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URLs at

By Mykyta 'pa1n-' Abramov
Aug 14, 2007 07:45

Every day there are a lot of threads, where author is asking to help him with some stuff, like leave the team, where he needs to use special URLs. But not all knows that URLs. So, in this blog I’ll try to help you with such thing, as URLs. Let’s begin!
Friends List
There are 3 URLs: ID/
» Add user to your Friends List ID/
» Delete user from your Friends List ID/
» Accept request to add you as a Friend
In situations, when you need to accept some ones request, but there is no automatic message, you can use such URLs.
There are 8 URLs:
» Register your team at ID/apply/
» Apply to join team ID/accept/Member ID/
» Accept user to join your team (leader only) ID/deny/Member ID/
» Deny user to join your team (leader only) ID/leader/Member ID/
» Make this user a team leader (leader only) ID/kick/Member ID/
» Kick this user from team (leader only) ID/
» Preferences of the team (leader only) ID/leave/
» Leave this team
So, when something going wrong, and you can’t leave your team just clicking button, these URLs can help you. At least, now you know, how do they look like :p
At the moment that’s all, but when I’ll have some time, I’ll write next part. The problem is, what URLs should be in the next part… Would you help me with that? :D

16/32 BIT change

By Mykyta 'pa1n-' Abramov
Nov 28, 2006 06:08

Well... There was some forum thread about "How to change blocked 16 BIT to 32, when it's blocked". So, I've answered about it there, but decided to write this blog, as answer for people's future question. First of all, I want to say, that before installing CPL GUI you should change you BIT to 32, but if u forgot about that - here is some easy ways to fix it without removing GUI :p
So, if you have situations there are 3 general ways, to fix it.
1st and maybe the most easiest way is to add to launch options -32bpp (for 32 BIT) or -16bpp (for 16 BIT).
2nd way is based on Registry Editing.
Using Regedit.exe go to:
and change
"ScreenBPP" value
10 (for 16 BIT)
20 (for 32 BIT)
3rd way will enable In-game Change.
To enable In-game BIT Change, go to
and open optionsSubVideo.res
there find "ColorDepth" and change value of line called "enabled". to enable in-game change value must be set to 1, to disable 0.
That's it!
Thanks for reading :p

New Series of Profile Pictures

By Mykyta 'pa1n-' Abramov
Nov 12, 2006 04:41

Well... I've done some new series of pictures from profiles. If you want to have one, you'll need to do next things:
»]Send me message[/url] with your info (nickname, first name, last name);
» Prepare photo for picture and after confirming send via e-mail;
People, who are already using this pictures:
SE cavnea
VE Kruspecita
SE -uNderssoN
VE Roke-
PT Xmeagol
New Series Coming!
Also just finished flag-pic for SE [url=
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