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Speaking of travel

By 'nenen'
Apr 17, 2010 03:37

Speaking of travel, I know that many of you followed mycheap journey this year on the CBS Emmy Award

Winning series, The Amazing Race - which took me to Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dubai, The Netherlands, Sweden,

Estonia and Prague. Even though the show airs overaion power leveling months I

was only gone for one month of filming. Of course, “only” a month felt like YEARS considering I had zero contact

with friends & family, no computer or cell phone, and just a single backpack with my belongings (no maps, books or

gadgets allowed) for a race filled with unknown locations, terrains, tasks and climates. It was the most challenging

thing I have EVER done; physically, mentally and emotionally but incredibly life changing and rewarding. I'll never

forget the day in mid July when I said goodbye to life as I knew it and found myself standing at the Los Angeles

River, ready to be released into the big bad WORLD with just my backpack, my brain, my girl Maria and our personal

aion kinah camera crew of two. This was definitely the adventure of a lifetime!

Looking back on The Amazing Race and on all of 2009, I feel FULL. My heart is overwhelmed in the best of ways. Words

can’t describe how amazing and exhausting my experience was. Those of you who have traveled worldwide, seen third

world countries and rolex experienced other cultures can attest to the impact it

has on you. The Race helped to ground me and bring me to a place of simplicity, gratefulness, love, humility and

peace. Being in such intense circumstances birthed an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude in my heart, even

for the most trivial things - let alone a warm bed and pillow. My perspective was changed. Any resemblance of a

“problem” or annoyance in my life has faded into nothingness. People who have wronged me in the past I have

suddenly developed an overwhelming love and appreciation for, thankful for the ways they’ve helped me to learn and

grow as a person. It’s amazing the transforming power that a heart psn cardand

attitude of gratitude can have on EVERY aspect of your life.What a beautifuljourney Iembarked on thisyear,personally

and professionally. What wonderful comrades I've gained as a result.What phenomenal experiences I was subjected to,

and what priceless stories I have to tell of it. Oh, the hell I was put through, but what beauty it birthed and

layers it shed within me, sculpting me closer to who and how I want to be. How beautiful change is, SCARY but

sorewarding. Embarking on a new adventure can be nerve racking but if we're willing to learn, bend, break, mold and

shed, WOW, what amazing treasures we can find within ourselves on the other end… IF we go through it, if we endure,

if we face it, if we jump off the ledge, if we bare our heart and soul, if we open our eyes... if we run the race.

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