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Geemag blogs!

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Aug 6, 2007 19:47

Hey guys,
i just added video support for our blogs! Feel free to use it and have a lot of fun!

Tag: [ GEEMAG : 553 ]

Head and Heart thinking

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Oct 8, 2005 23:26

In the last days i was thinking about things happened to me, especially disappointments of different things and persons.
All these were things i spend my whole heart in right now and in the past. I asked myself how can i avoid being disappointed? Well i came to the decision, that you only can be disappointed when you spend your heart for it.
Best example is a relationship. You meet a girl, you likes her, she likes you. You become a pair. This relationship starts pretty good - you spend your whole heart into this relationship, into this woman, into everything to offer her a wonderful life. You feel ready to take on anything. After a while she becomes different and well when there is a thing males notice than it is when she becomes different. After a while, she talks to you and confess she had sex with someone else. Well it feels like you die and your heart explode in million parts. Then after a short while, sometimes after months you will get over it a little bit. What will stay there is just a feeling of being disappointed in you. You start asking yourself was this valuable to offer your whole heart in it?
Its not just love. It can also be your working place. You love your job - you wake up everyday with the feeling you want to be as fast as you can in the work to go on with your work, because you really like this job. You are working for a big company and want to achieve something in this company and day by day you offer your whole heart in. Than you see how some colleagues get a better position in the company and you just keep your position year by year and think how can it be? You can see in this persons that they are doing this job because they have to - without motivation without ambition without heart. Things like these happens day by day. You get demotivated you feels disappointed. And now again the same question was it really sensible to put your whole heart in it?
Things like this happens to me and friends i know really good. So what to do now?
Should we stop thinking, working and living with our heart? Or should we go on with this and take the risk to be disappointed again?
There are people, which can turn off such "heart thinking" and close themselves for all the other people outside. On the other side there are people which cant turn it off. They keep thinking with their heart.
All or nothing. I work with my heart or i doesnt work. I love with my heart or i doesnt love.
I think i would sort myself to the second group. It doesnt matter how many times you get disappointed, when you believe in your dreams, they will become true. Maybe your dream will change but when you find the right love, workplace, anything you will know the dream you had wasnt the right. Maybe we need to get disappointed to get routed in the right direction or get routed to the right person. Its better to get disappointed to find the right way and love.
So i choose heart-thinking
Tell me which way you would prefer and why :)

Love - Hope - Fortune

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Sep 9, 2005 00:02

Today i woke up, took a shower and was listening to some Body & Soul ( Love serenade ) music and felt into thinking about Love, what isnt really good for me, because i have made some bad expiriences in the past. And it is also over a year ago since i am single and so i am asking myself how long does it take to find that one person that fill your heart with love and making you to the happiest man on earth. Well i found no answer on this question. I think i am not alone with that question. I see people that are allready married with 22-25 years and living their own life and so i am also asking my self will i ever found my Mrs. Right?
Many people telling me "every Jack will find his Jill" but it is maybe allready to late for me? Did i missed my chance?
Many people also say you should never lose the hope - the right person will come! Well is it only me who is losing the hope more and more to ever find the right person?
Well in this phase i start thinking about myself, maybe i dont fit in in the current time?
Maybe i dont look like a guy should look nowadays? But when that would be the reason wouldnt this world be to facile?
Am i to romantic ? i mean there is so few romantic on this world. I once said to a good friend while we were talking about romantic and such things, that for me there is nothing better then coming home from work and be able to feel my girldfriend in my arms drinking a cup of tee while the candles making the room really lovely and romantic and she just answered " when i came back home from work i just want to have the time for me ". It shocked me a little bit because this was the first time i recognised how few romantic left. Especially since i really love romantic and think there is nothing better cause these situations taking your breath away - and like we all know this situations making your life livable. I mean such special happenings like lieing near to a tree with your love and looking in the sky watching for flying stars having a picnic or sitting on your coach with your big love candles prettify the room you are listening to some fine snuggle music while the waterdrops rippling on your window. Arent those happenings the most valueable situations you will get in your life? ( Of course there are other too, when you get a baby for example :) ). And you need nothing for this you dont need to be rich or poor you just need to find your love. But you need to hope you cant lose your hope.
Well i sometimes think i allready lose it, but since i know love is what is keeping you alive i also know i havent lost my hope. Why cant everyone have the fortune to find the right love soon? There are so few people which get this unbelieveable privilege.
What does we need to do to find our Love? Where we need to go? What are possible places to find this person? I think that are questions no one knows any answer for.
Since i know some pairs which find themself i would like to hear some stories about how, where and when you found yourselves. ( I also know some what meet each other here the first time - SK Gaming Love Portal =] )
Thanks for sharing your happenings here :)

Insider APP System explained

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Sep 8, 2005 14:01

Small explanation and FAQ.
What does 'APP System' stand for?
It stand for 'Active Player Point System'.
Who got the idea for this APP System and who created it?]gosey[/url] comes up with the idea and bds created it.
What is the idea of this APP Points?
These APP Points are included to show you your own activity and are viewable for any insider user.
How get those APP Points get counted?
There are some factors which are deciding how much points you will get.
First: How many people are playing with you on the server affect when the server timer starts counting. You need a minimum of 4 players on the server.
Second: The time you spend on the server affect also the amount of points you will get. When you spend more time on insider servers on one day you will get more Points.
How do i gain points?
Just play alot on insider servers with other 3 guys and more.
How many APP Points will i get for a hour of playing time?
Can be up to 4000 Points.
Does APP Points affect insider rankings?
No, the insider rankings are just the result of kills per death, planted bombs, defused bombs ( with / without defusekit ) and such things and dont affect your insider rankings.
When will the APP Points get updated?
They will be updated every day at 12 pm CET ( 0:00 ).
Which servers have this APP System activated?
Every insider server is running this APP system so all servers are counting.
Will i get more Points when i am good in Skill rankings?
No, you wont get any APP points because you are good in skill rankings. For those who are interested in their rankings and detailed stats watch this!.
Does my Forum/News activity affect my APP Points?
No, you only get APP Points for playing on SK Insider Servers. There is a separate system for your activity in SK Gaming's forum, blogs, comments and news's. This system is explained here and here.
Will i get prizes for the highest amount of APP Points and what can i win?
Yes the first 3 - 9 placed people will win prizes. It also differs from time to time. Currently you will win pads like Steelpad S&S SK, Steelpad QcK, Steelpad QcK+. Of course this can change in the future to other prizes. Look here what people got in July of this year. From now on the top10 of APP Points will also get the chance to play with 2 SK Members and the insider with the highest amount of frags will win a Sennheiser PC 160 SK Headset. Another point which is also new is that those active people and especially the insider with more than 150.000 APP Points will get their Insider account extended for one month. Read here about the latest Updates.
When will last months winners get announced on SK Gaming?
Normally one or two weeks after a month finished there will be a newsentry on to announce the winners.
Do i have to contact someone to get my prize?
No, you just have to fill out your [url= Be sure you fill it with the right details, because your prize will be send to this address.

Gather leavers and argueing ppl

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Sep 7, 2005 02:21

Well hi guys..
I am a little bit angry because nearly every gather, which get started finish in someone is leaving it and destroy that gather for all the other too. No one want to play against 4 people as well as no one wanna fight with 4 people against 5 ;)
And i really have no appreciation for that, because one gather takes around one hour to play and everyone should know what he/she is gonna do in the next hours...
And i of course dont mean ppls which have to leave a gather due to some personal reasons like parents / or accidents or any other important things.
But in many cases people just leave cause they have no fancy to keep playing or get disconnect by their ISP or any other reasons. Well in my opinion it is easy to prepare for this just by watching when your router get disconnect by your ISP or taking 1 minute to think of what i have to do in the next hour and such things.
Another Point is that some gathers get aborted because someone get kicked by ssclient cause of he got disconnected by his ISP and then try to join the server and get kicked and dont try it any more. I allready made a thread for this Problem and also a blog to catch the attention of more people but it seems only a small amount of you guys taking care of it so maybe the one or other now want to read it. Do it then :).
Well the third Point is "argueing people". I know that some people dont like each other, you will find this problem all over the world, but these people are still alive and can handle it so YOU can do it too! :)
Its simple when you start arguing you will destroy the gather for all, so why not better keep playing and owning each other and try to fight out this in that way? Or well when you really cant talk to each other without starting a conflict then try to ignore that person. In the CS community are so much people that destroy the whole scene with their behaviour so better try to represent a example for this people and show them how it works! :]
And because i saw this last point in the last gather i played today i wanna add some sentences. The misbehave of someone dont give you the right or is a reason to TK or TA him. Get proofs like demo and report it to Admins. Doing it in this way impeded a derailing of this whole problem ;)
And by the way flame is a kind of argueing too :]
flame lead to demotivation
demotivation lead to a bad game of you
a bad game lead to get frustrated
frustration lead to get pissed off :D
and to be honest who want to be pissed off? =)
And now love each other and happy fragging =D

SKInsider Server Troubleshooting

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Sep 2, 2005 15:14

Hello guys..
I decided to make a blog about "troubleshooting on connecting to Insider servers" cause there are still peoples with problems and always opening new forum threads :). So this blog is only interresting for]SK Insider[/url].
So here we go..
1. Basic things:
a. When you join the server and you get a message saying "Nick is playing but is not an Insider" it is because your settings in your profile. After this you will get banned for 10 minutes.
b. If you join server and get kicked, but not banned, it is because your ssClient is not properly connected or running.
2. Troubleshooting:
What can i do to avoid being banned, because i am an Insider?
1st Step: Make sure you fill in your correct SteamID ( without "STEAM_" )
into your preferences. To get your SteamID just connect to a random server ( Game Hosting public server for example ) and type "status" ( like on image above ) in your console and you will get your SteamID. Double check your SteamID when you are filling it in your preferences, because sometimes when you copy your SteamID out of your console ( with CTRL + C ) the last digit wont be copied.
2nd Step: Make sure you connect with the right Nick to the server. That means you have to connect with the same nick to the server as you have on When you are in a clan you have to put the clan's tag infront of your nick.
Clan = SK
Nick = iantje
You connect as: SK|iantje
3rd Step: When your Login password for is the same as your SK-Insider channel-password, change it. DO NOT use the same password for IRC and the site, and remember to have 4 or more characters in your password.
What can i do to not get kicked by ssClient?
1st Step: Close ssClient
2nd Step: Go on SK Page logout there and login again.
3rd Step: Make sure you downloaded this ssClient. Start ssClient and push the blue button. A new window will appear, which include many servers. You now have to be careful, because there are 2 SK entries in this list. One called "SK Gaming" in the middle of this list ( marked blue ) and one at the end ( marked red ) called "SK Insider". You have now to doubleclick the "SK Insider" ( marked red ) entry. You see the entries on the next image.
On the next image you see how ssClient look like when you have done everything right and ssClient is connected to SK Anticheat server.
3. Additional Tip:
In many cases ( expecially after 24 hours disconnect ) it really just needs a relogin on the Page to get it working. So try to logout and login again. If it fails dont give up and follow the steps above, msg any SK Insider Admin or just open up a forum thread.
In some cases it also was enough when you opened your [url= and just performed a click on "Save Settings". Hope it will help you!

Dreams – Any deeper sense?

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Aug 17, 2005 17:52

Today i woke up and thought i was particpating in a 50 mile marathon because it was so warm and I was sweating as if i had just run a 50 mile marathon. The reason for this was a dream I had. It was really horrible. There are so many kinds of dreams...
dreams – which you don’t remember anymore
dreams – where you just remember the main incidents
dreams – where you remember every detail
dreams – where you really think you are in it where you feel everything like you feel in the real world
Dreams can make the night fly by and you sleep really well… in other cases you wake up a lot more times in a night and sweat a lot.
I would really like to know which aspects can manipulate our dreams?
I've had dreams where i was in love with someone and such a wonderful dream I would never like to wake up again anymore.
In other dreams you get in love with someone and lose this person in that dream and when you wake up you are blue as hell.
In other dreams you maybe kill someone or get killed or you see someone die.
There is many more kinds of dreams…
Maybe I am not the only one who gets such horrible dreams =)
The weird thing is when i have dreams which are displaying really important things which are really important to ME I always know every detail of this dream and in most cases I have dreams where the main topic is just love.
It is the most important thing on earth so the dream is vivid but in most cases i lose this person i get in love with and it feels like you die and die more and more. My dreams are really extreme sometimes, because when I don’t fall in love with someone i see someone in the family or my friends or someone else die. When i wake up after such dreams i am frustrated ( lose someone you fall in love with ) or sweating everywhere and feel really bad ( someone had died ). Call me a crazy gus but i think i am not alone with my questions ;)
Weird stuff but thought of it today :p

Love - gone for ever?

By Peter 'kravitz' Z
Aug 5, 2005 17:39

This is one point, i want to mention because i am thinking of it every day.
Have we lost the view for that one real most important emotion on earth?
What do I mean? Love… I mean you can see it every day. Married couples arguing with each other so many times on one day. For what reasons? He forgot to wash up while she was shopping to buy food and such stuff. He comes home from work and doesnt do anything as sitting on the coach and watching TV or playing games or hes doing other things. She calls him and tells him to buy something when he comes back home from work and he forgets it.
Why do i only give examples where males are the bad guys? Because in most cases males are the ones who dont respect the women’s feelings and wishes, unemotional hard fools. Of course not always – everyone should know what i mean ( You always need 2 people for a dispute ).
But now we arrived at one point where we have to ask ourselves – does such arguing make any sense? In most cases the cause of why we break up and go separate ways. But now everyone should ask themselves what was it that brought us together? It was love. We have experienced so much and lovely moments which were so wonderful that we needed to share it with another person. How can such a wonderful and valuable emotion get pushed into the background and arguing or not paying bills lead to break ups and you lose everything you had? Maybe I live in my own “Dream” but is it not love that keeps us together? In good times you try to share everything with her to show her a perfect world and take her away from all bad stuff in this world. Why? Cause NOTHING and NO other person can give you all these things a woman can give you. Those good moments you have where you buy a new car, buy a house or just make a world trip are nice experiences of course but would it not be better to drive with your big love in this new car and share your feelings with her instead of being ALONE? Would it not be better to live with her in this house instead of being ALONE? Would it not be better to make this world trip with your love next to you instead of being ALONE? This is what makes women the most valuable creature on this planet. Thank god for this.
In bad times you know you have someone next to you who loves you and will be with you no matter what happens… It is love that keeps us together everywhere… peoples in poor countries have no food, no money and nothing to wear and we have sooo many things. And we aren’t happy because of various reasons and at times we say “fuck off world”. What do you think keeps these people alive? Except for the work some organisations are doing for these people. It is just love… charity…
But for these emotions and feelings a woman gives you, we have to give something back and we have to treat her with respect and show her a world of wonderful dreams, beautiful flowers and sunny moments where the sun is shinning on her face and shows how beautiful she is.
Dream world? When this is really just a dream I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore, because it would have lost everything valuable it has.
But what are we going to do? The everyday life is owning us again and again and we lose the view for the one thing everything good is made from. We are fighting each other – harmless and deadly, disputes and wars / assaults. Totally useless things. We lose the love out of our eyes - We are thinking of stuff like bills, sickness and many other problems many people on earth have. Of course these things must get enough attention but it should never get our whole attention.
Love is all you need [flag:world]

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