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Gather leavers and argueing ppl

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Sep 7, 2005 02:21

Well hi guys..
I am a little bit angry because nearly every gather, which get started finish in someone is leaving it and destroy that gather for all the other too. No one want to play against 4 people as well as no one wanna fight with 4 people against 5 ;)
And i really have no appreciation for that, because one gather takes around one hour to play and everyone should know what he/she is gonna do in the next hours...
And i of course dont mean ppls which have to leave a gather due to some personal reasons like parents / or accidents or any other important things.
But in many cases people just leave cause they have no fancy to keep playing or get disconnect by their ISP or any other reasons. Well in my opinion it is easy to prepare for this just by watching when your router get disconnect by your ISP or taking 1 minute to think of what i have to do in the next hour and such things.
Another Point is that some gathers get aborted because someone get kicked by ssclient cause of he got disconnected by his ISP and then try to join the server and get kicked and dont try it any more. I allready made a thread for this Problem and also a blog to catch the attention of more people but it seems only a small amount of you guys taking care of it so maybe the one or other now want to read it. Do it then :).
Well the third Point is "argueing people". I know that some people dont like each other, you will find this problem all over the world, but these people are still alive and can handle it so YOU can do it too! :)
Its simple when you start arguing you will destroy the gather for all, so why not better keep playing and owning each other and try to fight out this in that way? Or well when you really cant talk to each other without starting a conflict then try to ignore that person. In the CS community are so much people that destroy the whole scene with their behaviour so better try to represent a example for this people and show them how it works! :]
And because i saw this last point in the last gather i played today i wanna add some sentences. The misbehave of someone dont give you the right or is a reason to TK or TA him. Get proofs like demo and report it to Admins. Doing it in this way impeded a derailing of this whole problem ;)
And by the way flame is a kind of argueing too :]
flame lead to demotivation
demotivation lead to a bad game of you
a bad game lead to get frustrated
frustration lead to get pissed off :D
and to be honest who want to be pissed off? =)
And now love each other and happy fragging =D

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