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^_^v 03

By Lidia 'lidy' Poulin
Mar 4, 2009 06:40

Bonsoir :)

I’m going to blog about something a little different this time, just a story, something pretty random, just about me, to start the month.

So, my story starts like this. I started playing CS 6 years ago. I got into the game because my brother bought it but never played it. Fast forward to 2006, I traveled oversea for the first time to play at ESWC with EG.Girls. It was kind of disappointing when we didn’t make it out of group play and we didn’t either in 2007. I am a really competitive girl and I knew I could get more, or at least, I wanted to go further and simply, be the best. Last summer, lucky for me, SK Ladies asked me to join. I finally got the chance that I had been waiting for and I’m so happy it happened! I spent a really nice summer traveling with the girls to France, Germany and California and to make it more awesome, we won ESWC 2008! It was honestly like a dream come true ^^b

So, after this crazy and successful summer, where I met amazing people, I came back home to reality, boring normal life far away from everyone! Gaming around here is pretty unknown. Well, yes, a lot of people play games but really just for fun. Not many people have heard of competitive gaming and no one really knows you can make money out of it. That’s one of the reasons I never really talked about what I call “my second life”. Most of my college friends know Lidia the basketball player and the accounting/business student. They don’t know about SK.lidy :). Of course my family and my close friends know. They even support me a lot. It is pretty crazy that many people around the world know me because of Counter Strike. I get nice messages everyday and it’s pretty cool. Thanks! I never thought that would happen to me.

One of my friends, who doesn’t really know about my CS career, traveled to Thailand at the end of last year, While on the plane on the way back, he randomly read a gaming magazine in some crazy language I can’t read :). But there was a short article about me in it! How crazy is that? They talk about me and SK gaming in THAILAND! No one knows who I am in my own city but they do on the other side of the planet! I thought it was pretty insane. He was nice enough to keep the magazine and give it to me. I took a picture of the short article and you can see Plaste from Roccat there above my picture! :]

Couple more days before springbreak!!! Woo!

Take care guys ~
Be happy


PS: SK ladies won their 4th match on inferno for ESEA league 16-10. Too bad we couldn’t bet :( Next match is TBA. Thanks for the support!

PS2: Good luck SK.SWE at their EM tournaments! Go bet on their matches! 1ST!!

PICTURE: Article in the magazine, bottom left corner ^^

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