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Done! d._.

By Lidia 'lidy' Poulin
Mar 19, 2009 07:29

The last 2 weeks have been so exhausting. Even though I was on spring break, I spent most of my time at my college's library working on school projects and studying all day. I had a little bit of time to watch some of the movie suggestions you guys gave me. (Seven Pounds is really sad by the way :( and so is Grey's Anatomy still-_- ) But now, I am DONE with college!! \\o/ I had my last exam this afternoon and I feel so relieved! Also, I finally found a company who would hire me for my internship. So, starting on Monday and for the next four weeks, I will be working in an office doing accounting work and stuff interns usually do. Uh huh

Basketball finals soon! We won our semi-final game last Sunday by only 3! We were down by 9 towards the end of the game but we managed to come back. It was actually crazy and exciting to play a close match for once. During the season, we won all of our matches by over 15 points. Going into basketball playoffs with an easy undefeated season was kind of cool but it also put pressure on us, it seemed. We almost blew it because we thought we were going to win it easy hehe. I am pretty confident about us winning it the finals though. We have a pretty skilled team and good teamwork. The game will be played sometimes next week. That will be my last basketball game ever :( … Wish me luck!

SK ladies had a match tonight on nuke. We almost came back from a 3-12 first half. Our next match will be on March 25th on train at 7:30PST. Thanks for your support :)

I’m taking a break from waking up at 6am everyday for a couple of days. I will definitely enjoy sleeping in tomorrow. ^^v

Take care


PICTURE: My basketball team and I in the center of the court before the game. Go FXG!

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