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SK @ the Digital Life, New York

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Oct 15, 2006 22:54

I am sitting here at the John F. Kennedy Airport east of Manhattan and thinking about this wonderful weekend here in New York. The Digital Life exhibition was on at the Javits Center and Toxic and myself were the only SK members throughout the event. A new experience since we are usually more than two of us. Toxic arrived on wednesday me on thursday. He had -you could call it- a little holiday on thursday before the tournament started. During his matches I started long walks into town to check out the most famous sites and places. I realy enjoyed being a *ucking tourist this time. Before I came here and thought of Manhattan I didn't have any kind of imagination how big this whole thing is. First of all it is impossible for me to describe this to you. Checking out my pictures in the SK gallery might give you a slight impression. From the Central Park over Times square, up the Empire State Buildung, down Broadway, past Greenwich Village down to Battery Park, around Ground Zero..too much to see. After being here I hope I did not miss out on anything important. But there is always a second time, this time for sure. The tournament went pretty well for Toxic. His strongest opponent was av3k from serious Gaming. When he turned up, I was like ??WTF?? He is 15 years old, comes from Poland and is a pretty little guy but a bloody good player for his age. At the end of the day I can only say that a visit to NY is bloody worthwhile!
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