our hotel was about ten minutes to walk from the station, but out of ten minutes we made about fourty minutes, as it was quite far away. The hotel itself was ok for sleeping, but not really more than this.
The next morning, we readied up to leave the hotel at 9am, so that we are at the Norbreck Castle in time for registration, but then the problems started.
Although registration should start at 9.30 am, the teams could first start registration at about 11am. So there was a huge delay from the beginning on. With more then three hours of delay the teams could finally go into the gaming area.
I really have to say that the area made a good impression. Many game stations, some old consoles like the 'Nintendo 64' and a few sponsor areas for SteelSeries etc. Also the mainstage was very impressive.
But somehow problematic was that there was no space for the teams to keep warmed up. The tournament started with the FFA cup in which our team captain Michael 'QuiCky' Bühler could reach the quarterfinals. Having this huge delay, there was no time left to start the first groupstage matches, so that they were delayed to the next day. But then, the next morning, we were shocked. The groupstage was overfllown and directly started with a tournament bracket. Having no chance to warm up a bit, we had to play against the French team Katrina that really played well. In a close match we have won 3-2.
Afterwards, we had to wait for more than three hours for the next match. There was no chance to warm up again what is really hard. Then we lost against Imperial and all players were down. I tried to bring them up for the next match against Lions.QPAD, but this match didn't work even better.
So we were out of the tournament and had to watch the others instead of playing the next day.
It was quite boring to watch the others only, but there was nothing that we could do instead of that. The most fun thing was the final. I don't mean the match itself, but more the show around it. All the UKs were grumping and shouting all the time, as mythiX was about to win the match.

All in all it was a great experience and I would do it ever again, if it is not in Blackpool anymore, as this city doesn't look that friendly:)

SK CoD @ Bootcamp 1. day

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Apr 19, 2011 08:04

Yesterday at 7 o'clock the bell rang. I have readied up myself and also checked all my things again which I would need for the whole week of Bootcamp and ECL.

My train went off at 8.39am, but like it always is the train had a delay about 10 minutes. I have heard some music and after 8 minutes a train arrived and I went in to my seat. Everything was fine until the guard came to check my ticket.
He said "Well, nice ticket but you are on the wrong move" :D
I always smile about other pepole failingt to catch their right train and now this happened to me. Then I had to switch trains, drive back to Mannheim and start from the beginning.
Most angryly was the fact that I had to pay 35€ again for the train, as my ticket was a special offer for the train at 8.39am.

Whatever, having 2 hours delay I finally arrived in Cologne where Aiko 'SirRam' L. was waiting for me. He showed me the way to the SK office where I have met Alexander 'TheSlash' M. and Cengiz 'mouz django', but back to the location.^^

It is really great here in the office. There are a lot of trophies and prize-money checks of the tournaments which SK has won before. I was really impressed by the location. We have a nice room for training and also antoher one for meetings.

Unfortunately, my mates have arrived late i the evening, so Aiko and me had a lot of time for hanging around. That is why we decided to visit the Community Manager of the Consoles Sports League Stefan 'Speedy' W. in his office. A very nice guy btw :)

After having pizza in the evening, we only waited for the arrival of Kevin 'raiden' K., Michael 'QuiCky' B. and Max 'Tapout' A.
It was very funny to see these guys for the first time, as they all look exactly like on their photos. You could see the smile on each of our faces, as this all is quite unsual and new to us.

There will be a photo album closely, so stay up-to-date.

SK Gaming CoD:BO Team (QuiCky)

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Jan 22, 2011 21:55

Hi guys, It is time for Blog number two. As I mentioned last week that this text deals with our Team Captain Michael ‘QuiCky’ Bühler. The first part of the Blog will be my own opinion and some information about Michael and afterwards, I will have a short interview with him to give you some more detailed facts.
To give you some general information about Michael, I will make a short listing.
Name: Michael Bühler
Born: 30.09.1991
City: Luzern, Suisse
Clanhistory: VorteX, evilAxis, newEra, fLx.uNreaL, qG.Valour, H2k-Gaming, deutsche zocker schinken e.V
He starting playing on Xbox Live about 5 years ago.

Michael ‘QuiCky’ Bühler is the most achieved German-speaking Call of Duty player on the Xbox 360 and moreover, he is one of the top 3 players in the world in my opinion. I have never seen such a player before, because he has got a game understanding and movement that could be compared to f0rest on PC. But not only being a great aimer with an unbelievable movement makes him that important, he is in addition to this a real Team-player. He always has an sympathetic ear for his mate’s callouts and knows how he can solve situations the best way.
In his ongoing career he has reached more than 60 achievements in Rainbow Six Vegas, Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and CoD: Black Ops. As you can see above, he also has a clan history that many console player would dream of, because these are the organisations that really have a name in our scene.

“Hi Michael. Thanks for taking the time for the short interview. So first of all, how does it feel to you  to play for SK Gaming now, as you have played for so many great organisations before?”

I always take some time for you.
It is a great honour for me to play for SK Gaming which is the most successful e-Sport organisation in the world. SK is just so huge and it is simple the biggest thing to play for them. To be honest, in the past I have never thought of my career ladder to get up that high.
And yeah, I have played for many well-known organisations, but I have experienced a lot of bad thing, for example that promises weren’t kept by the organisations. Everything was quite unprofessional.
In contrast to this, the things at SK are a lot better, as we have a lot of kind and serious guys in the management who stand behind us. It is like a new experience after 5 years of Online-Gaming.

“What purposes and aims do you have for 2011, playing under the flag of SK?”

For my mates and me it is very important to reach as many Offline-Events as possible, because they give the most prestige. The most attractive ones are the three ECL Events which we want to finish top 3. The more, we want to be as successful as at the moment in Online Tournies and try to stay under the European Top Teams. Of course, our aim is to dominate the German scene like we do since Call of Duty: 4.
At least, my personal highlight would be to be prized for ECL MVP, but this is more a dream than an aim. :)

“You are the most achieved player in the German scene, thus what is your personal recipe for the success?”
Ambition and never giving up, if it doesn’t work at a certain moment. So never loose your hope. That’s the biggest problem, most notably underneath German Teams. A new Team is generated, looses two times and split up again.
If I remember my times at Team Divinely in CoD4 where we generated a new Team to jump into the Random Gen world, we haven’t won any match or scrim, but we never gave up ourselves, analysed our mistakes and tried to make things better next time. The time brings improvement and with the improvement, the achievements come along with.
Another very big point is Team chemistry. The longer your Team plays together with the same Line Up, you get to know each other better which is very comfortable for your Teamplay, as you always know what your mate is doing. That’s my whole secret.

“Who do you think is your biggest opponent at the moment?”

I think it is Reakless from France, because they are nearly ahead with their tactics, having invested very much time in Black Ops until now. That is the key for the success at the beginning of a new Game.
But I have to say that fnatic.MSI establish under the Top Teams. They have found their new fourth player, after being inactive for some time. They have been dominating MW2 in the last year, thus I expact that the matches versus fnatic will be the hardest ones. Always barely and exciting.

“Thanks for you tme. Some last words of you?”

Tanks for the interview. Herewith, I want to say thank you to SK Gaming again, spending the confidence in our Team. 2011 is going to be great. See you

SK Gaming CoD:BO Team

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Jan 9, 2011 19:18

Hello all together,
My name is Brian Kraemer aka qntm (quantum) and I am the team manager of the brand new SK Gaming Call of Duty Team. With this blog, I want to start a row of blogs in which I would like to introduce the players of the team to you, but these blogs are going to be a mixture of my own opinion, facts, interviews and so on. Furthermore I will sometimes exaggerate, but nevertheless all aspects will have their true core. Before I start to introduce the team to you, I will start with introducing myself, thus you know with whom you’ve got to do with.

So, as it is written above, my name is Brian Kraemer and I’m living in Mannheim/ Germany which is close to Heidelberg (you might have heard of that before). The 7th February this year, I will celebrate my 18th birthday. I visit class 12 of a Gymnasium , so I’m going to graduate in 2012 with my ‘Abitur’ and afterwards university is waiting for me. Sports is one of my favourite hobbies as I like to play football and table-tennis very much. Moreover I like to watch movies and drive go-cart which is very fun. In 2008, I travelled to China via a student exchange and I can say that it was very amazing to see the culture and the way of live of a country that is so far away.

My career on Xbox Live started about 4 years ago when I received the Xbox 360 as a present of my religious confirmation. My first game was Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 which is still one of my favourite games. Playing G.R.A.W., I get to know some people of the clan ‘nahkills’ which was the first e-Sport organisation I have entered. The time I had there was one of the best in my life. We all had so much fun together and with our Gamertags, we were very special. All of us had a fruit name as Gamertag.
With the release of Call of Duty 4, I realized that I can be much more successful, if I join another team. So I joined ‘BurgerSturmeXtreme’ in late 2009. The team was better now, but I thought that there is even more possible for me.
In September of 2010, I finally joined the best German console clan dzs.beyerdynamic)))) and its Call of Duty team as its team manager.
But this wasn’t the peak of the mountain, it even went higher. In December we made the step to one of the worlds leading e-Sport organisations, SK Gaming. A long dream of the whole team become true and we are very happy to play under the flag of such a great organisation.

2010 was the most important year in my continuing e-Sport career. Not only becoming a member of SK Gaming was a highlight in the last year. Next to it, I became the first German livestream moderator of a Call of Duty match in German history. After my livestreams of the CSL Mastership for ‘prediction Live’ has ended, I decided to be the caster of Germany’s most well-known e-Sprot TV Channel ‘GamerSports TV’.

I love e-Sports and that’s why I am working the whole day for and with e-Sports. The Consoles Sports League may be one of the biggest leagues for console gamers and that’s why I’m working as Admin there. It is not always easy to decide in the right way, because there are some difficult protest in which you don’t know who is right and who not, but all in all being admin is very funny, as the some of the other admins are quite nice guys.

So all in all, the base for 2011 couldn’t be a better one and I hope that it is going to be as good as 2010.
I’m looking forward to (my first) lan events, such as ECL, EGE, DGE and so on
That should be enough of myself. Next week I will introduce Michael ‘QuiCky’ Bühler to you.
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