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Predictions for WCG Seattle

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Oct 4, 2007 10:35

We have all been waiting for this event to happen, and finally the time has come. So it's Seattle this year, people call this city "The Emerald City". Why? The name alludes to the lush evergreen trees in the surrounding area. Ok, I got that phrase from, didn't find a better one. Seattle, located in Washington State, is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Enough facts. Lets get some preditions fired up.
I will be following three games, most likely most of our readers here aswell. Of course Counter Strike, FIFA and Warcraft 3. Unfortunately we haven't got a team playing CS but thats the way the cookie crumbled - this year. We have some superb teams participating at the tournament, for instance Team Germany, Pentagram, MYM, fnatic, Virtus Pro, Amazing Gaming, Roccat, 4Kings, NoA, k23,, Estro, team EG, g3neration X and even Sequential from my homecountry Australia. With this mixture of teams we are definitely having a classy tournament with some thrilling matches. If I look back onto the latest tournaments and interviews my first prediction like always will be PGS, fnatic and NoA sharing top3. My feeling anyhow says that the other teams, especially Team Germany and Virtus Pro will have a good chance managing top3 aswell. Remember the Intel Challenge Cup in Russia? We had Virtus Pro playing there finishing first.( Some quick words with the Team Germany guys gave me the impression that they are very confident in winning this tournament. As you all know the rules of the WCG say that so called "russian duck" isn't allowed. Teams that played the ICC will sort of have the an idea on how to play without. Won't other teams have huge difficulties? We will see.
FIFA. Finally I can announce 2 players out of the SK Family who are participating. Who other than the good old twins. I grabbed the twins at the SK 10 year anniversary for some quick words about the WCG. Their confidence winning, sounded very healthy which is always nice to hear. One thing they were sad about was Kr0ne not acommpanying them. Unfortunately he didn't manage to qualify. Anyway. My prediction for Dennis and Daniel are top2 followed by mousesports|deto. Good luck to you all.
As you all know people call me WC3 pro. TheSlaSH taught me back in the days. HoT, XlorD, Lyn and Soju are participating in the tournament. A success for SK having 4 players in the joust :). If you take a glimpse at the groups you will recognize that some players will have to fight harder to pass that stage. HoT has LongWalk from mortal Teamwork and fnatic\XyLigan in his group. If he has a run similar to those at the SEC and ESL Masters last year we can be sure that he will fight his way through like a arrow through the air. XlorD probably has one of the easiest groups. None of his group fellows ring a bell. Soju and Lyn playing in the same group will have a tough time. Zeus has shown the ability to surprise in games. Sure, WE.Sky has to be in the same group aswell. I think their physical and mental state on the day will decide here.
Other than the players we have TheSlaSH as a representative of SK. He will do his best to enliven the crew, as always. Look forward to some tight matches boys and girls! So long!
**EDIT** Stupid me forgot to mention SK.Mario, good luck old cobba!

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