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By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Oct 22, 2010 08:50

I found this on Youtube. No, I don't play BF but I thought this was amazing enough to post it here ;)

MUST SEE:SteelSeries ESWC Video

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Sep 8, 2010 16:17

ESWC 2010 presented by STEELSERIES
Check this one out:

VIDEO: SteelSeries 7H Unboxing Galore!!!

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Jul 20, 2010 19:41

You are about to buy a headset? I think I found something for you.. Check this out!!!

SK.Kr0ne interviewed by (german)

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Jul 18, 2010 17:45

SK Gamings very own Kr0ne was interviewed by after his gold medal at the german WCG qualifier. He talks about his upcoming appearance in Los Angeles but also about his home SK Gaming. Enjoy watching!
And here your link to the video:

HLTV interviews SK.RobbaN

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Jun 21, 2010 08:38

Our friends from HLTV interviewed RobbaN after SK Gamings success at the IOL Finals.

SK Sweden at ARBALET [videos!]

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Dec 7, 2009 20:38 was so kind to record some superb videos of the Arbalet Cup in Stockholm last weekend. Enjoy watching some selected videos!
SK Gaming wins against EG

RAKAKA interviews SK.walle [swedish

SK Gaming wins the Grand Final vs mTw

DTS vs KerchNET on de_tuscan

fRoD interviewed after winning vs mTw

SK Gaming dominates Forza Motorsport Competition!

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Nov 24, 2009 11:26

Last night the Forza Motorsport Competition came to an end with SK Gaming placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. SK.b0MbaY uploaded a great video that summarizes the race. Enjoy watching!
And here your video:


By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Jun 14, 2009 08:07

Your Live Blog exclusively from the Dreamhack Summer 2009 event in Sweden.

Saturday 20:00 Steelseries meets SK Gaming

Saturday 22:00 - Acer welcomes SK Gaming

Saturday 23:25 - SK.Tentpole does Dreamhack

Sunday 9:46 - SK.zet before playing SoA

Sunday 13:45 - Who0 is this?

Sunday 16:38 - I just found Owen Wilson!

Sunday 17:23 - SK.WoW.EU vs ENSIDIA about to be 3:1!

Sunday 17:15 - SK.WoW.EU after win vs Ensidia

Sunday 20:05 - Allen and Walle playing King of the Hill for SteelSeries!

Monday 10:47 - aNNa in the spotlight

Monday 13:56 - EG.Warden seems confident!

Monday 16:04 - Grand Finals WoW - SK Gaming vs Ensidia VOD's

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Game 8

SK Gaming at the SteelSeries booth!

A lemon threat for SK?

Seems like he is! lemondogs after taking home gold!

The truth about 9/11 ?

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
May 1, 2009 13:45

What do you think about this one? I'm really not a fan of conspiracies but what when it comes down to scientific research?

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