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By Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
Mar 6, 2011 11:17

Woah!! I just discovered Twitter!!!

Follow me on Twitter!! @missharvey !! I just starting using it and I love it! I mainly post about personal stuff, esports news and the game industry:D

Add me so we can chat there:D

see u soon!


Ending Dallas bootcamp and leaving for Paris

By Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
Jun 28, 2010 22:13

My feelings regarding the bootcamp and the upcoming ESWC 2010 tournament. You can also visit our new Facebook Page to follow us LIVE with our esea matches and bootcamp.
So this is it. Bootcamp is almost over, we only have 1 day left, and we leave tomorrow morning for Paris. I know i didn't write since a while and that I have so much stuff to update you guys with but I guess i'll do it after ESWC.

The girls all fly together to Chicago and then Paris but I go back to Canada in Toronto first and then fly to Paris. I am doing this only because I really want to fly Paris-Montreal on my way back and not have to go back to Dallas and then Montreal... 6 hours instead of a 2 days trip... !

So I already have been here for a week and a half now and the floor is starting to be kinda hard :P The first days, one of Christine's dogs would always escape his "sleeping area gate" during the night. He would find me and get under the sheet, under my arm. It was so cute that I let him stay there each time he escaped. He would roll in a cricle and then find a confortable position and sleep. But since the other girls arrived, Christine reinforced the gate and he can't get out anymore.

About cs well, I never know when we are ready and when we are not. We are much more prepared than Arbalet but at the same time, I wished we had more time. In 07, I wasn't sure we were ready and yet looking back at it, we were def ready for the event. So I feel a bit like that right now, ready to go but uncertain until the result is there. One thing for sure is that the bootcamp was def. worth it and I can't wait to play the tournament and meet all the other teams!

Oh and I almost forgot, we also recently created a SK Ladies Facebook page : We just wanted to gather all our gaming and real life friends/family, so they would all be able to see news, pictures and videos from past events and also recent ones. So don't hesitate to click "I Like" and be a part of our big family :D !

I will try to make a big blog in the plane and then post it when we land in Disneyland or something.

Talk to you guys later!!!

Kiss, harveyxxx

New games coming out like crazy?!

By Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
Nov 21, 2009 03:50

So I will do a video game review, which game should I do it on?
Hey guys, it's been a while since I have done a BLOG on SK but I really was busy with my life and my body was telling me to sleep more... :P

So here I am, still working at Ubisoft on a game I can't name yet. In about 1 month or so we will release the news and i will be able to at least say what i am working on!!! Meanwhile, yall can check out the new Assassin's Creed 2, a lot of my friends just finished working on it and finally its out on shelves. I got my COLLECTOR copy (MASTER EDITION) and I'm really jealous of yall europeans and australians that could get the BLACK EDITION cause the box/ezio looks SOO good in black ;) I wish I had a copy of the black figurine!

I will be active on the website again and I really want to try to make video reviews about the games I buy. I buy way too much for the amount of time I have to play but I just love it and I must admit I am a bit a collector indeed. So before I do a review (which will prolly be video and maybe written, I really don't know yet) I want yall's opinion on the game you would like me to review! So I made a poll on my profile, first time i do one so might as well be a good one! Go check it out and vote for :

Which game should I do a review on?

Brutal Legend
Forza 3
Assassin's Creed 2
Modern Warfare 2
Batman : Arkham Asylum
Uncharted 2
Deamon's Souls

I didn't write L4D 2 because I didn't buy it. Unfortunatly that game wasn't appealing to me to buy yet. Rather finish all the others first! I played them all but I finished only half of them already. I also bought a PS3 and a bunch of ps3 games... only added 2 to the poll tho because it woulda been too much... It's a lot already! I took the picture before adding the last 2 PS3 games to the poll and I was lazy to actually redo one... SRY!!!

SO make sure if you read this you go VOTE!!! And then ill make sure I thank you with a good review:)

Thanks guys :)


I GOT my intership in Video Game Design !!!! PART 2

By Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
Jun 9, 2009 23:46

Find out about my interview at Ubisoft and give me your comment about an idea I got!
So I really couldn't wait longer to post the second part... I'M SORRY!

PICTURE : My first week in Montreal, where I live now and where UBISOFT is.

So basically I was accepted into that school program out of the blue, because I didn’t expect to get in. Of course I am a “world video game champs” and all but I really never did any studies in gaming, as my main diploma is in architecture. Apparently, it really didn’t matter, as gaming is my passion and everyone in the program was coming from backgrounds like communication, history, design, multimedia, teaching, computer sciences, and so. Nobody had never do any game design before.

My class was mainly oriented for us to be able to work at the end of the year in a game design project in a company. So all we did was work on designs and learn everything about it, and surrounding it. I would suggest to anyone who really wanted to attend a program like that to go for it. You WILL eventually get a job, if you are good. A few years ago, you could be hired as a game designer without any studies but now, it’s mainly REALLY hard, almost impossible. You need a course or some kind of diploma.

Surprisingly too, game design is also about managing a team and working with different personnalities. When the project is started, the game designer mainly takes last minute decisions, makes sure the project is going well, follows everyones problems and try to fix it, deal with the employees and coworkers issues... That is a MUST to be a good game designer and that made me love the job even more, but it could make u like it less if you don't like that kind of stuff.

You also have to know that about 60% of the project you created at the beginning is cut at the end. Did you know that in Assassin's Creed, you were suppose to use the horse everywhere you could, on the roofs, in the cities etc.... but they never managed to get the AI to work well with all the characters... so they kept only a useless part where you are on the horse in between the cities... And from the players view, it really is stupid, so you may thnk "Wow the game designers did so bad blabla", but in a company, so much stuff happen at the same time... and they have to make last minute important decisions... where the designers failed there, it was to make it feel like the horse part WASN'T worthless... just as an example.

So, -mMy school is called University of Montreal, but my program was in collaboration with the Ubisoft Campus (Ubisoft paying for computers and so at the faculty), and so they offered to give everyone a shot to work there. We all got to pass their test (questions about design) and then got a 20 min speed interview. Then, I was one of the lucky ones to receive a positive phone call to get another interview.

This time, it was no joke. It was a one hour interview in English where I was talking non stop! You might say, what’s the big deal, you seem good enough in English… but with the pressure and also 6 people sitting in front of you, asking you questions, it wasn’t that easy if English isn’t your first language! The questions were stuff like "What is a good game design for you", "What would you change in that design", "Tell us about how would you deal with that problem", "How would you talk to the programers about that stuff", "Make a game right now out of this"...

Seems easy if you know gaming a litle but we all knew game design really well in my class and still only 3 out of 16 got the intership (even if some of my mates that were taken are questionnable picks and my friend Sofi, who was really the best of the program for the Game Design part, wasn't taken...). I really think I nailed the interview though and that my resume about pro gaming and my portfolio helped me a lot (THANKS CS, FINALLY paying off LOL). And finally I got THE call saying I had it. I am just so damn lucky and happy!!!!!

So as you can see, I am not only into Counter-Strike, I am mainly a console gamer too. I follow the gaming industry a lot and now that I care about game design, I try to touch at every game there is to see gameplays and innovations and also to have an opinion and be able to talk about it.

I decided to do something on the SK website with it, to give back to the fans and also to open the minds of esports about games in general, because I know a lot of players that only follow the esports scene. What would you think about video game reviews? I am buying almost 200$ of games or gaming related stuff per weeks, so I’m sure some of that could be used for the videos ahah! If the idea is welcomed by yall, I am gonna start soon to do it.

Oh and by the way, I saw the new SK XBOX live icon that is added now in our profile section and I love it! You can see which games I play on my console at the exact same moment I do it! And yes, I bought Trivial Pursuit yesterday and I keep playing it LOL! I got my XBOX only 4 months ago so I don’t have tons of points yet… even if you finish a game, sometimes you only get 200 points… :s getting all the achievements is hard!

So I feel like this blog is way too long and I will only add this about the rest of my life ; my dad asked my mom to marry her (my parents aren’t married but are together since 30 years, I am a child of the devil…….) and ITS JUST PLAIN AMAZING because it makes me believe in loveforever so much, such a good inspiration to me!

So, I will be back in a few days with more blogging!!

See yaaaaxxx =D

harvey ~

I GOT my intership in Video Game Design !!!! PART 1

By Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
Jun 8, 2009 17:45

Find out where !!!
PICTURE : At the 07 GDC with SK in Germany, playing GH.

So here I am writing a second blog about my life! I can now officially say that I got the internship I really wanted in video Game Design! I wanted to wait until it was official and that company is called UBISOFT!!! I will start working on a new game project at Ubisoft Montreal on June 22th until the end of July. Ubisoft Montreal made games like the Prince of Persia series, Assassin's Creed, the last 2 Narutos... They hired 3 persons this year and I consider myself really really lucky because of the economical crisis in North America, it is not gonna be easy for game designers to find plenty of jobs. I said hired but the 3 of us will actually be working only for 1 month, and then they will decide if they keep us / some of us / or not at all. I really hope I get to stay because if I don’t, it might take a while for me to find something else as appealing as that job.

For those who are wondering how do you get a game design job, I can talk a little about it here. First of all, my city is blessed to have a game design program in the master level. I was really stuburn and didnt want to go back to college and maybe I wouldn't have done the program... (which I now realise how stupid it would be because life is really really shorter than that, if u get what I mean).

Some might be wondering what game design is and also what’s the difference between that and level design? Well, level design is easy to understand. It’s mainly how to create the levels of games based on tons of things that you can’t change, and make it original and creative. Imagine working on the new HALF LIFE 3. As a level designer, you would be told stuff like : this level is at the beginning of the game, those are gonna be the enemies, it has to be in an office with a few floors, it has to look abandoned, you need one big puzzle nearly at the end and everything else has to be fights, it can’t look like a labyrinth… blablabla about tons of stuff you need to take in count. The hard thing is that the level designer needs to after come up with ideas that have to follow the original concept, but make it interesting for the gamers and coherent with the rest of the game.

As a game designer on the same project, you would be the one creating the concept. In a company like Ubisoft, the head management team decides what kind of project they want to invest in, depending on what the marketing asked them, or what was a big success before and stuff like that, and then they create a team of a few people to start off the project. After that, a game designer team creates almost everything from scratch, from the concept to the gameplays, to the general look of the game and the story. So the game designer in our example of HALF LIFE 3 woulda told the level designer to do that level in an office and all… If you guys want more details about that or about the steps of how you actually make a triple AAA game, or any request about the gaming industry, I can write about it someday (triple As are big budget games like the HL serie, Halos, Resident Evils, SF4…).

Ok this is the end of PART 1. I made this in 2 parts because it was REALLY way too long... but I will post it next day or the day after because it's already written!!

See you really soon ahah! Hope you are enjoying reading about game design!


First blog?!

By Stephanie 'missharvey' Harvey
May 21, 2009 09:34

Trying this thing that's called a BLOG!
Hi everyoneeeeeee!!!!

Here I am wearing SK colors again!!! Back when I was in Sk, the new website wasn't around so I didn't have the chance to blog before! I am not sure about how this really works but I'm ready to give it a try!

SHORT COMMENT ABOUT THE NEW TEAM - It's such a weird feeling to be playing again with alice because it really feels natural... and more than that, it feels better ahah! For some reason, we all grew appart, my time away, then potter and i, and then back all together, and it made us a lot stronger together, with Jso!!!!

IN BETWEEN MY SK YEARS - While i was NOT in SK, i was around the world (as u can see with all the countries on my profile....) but mainly in France (eml) and also in Canada (pms) ... My time there was a blast and I really thank all the girls I had the chance to play with cause it was really worth it! Btw, i must say that the french scene is AMAZING over there! They are suchhhh good friends and fans and its a wonderful community to discover! I am pretty sure the same thing can be said with all of the countries and their gaming sides, but I didn't get the chance to see it all.. (YET!) ahah! I also had the chance to discover South Africa for 2 weeks with potter, cath, d1m, lainey and amber (AthenaTwin from PMS), and it was AMAZING.... if you guys want pictures ill upload them on my page soon, just tell me!... (The picture on this page actually shows cath me amber and d1m in South Africa... As you can see i gained a lil WEIGHT that i gotta lose..... getting RIGHT on that this summer...:D)

CATH??? - So basicly, we're playing with cath, and i remmember about 5 years ago, i recruited her on my team called "Ladies With Attitude" .. :D team was me, izabel, lidy, cath and other local females from quebec, all frenchies! At the time, cath's alias was LOVELY'S SISTER.... because her sister was "famous" in quebec as Lovely and gawd i HATED calling her that so I told her to find a nickname!!!! She didnt know what to pick and she asked me for advices and i said, and i swear : "pick crystal or like the title of the movie from jessica alba.. honey!" -harvey, 16 years old... GOD and she took HONEY ahaha but now she only goes by CATH and potter really wants her to call herself FOREIGNER cause cath doesnt speak english perfectly all the time ... AHHA :D anyway...

3 SMALL PROJECTS FOR THE SK COMMUNITY - I am currently working on 3 small projets I would like to do for the SK fans and community, so that you guys know more about us, the ladies. All three of them require some time to build, but once its started it should run smoothly!!! Expect one in the near future, but the last 2 in a somewhat bigger timing frame. The last 2 will ALSO depend if i get the job i am applying for cause i need to make "small" expenses to be able to do it. hints : includes a tablet and a video camera... :)

ABOUT MY STUDIES/WORK - Oh yeah about me for those who don't know : outside of the game, I am a very busy person... I'm 23 years old and I just finished my master in video game design after doing a 3 years bachelor degree in architecture (which i finished in France last year). I'm currently applying for a master researchs in "Design in Complexity oriented in video games" (sorry for my poor translation there) and also waiting for aphone call from the interviews i did to work in a video game company as a Video Game Designer. Once i get the big call that tells me im IN, i'll tell you which company (i dont want to be a failure if i dont get in ahah!)! It's a big thing for me cause so far i was one of the only 3 to be called for the step 2 of the job out of 15 in my class, and so im excited and confident!

Well .... I'm sure this is a failed attemps at a blog because it was FAR too long and boring but ill improve in the next one i swear! Still hope u liked it a lil bit :P Hi to my girls, to the fans and also to the SK ppl i know! (do you do shoutouts on blogs??? ...)

~harvey xxx (xxx is a way for us, french canadians, to give kisses with letters, so on sms or birthday cards or msn we do this xxx to KISS GOODBYE!!)
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