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SK Anniversary Blog

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Sep 22, 2007 11:51

Ok folks, time to write a short summary of the things that have happened so far. I am sitting here at our boss TheSlaSH desk and just built up my little laptop to write this blog. After picking up Heman and Madfrog from the airport last night the troop was finally complete. Unfortuntely striker and fisker weren't able to make it due to private reasons, but we will have 2 stand-ins playing tonight at GIGA, so be tuned for that. The first wc3 matches started last and went pretty well. It was fascinating watching the gamers play a race that they usually don't use. Insomnia was sitting behind Heman and was answering Hemans question constantly.
"What shall I build?", "Which Hero shall I summon?".
Just grand.
In the late hours I received a SMS from our power newswriter Malystryx who unfortunately missed his plane in Amsterdam(NOT). As compensation he got a 4 star hotel from KLM incl. dinner and breakfast. Who wouldn't want to miss his flight for something like that? Faarrr out! Anyway, he didn't miss his flight this morning so reis picked him up from the central trainstation just a hour ago. SpawN and allen just left to fetch some water at the cornershop that they are able to balance water supply after playing a really exhausting soccer match later on, haha! RobbaN came back around 6 o'clock and is still very wasted. I think we might stick him in the goal! Madfrog and Heman continued their night in some kind of club and came to the conclusion that the swedish girls look better, I somewhat agree to that statement. So now we are all sitting here and waiting for..THESLASH! For him coming to late he will have to pocket some dirty soccer from us later on.
After the soccer we will be back here at the office to watch the almighty Insomnia play fnatic. Stay tuned for some nice coverage and interviews, so long!

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