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Ending Dallas bootcamp and leaving for Paris

By Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
Jun 28, 2010 22:13

My feelings regarding the bootcamp and the upcoming ESWC 2010 tournament. You can also visit our new Facebook Page to follow us LIVE with our esea matches and bootcamp.
So this is it. Bootcamp is almost over, we only have 1 day left, and we leave tomorrow morning for Paris. I know i didn't write since a while and that I have so much stuff to update you guys with but I guess i'll do it after ESWC.

The girls all fly together to Chicago and then Paris but I go back to Canada in Toronto first and then fly to Paris. I am doing this only because I really want to fly Paris-Montreal on my way back and not have to go back to Dallas and then Montreal... 6 hours instead of a 2 days trip... !

So I already have been here for a week and a half now and the floor is starting to be kinda hard :P The first days, one of Christine's dogs would always escape his "sleeping area gate" during the night. He would find me and get under the sheet, under my arm. It was so cute that I let him stay there each time he escaped. He would roll in a cricle and then find a confortable position and sleep. But since the other girls arrived, Christine reinforced the gate and he can't get out anymore.

About cs well, I never know when we are ready and when we are not. We are much more prepared than Arbalet but at the same time, I wished we had more time. In 07, I wasn't sure we were ready and yet looking back at it, we were def ready for the event. So I feel a bit like that right now, ready to go but uncertain until the result is there. One thing for sure is that the bootcamp was def. worth it and I can't wait to play the tournament and meet all the other teams!

Oh and I almost forgot, we also recently created a SK Ladies Facebook page : We just wanted to gather all our gaming and real life friends/family, so they would all be able to see news, pictures and videos from past events and also recent ones. So don't hesitate to click "I Like" and be a part of our big family :D !

I will try to make a big blog in the plane and then post it when we land in Disneyland or something.

Talk to you guys later!!!

Kiss, harveyxxx

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