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KODE5: The SK Gaming Live Blog

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
May 7, 2009 21:21

This is SK Gamings live blog covering the KODE5 weekend from Moscow, Russia. Stay tuned for exclusive material such as photos, video interviews and text interviews.
My best friend this weekend:


Friday 8:31AM - on our way to the airport:

Friday 4:35PM - a chat with django after lunch:

Friday 5:56PM - a word with mousesports in the hotel:

Friday 7:22PM - a word with the mooN of aTTaX:

Friday 7:32PM - a word with immunity:

Saturday 9:22PM - a morning chat with SK.walle:

Saturday 11:00 - the KODE5 opening ceremony

Saturday 13:18 - The man behind the scenes of KODE5

Saturday 14:08 - Zet in a chit-chat

Saturday 17:45 - Zet after his first match vs EG

Saturday 20:31 - Whimp from mTw chatting along

Saturday 21:15 - RobbaN after his match vs mibr

Sunday 11:55 - SK after beating mTw

Sunday 15:45 - SK.walle before playing fnatic

Sunday 16:35 - WICKED.TaZ after third place decider

Sunday 18:30 - The Prize Ceremony Part I

Sunday 18:35 - The Prize Ceremony Part II

Sunday 20:05 - A well earned dinner with Tentpole, allen and RobbaN

By the way folks, I wanted to interview the champions of this event but unfortunately Sam Matthews doesn't allow SK tointerview his players. Sorry about that!

Empire of the sun - we are the people

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Apr 22, 2009 17:46

One of my favourite hits these days. Sort of reminds me of MGMT. Have fun listening&watching!

SK Gaming at EMIII finals

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Mar 5, 2009 18:12

About SK Gamings adventure at the Cebit exhibition 2009.
So what can I say? Thursday has almost come to an end and I thought it would be nice to round up the day with an uninteresting blog from the notorious me. First of all I want to congratulate our very own European World of Warcraft team. They came third in the tournament taksing home 3.600 USD. That means each player has 1.200 USD to spend for various, sometimes I wish I were a bloody player - I think the skills are there, not.

So we are sitting here in the press area and working on the video interviews since we had some problems getting them onto the computer properly...sorry, we don't want to bore you with our computer issues :). Alternate attax is playing in the continental finals at the moment, the score is 15:15 now and the overtime is about to start. It is really amazing how attax is literally rocking this tournament. But as many experienced counter-strike player said, attax is certainly the underdog in this cebit week. Well, I am off to the stage to get some good pictures for you guys, stay tuned!

So it is friday today and the Global Finals have begun. I am sitting on the stage now and the match vs mTw is about to start. The team has played some exquisit matches so far and I am pretty sure they will continue with their great performance in the upcoming match. Keep your fingers crossed folks!

After winning our match vs mTw we had big problems in the match vs made in brazil. We now have to play a relegation match versus the new lineup of wemadeFox. Again, keep your fingers crossed, we really need to take this one home.

Besides the CS tournament we have three, yes THREE SK WoW teams playing the top-class tournament of the Extreme Global Finals. I personally am really looking forward to see the teams in the groupstage. Stay tuned!

So the WoW groupstage matches have kicked off and all SK teams are still in the race. SK Europe won against SK US in the first match of the day which was pretty amazing to watch. While SK EU lost their second match though against x6tence SK US won their second against complexity. In the other group we have SK Asia who started quite unlucky losing against tripe A but got back into the game and smashed Nihilum just then. Their next two matches they have on stage and will hopefully continue their great performance.

Unfortunately all matches are delayed which will lead to a later relegation match in the CS tournament - SK Gaming vs WeMadeFOX. So once again they are in the same situation as in the Continental Finals. This being said - good luck SK!

SK.cs was able to beat wemadefox but was quite unlucky in their following matches vs fnatic and MYM on de_dust2. Really doesn't seem to be there map. The WoW tournament went quite well for SK. Our US team wasn't able to pass groupstage, our European team finished 4th in total and our korean team is still in the race and will be facing aAa tomorrow morning. Good luck!

After SK Asia winning against the French team of aAa the grand final was secure. Unfortunately though the team of HON came back out of the lower bracket and won two times 3:2 against SK. Anyhow everyone is very proud of their awesome performance and second place!

Impressions of the WC3L Finals

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Nov 17, 2007 16:48

Sitting here in Cologne in the press area. It is getting dark outside(I hate winter by the way) and in the mean time we have a tough match happening between MeetYourMakers and the Beijing Esport Team. I have to admit that my skills of warcraft aren't heady but I am getting there(...). In front of me a guy from the MYM newscrew watching waaaaaagghhh TV and going crazy when Focus isn't so lucky in the game.
HoT should of arrived yesterday night around 11 o'clock at our office but as always the stupid airlines had some kind of delays..due to the snowfall! Poor HoTness had to wait the whole night in a filthy corner somewhere at Schiphol outside of Amsterdam and jump into the next connection in the morning. On top of that he forget his mobile phone in Ukraine and had to call me from some phone booth at the airports and spend a fortune. He finally contacted me and simultaneously woke me up, thanks again Mr. Novopashyn. "Hey Timothy lets meet in front of the Cologne Cathedral", my thought was "WTF?", so I had to convince him to meet at the platform in the trainstation which also happenend. So finally HoT managed to get to the finals in time.
All the others where already at the location and good old SK.Insomnia was playing the virgin match against WE.Sky. Lost unfortunately, but I think one is allowed to lose to Sky. He sure is a true force out there. ReMinD woke up with some hard lines today and wasn't able to beat WE.Infi but therefore the 2on2, Lyns and Sojus battle went just great. We all are very satisfied with the outcome of 3:2 and are expecting some extremely hot matches tonight and tomorrow.
Someone openend the windows here and I my little fingers are starting to turn blue. Sorry, I am drifting off the topic.
What else is there to say? The location and organisation is superb as always. The prize money of 5000€ for first place isn't a big bunch of money but who doesn't want to take home the title? Stay tuned for some videos, photos and maybe even some hot blogs from the man who hasn't got much clue of Warcraft 3! Thanks for reading.

Predictions for WCG Seattle

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Oct 4, 2007 10:35

We have all been waiting for this event to happen, and finally the time has come. So it's Seattle this year, people call this city "The Emerald City". Why? The name alludes to the lush evergreen trees in the surrounding area. Ok, I got that phrase from, didn't find a better one. Seattle, located in Washington State, is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Enough facts. Lets get some preditions fired up.
I will be following three games, most likely most of our readers here aswell. Of course Counter Strike, FIFA and Warcraft 3. Unfortunately we haven't got a team playing CS but thats the way the cookie crumbled - this year. We have some superb teams participating at the tournament, for instance Team Germany, Pentagram, MYM, fnatic, Virtus Pro, Amazing Gaming, Roccat, 4Kings, NoA, k23,, Estro, team EG, g3neration X and even Sequential from my homecountry Australia. With this mixture of teams we are definitely having a classy tournament with some thrilling matches. If I look back onto the latest tournaments and interviews my first prediction like always will be PGS, fnatic and NoA sharing top3. My feeling anyhow says that the other teams, especially Team Germany and Virtus Pro will have a good chance managing top3 aswell. Remember the Intel Challenge Cup in Russia? We had Virtus Pro playing there finishing first.( Some quick words with the Team Germany guys gave me the impression that they are very confident in winning this tournament. As you all know the rules of the WCG say that so called "russian duck" isn't allowed. Teams that played the ICC will sort of have the an idea on how to play without. Won't other teams have huge difficulties? We will see.
FIFA. Finally I can announce 2 players out of the SK Family who are participating. Who other than the good old twins. I grabbed the twins at the SK 10 year anniversary for some quick words about the WCG. Their confidence winning, sounded very healthy which is always nice to hear. One thing they were sad about was Kr0ne not acommpanying them. Unfortunately he didn't manage to qualify. Anyway. My prediction for Dennis and Daniel are top2 followed by mousesports|deto. Good luck to you all.
As you all know people call me WC3 pro. TheSlaSH taught me back in the days. HoT, XlorD, Lyn and Soju are participating in the tournament. A success for SK having 4 players in the joust :). If you take a glimpse at the groups you will recognize that some players will have to fight harder to pass that stage. HoT has LongWalk from mortal Teamwork and fnatic\XyLigan in his group. If he has a run similar to those at the SEC and ESL Masters last year we can be sure that he will fight his way through like a arrow through the air. XlorD probably has one of the easiest groups. None of his group fellows ring a bell. Soju and Lyn playing in the same group will have a tough time. Zeus has shown the ability to surprise in games. Sure, WE.Sky has to be in the same group aswell. I think their physical and mental state on the day will decide here.
Other than the players we have TheSlaSH as a representative of SK. He will do his best to enliven the crew, as always. Look forward to some tight matches boys and girls! So long!
**EDIT** Stupid me forgot to mention SK.Mario, good luck old cobba!

SK Anniversary Blog

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Sep 22, 2007 11:51

Ok folks, time to write a short summary of the things that have happened so far. I am sitting here at our boss TheSlaSH desk and just built up my little laptop to write this blog. After picking up Heman and Madfrog from the airport last night the troop was finally complete. Unfortuntely striker and fisker weren't able to make it due to private reasons, but we will have 2 stand-ins playing tonight at GIGA, so be tuned for that. The first wc3 matches started last and went pretty well. It was fascinating watching the gamers play a race that they usually don't use. Insomnia was sitting behind Heman and was answering Hemans question constantly.
"What shall I build?", "Which Hero shall I summon?".
Just grand.
In the late hours I received a SMS from our power newswriter Malystryx who unfortunately missed his plane in Amsterdam(NOT). As compensation he got a 4 star hotel from KLM incl. dinner and breakfast. Who wouldn't want to miss his flight for something like that? Faarrr out! Anyway, he didn't miss his flight this morning so reis picked him up from the central trainstation just a hour ago. SpawN and allen just left to fetch some water at the cornershop that they are able to balance water supply after playing a really exhausting soccer match later on, haha! RobbaN came back around 6 o'clock and is still very wasted. I think we might stick him in the goal! Madfrog and Heman continued their night in some kind of club and came to the conclusion that the swedish girls look better, I somewhat agree to that statement. So now we are all sitting here and waiting for..THESLASH! For him coming to late he will have to pocket some dirty soccer from us later on.
After the soccer we will be back here at the office to watch the almighty Insomnia play fnatic. Stay tuned for some nice coverage and interviews, so long!

Games Convention 2007

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Aug 25, 2007 17:38

I am sitting here in the SK lounge and taking care that everything is settled. We have a couple of laptops built up here with FIFA and some other games running...but only FIFA is played :). Seems to be liked!
NGL ONE final is running at the moment and we are playing the first overtime vs fnatic. Been running quite nice for us today. Winning against mousesports in a tight match was a great success. Xlord, Insomnia and Miou have been very studious playing the ENC finals. Very interesting matches I have to say. The NGL One finals didn't go so well for us but we didn't expect much anyway. Grubby had a great run against us, congratulations! Fly100% surprised us all in a fantastic match vs 4Kings. Didn't really believe it when SK.Reis came up to us and told us this. Wicked..awesome!
Other than that the whole event is fastinating. Heaps of people, all different kinds of cultures and a huge variety of booths. Pretty exciting. The games are really worth checking out. Got the impression that the Nintendo Wii is going to be bringing out some cool stuff in the future. I am keen on finding out. The exhibition isn't too huge either. One can walk everywhere easily without getting feetache or something like that. It sure is a bit loud but you know..that is usual at something like this. Competitive loudness of booths. I think I might be a bit deaf when I leave this here.
Ownitsch just came along! He is enjoying his break from working for the WCG Europe. Greetings from him at this point! We will be uploading some fotos and videos later on today when we have the time. It has been a full on schedule so it has been hard for SK.aLx especially to find the time to upload his material. Anyways! So long!

SK@CeBIT Hannover

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Mar 18, 2007 18:23

I thought about writing down my experiences of the cebit this year in hannover. Me and one of my close friends hYde, who use to play at SK a longer time ago, left the sunny south Germany on thursday morning and sandwiched a little pit stop in Cologne on the way up to the fair..The car was actually pretty empty but after visiting our new SK Office it sure did get a little fuller...! We gathered all the gear and continued our drive up north. We arrived a little late to enter the exhibition on thursday evening so we drove to a little restaurant on the way to our accomodation to get the blood flowing again. After a great nights sleep we headed off on friday morning pretty early to the event to catch up with all the players before the tournaments started. The Swedes arrived approx. 30minutes after me, took them directly to the car to hand out all the new Adidas wear, which you will see more and more in the future. The guys were pretty confident concerning the matches that were awaiting them. And it soon turned out to be so! When time allowed I sat down and spectated the matches, a great experience seeing our cs team back on track. Unfortunately Deadman and Insomnia dropped out pretty early from the tournament but therefore HoT got, what shall I say?, *ucking hot? Have never seen him in such a great shape, a real delicacy. Also fire_de showed his best side and delivered some absolutely fantastic matches. After the close match of the cs team vs fnatic which we unfortunately lost in the overtime the guys were a little down, followed by the match vs pentagram that also didn't go too good aswell. But they could let this matter rest and stick their whole concentration into the SEC matches that went awesomely well. The organisation of the tournaments was done pretty great, the only flaw of the whole thing was the hubbub of the exhibition, especially near the SEC booth. At the end of the day from my side I can say congratulations to all of the players and welcome to our new racing squad!

SHGopen Day 2

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Feb 17, 2007 15:45

Early morning today. Everyone got up at 8 o'clock to be here at the event by 10 for the first counterstrike matches. The first match against the Danish team identify was a rather easy one to win. The guys used it more or less to warm up. The following match though wasn't an easy one to pocket. One of the best Belgian teams Defusekids showed us how to counterattack some of our tactics on de_dust2. At the end of the day we were able to win this thrilling match aswell. In the meanwhile bds arrived to enliven the team. ID Gaming was the next on the list after they confronted the team Fenomenal. The map was cpl_mill! Since ID Gaming has a fairly new squad it wasn't easy to estimate their competence here. The T half started pretty well actually taking it with an 9:6 whereas the CT half went absolutely wobbly. The team somehow managed to play a draw and win the overtime afterwards..the luck was with SK this time. Lets stay tuned what the rest of the day will bring us! Here we go again: the match against NoA started in the late afternoon with a shocking start as Terrorists. Luckily the team managed to get back into the game as CT but couldn't hold the draw. Unfortunately we lost the match and were sent into the loserbracket. In the meantime the team gathered and spoke through the tactics for dust2. The following opponent was logitech, a team which has been playing together for quite a while. On both sides SK didn't find a way to pocket the rounds how they thought they could. That was the end for the team at the SHGopen! But you can still be looking forward to some hot events with the new team 2007.

SHGopen Day 1

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Feb 16, 2007 20:30

Left my house on thursday afternoon to Cologne where I met the guys from mousesports. We rented a car stuffed all the equipment inside and drove north. I actually had in mind that the trip up to Copenhagen was around 6 hours..unfortunately it turned into 9! Well anyway, we arrived around 5 o'clock in the morning at the hotel, which is located opposite from the event. After having a nice and recovering sleep we got into the car, had lunch, and went to the event directly afterwards. Most of the teams had arrived already, SK aswell. I handed out the new tricots and various mousepads and started to take some fotos of the event. I have to say that this occasion is a ball for every esport fanatic. Heaps and heaps of teams from all over the globe including even mibr (that probably had the longest trip here). the groupstage started today which is still a little boring but I am sure the matches will get bloody tough tomorrow. The team is in a great shape and I am sure that we can be awaiting some absolutely thrilling matches here..people, we will keep you tuned!
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