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✸A Million Ways to Die in the West 2014 Watch Freenː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́.

By 'opensource'
Jun 4, 2014 20:25

Seth MacFarlane has finally put the Oscars behind him. In an interview about his recent appearance on the season finale of "The Simpsons" MacFarlane was asked about whether he'd once again host the Academy Awards. In no uncertain terms the multi-millionaire creator of "Family Guy" and the hit movie "Ted" said no. While MacFarlane's reasons for walking away from the Academy Awards are rather easy to glean, here's a list of very good reasons why Seth was right to walk away.
1. He should have never hosted the first time.
While I respect Seth MacFarlane's bravery in choosing to host the Academy Awards he placed himself in a complete no win situation. MacFarlane is known for just the kind of edgy humor that makes the majority of Academy members squirm. On the other hand, if he softened that side of his humor to satisfy Academy members he would lose credibility with his fan-base. Bottom line, he was doomed before he ever took the stage.
2. MacFarlane is/was too divisive for the Academy Awards.
Nothing against Billy Crystal but he's bland and likable and that's what plays on the Academy stage. Like Bob Hope before him, and too a lesser extent Johnny Carson, Crystal was never going to offend anyone or push the boundaries of taste. MacFarlane on the other hand was pushing the boundaries just by accepting the gig. With his style of humor he was never going to be the bland, likable Billy Crystal type that succeeds at making sure nobody notices him more than the awards.
3. MacFarlane doesn't need the hassle.
He didn't need the troubles of the Academy Awards when he accepted the job the first time; he probably assumed he could overcome them. Now, having hosted once and been through the constant irritation of the Academy hype machine and the internet's fast reaction critics, why would he ever want to endure that again. MacFarlane earned his fair share of positive reviews for his Academy Awards stint and is still seen as a failure; why bother with that again.
4. MacFarlane has a budding film career to work on
MacFarlane has a budding movie career to work on, one that doesn't really need the help of the Academy Awards. With the success of "Ted" MacFarlane carved out a place for himself on the big screen. His hosting gig at this years Oscars only served to blunt his momentum. Now, MacFarlane is back to work on a new comedy called "A Million Ways to Die in the West" co-starring Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried. 'Million Ways' marks MacFarlane's first time in front of the camera as a leading man. He's then to start work on a sequel to "Ted," which shows he's far too busy for the Academy Awards which themselves are like a massive film production requiring time and effort in writing, production and staging.
5. Don't forget MacFarlane has a TV empire too.
In all of this talk of big screen success it's easy to forget that MacFarlane still has a pair of successful TV shows requiring his vocal, writing and producing talents. In its 14th year "Family Guy" remains a major part of Fox's animation lineup along with "American Dad." Now MacFarlane is expanding into live action TV with the sitcom "Dads" launching this fall. MacFarlane is merely a producer on " Dads " but the show is still under his banner and will no doubt call upon his skill as writer, director and PR hypeman to get it going. Where in all of this time spent maintaining an entertainment empire is there room for another turn at the Academy Awards?

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