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By Lidia 'lidy' Poulin
Mar 1, 2009 02:16

Hallo Jungs!

February went by so fast and it’s a good thing. It means spring and summer are coming soon. Woo! I really cannot stand snowstorms and this extreme cold weather anymore :). I had to shovel all the snow off the roof of my house last week again and it’s a pain in the ass to be honest. I want sun, hot weather and to chill by the pool in my swimsuit all day long! Or even better, lay around all day on beautiful California beaches! Days are getting longer too and it is better when you wake up everyday at 6 am. It does not feel like it’s in the middle of the night anymore. During winter, it’s so dark in the morning that it makes you want to just stay in bed, sleep in and skip class he he!

Yes, we lost our match on cpl_strike 11-16 on Thursday. Sorry for making you guys lose all your SK money. Lol I hope it won’t stop anyone to bet on us for our next matches. The bad maps are done with so, let’s play some real CS now :)! Our next match is this Tuesday and it is against a team called Come Get Some, on inferno. We will be practicing all weekend long and be ready for the match. It is hard to practice a lot on weekdays since we all live in different time zones, which sucks a lot. We practice almost everyday anyway but for only 2 or 3 hours. Alice gets home from work at 7pm, which is in fact 9pm for Jso and Mel, and 10pm for me! And since I have class at 8 in the morning everyday, I have to wake up at 6am all the time and I can’t go to bed too late :(.

Springbreak is coming up and I do not have anything crazy planned this year. I will probably sleep a lot, play cs, play basketball to get ready for the playoffs and catch up on all my TV shows and the good movies I missed out on since the holidays because of my crazy college semester. I need some suggestions actually. So, if you saw a good movie and is worth watching/sharing, please leave the title in the comments! I would appreciate that. :D Any kind of movies, it doesn’t matter.

That is it for now. Practice with SK ladies is about to begin.

Sköt om er, take care :]


PS: Hi everyone from the Emo Club. \o/ Leave me a comment or I’ll will be more emo. :P

PICTURE: Myself in beautiful Manhattan Beach, California last summer. GIVE ME NOW!

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