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EMS III Relegation at Cebit!

By Kai 'mightyyy10' Götzlich
Mar 5, 2009 03:33

The 2nd EMS day is over. There were 2 interesting matches today, lets have a look at them!

After a insane CounterStrike Tuesday, the first day of CounterStrike at Cebit, the relegation games took place.
First of all the both Teams ranked #3 had to face the #2 team of the respectively other group. Afterwards the winner of the match had to face the first of the other group. Another time very confusing, but that was the system of rules ;D
So the first matches were fnatic (#2 of group 1) against SK Gaming (#3 of group 2) who join the relegation in a crazy way, check out my other blog if you cant remember ;)
The map was de_inferno, a map, which was, for SK, not the best one at this tournament (remember the match against mouz :/) . One positive thing was realized immediately if you had checked the mood of walle ;D after a good night he was relaxed and he was smiling, so maybe a good sign for SK Gaming!
After the first side we know, that it was the other way round. 10:5 as CT, SK was really under preassure!
After another 10 rounds, we know that SK unfortunately fail :(
16:9 was the final score, so SK Gaming was seperated. sad sad sad :<
The 2nd "1st" match was MYM against Mirror. It ended 16:7 for MYM. So MYM and fnatic had to face and Alternate.
One very interesting and exciting game and one clear match.
Alternate vs. fnatic was the very exciting match. It started like the match SK vs. fnatic before, with a 10:5 for fnatic as Terrorist. A hard match for Alternate, but they were able to come back after a awesome and incredible pistol as Terrorist, where they killed 4 guys at one spot immediately. It was breathtaking to see Alternate performing, you could feel the Team spirit while they do that. They released their feelings after every single round and I think after a 5:0 it was nearly clear, how the match will finish. But, it wasnt easy to get the victory. finally they won the last and deciding round, so alternate won this match 16:14. It was a awesome performance of both teams!
The other very boring game was the match between and MYM. After the first very close rounds, MYM took a timeout and after that, nothing changed expect for the score of MYM. 15:0 was the end of the first side, so it was clear that mtw will win the match easily. 16:3 was the final score after mym won the first 3 rounds.
That was the 2nd day of CounterStrike @ the Cebit!:)

1st day of Counter Strike is over

By Kai 'mightyyy10' Götzlich
Mar 4, 2009 04:27

The first day of Counter-Strike is over. There were a lot of exciting matches and I want to look back to them. I will focus on the second of 2 groups in which SK also was.

With about 1 hour delay the first Match of Group B started. 3 Matches have taken place in Group B at the same time. It was Crack Clan vs. MYM (11:19), emuLate vs. mousesports (19:11) which was the first surprising result of the day. mousesports started with a 7:8 as Terrorist but lose the Counter site with 11:4.
The other game was Team Alternate against SK Gaming! The German "factory team" was not really a favorite for the finals, but everyone who kept watching their games know, that they can beat everyone when they want it. After roman rejoined the team, the team was remotivated and the clime in the team was getting better from day to day.
It was a very intensive game, with so much pressure! The begining of a very crazy day! After 11:4 for Alternate as Terrorist on de_dust2, SK try to change their situation to a better ending, but they failed in the last round. So alternate won the Match with a final score of 16:14. SK was very unlucky in this game, hopefully it will change in the next games!
The next Match of SK Gaming was against the French Team emuLate which had already won against mouz an hour before. So, in theory they normally had to lose this match, but in theory also mouz had to win against them, so confusing explanation!:D
After the loss against Alternate they had been highly motivated, so they were able to declass emuLate on de_inferno with a final score of 23:7 for SK Gaming. Everything was right now, SK was already able to qualify for the next round.
At the same time mousesports had won the match against MYM with a final score of 18:12 on de_inferno and Alternate could prove that they hadn't written off themselves with a clearly win of 23:7 against Crack Clan (de_dust2).
The next round included an exciting match!
Mousesports against Alternate, the 2 german clans were playing de_nuke and it was a incredible match!Alternate was able to get 10 rounds as Counter and then won the important last round! If you'll maybe watch the rerun or the VoD then pay attention to a special sceene which totally amuse me :D Alternate was going to the mouz team for a handshake and everyone was raising his hand to the opponent expect for approx and cyx! Approx ignores Cyx and went on to the next mouz player without batting an eye :D both of them apparently hate each other^^ well lets go on to the next matches.SK Gaming was in the midfield of the group after a loss against Alternate and victory against emuLate. The next opponent was finish team crack clan. Crack Clan started with 2 losses in a row against Alternate and MYM. They wanted to have their first 3 points. After a not really strong match from SK Gaming the final score was 15:15. With the will to get into the next round, SK couldnt be satisfied with this result and their next opponent was none other than mousesports. a good piece of craftsmanship ;D After a satisfying 10:5 as CounterTerrorist SK Gaming lose the Terorrist site with 14:1 which results in a final score of 19:11 for mousesports... After this kinda horrible match walle was giving ESL TV an interview. he was so disappointed and stunned that he couldnt get a word out of his mouth...
despite of the bad performance sk was able to qualify for the next round. They just needed a victory against MYM and the aid of Crack Clan who played against mouz.
After a 10:5 as CT, SK has to concentrate alot and they had done it well. 22:8 was the final score, so SK was in the next round! really? first of all mousesports had to lose against crack clan, that was an unlikely thought. crack clan was only able to beat emuLate before in the whole tournament and played 15:15 against SK, so why should CC exactly win against mouz? After 30 rounds every statistic was shaped out, cause crack clan won the match 20:10! That means that mouz had to drive home and sk was able to join the best 7 for the finals by winning the relegation game!

Group Overview after the Games!

Group A:

#1 15 97:53
#2 fnatic 12 88:62
#3 Mirror 9 75:75
#4 n!faculty 6 74:76
#5 lag-blank 3 74:76
#6 Millenium 0 42:108

Group B:

#1 Alternate 12 87:63
#2 MYM 9 71:79
#3 SK Gaming 7 85:65
#4 Crack Clan 7 73:77
#5 mouz 6 72:78
#6 emuLate 3 62:88
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