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Insider APP System explained

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Sep 8, 2005 14:01

Small explanation and FAQ.
What does 'APP System' stand for?
It stand for 'Active Player Point System'.
Who got the idea for this APP System and who created it?]gosey[/url] comes up with the idea and bds created it.
What is the idea of this APP Points?
These APP Points are included to show you your own activity and are viewable for any insider user.
How get those APP Points get counted?
There are some factors which are deciding how much points you will get.
First: How many people are playing with you on the server affect when the server timer starts counting. You need a minimum of 4 players on the server.
Second: The time you spend on the server affect also the amount of points you will get. When you spend more time on insider servers on one day you will get more Points.
How do i gain points?
Just play alot on insider servers with other 3 guys and more.
How many APP Points will i get for a hour of playing time?
Can be up to 4000 Points.
Does APP Points affect insider rankings?
No, the insider rankings are just the result of kills per death, planted bombs, defused bombs ( with / without defusekit ) and such things and dont affect your insider rankings.
When will the APP Points get updated?
They will be updated every day at 12 pm CET ( 0:00 ).
Which servers have this APP System activated?
Every insider server is running this APP system so all servers are counting.
Will i get more Points when i am good in Skill rankings?
No, you wont get any APP points because you are good in skill rankings. For those who are interested in their rankings and detailed stats watch this!.
Does my Forum/News activity affect my APP Points?
No, you only get APP Points for playing on SK Insider Servers. There is a separate system for your activity in SK Gaming's forum, blogs, comments and news's. This system is explained here and here.
Will i get prizes for the highest amount of APP Points and what can i win?
Yes the first 3 - 9 placed people will win prizes. It also differs from time to time. Currently you will win pads like Steelpad S&S SK, Steelpad QcK, Steelpad QcK+. Of course this can change in the future to other prizes. Look here what people got in July of this year. From now on the top10 of APP Points will also get the chance to play with 2 SK Members and the insider with the highest amount of frags will win a Sennheiser PC 160 SK Headset. Another point which is also new is that those active people and especially the insider with more than 150.000 APP Points will get their Insider account extended for one month. Read here about the latest Updates.
When will last months winners get announced on SK Gaming?
Normally one or two weeks after a month finished there will be a newsentry on to announce the winners.
Do i have to contact someone to get my prize?
No, you just have to fill out your [url= Be sure you fill it with the right details, because your prize will be send to this address.

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