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ESWC 2010

By jenny 'jso' so
Jul 7, 2010 02:02

overvieww, recap, all of the above

time has FLEW right by us again! i want to make this a non-4324234pagedblogentry thing, but lets see how it goes.

2 weeks ago the girls (steph and benita) flew to dallas before me and alice got there. we all played at christines house and only had about 4 days to prepare for the actual event. the bootcamp went good, we played 10 scrims a day (at least) and hoped it would be enough. i guess it was, but it was still way too short than what we're used to. it might be because we began to play at around 5pm each day (morning scrims are near IMPOSSIBLE to find here), but made up for it by playing till 2-3am at night. ;)

we left bootcamp on june 30th and headed for the airport. everyone flew together (except steph) and we even had our cool manager-like doll faced friend chelsea come with us! she was amazing by the way, much love to her! our trip to paris was easy...... initially we had a connecting flight from dallas -> chicago -> paris.. but there was a delay which would have made us miss the flight from chicago and so american airlines rebooked 5 of our flights to have a direct dallas -> paris flight. cool no? we thought they wouldnt have enough room for us all so we were worried.. but chelsea got SHIT DONE this whole trip! she was definitely our go-to woMAN.

all of our seats were nowhere together but we managed to work our charm (alice used her cute high pitched pikachu voice). we got to sit next to each other! well.. row after row. alice and i were behind christine, chelsea and benita. alice is the worst plane mate by the way. 8 hours of her sleeping and she only woke up when we were 10mins from landing. i tried to wake her up for food but she wouldnt budge so we gave it to christine..... me and christine love airplane food and think its absolutely delish. alice used me as a straight body pillow the whole ride there... her legs were on top of mine and she was laying down sideways and i used her legs as a table and we were criss crossed and just practically cuddled/spooned on the entire flight... this was definitely also because some stupid douche to my right was ALL UP ON MY GRILL AND ARM REST.. he kept turning off my tv in his sleep, and elbowing me in the side/back i wanted to hit him with a rock over and over again. but its okay, again i got to cuddle with alice ;)

once we landed we felt the wrath of euro HEAT. the humidity, the no air conditioning, the no ICE CUBES?????, warm water and smelly public transportation all got the best of us. here in the states we have the awesomeness luxury of staying cool in the heat so it was awkward for a little being surrounded by the sweaty foreigners... we couldnt stand the B.O, the sweating, the stickiness.. UGHHH EWWW...

anyway, we went to the luggage place and found that ALL OUR BAGS were lost.. (christine/chelsea did carry on because theyre smart and christines bags always gets lost) and this time it was me, alice and benita who had to suffer the no bag thing. we got to the hotel and find that it has no air conditioning of course and none of us were able to shower because.......... WE DIDNT HAVE OUR BAGS! cranky and irritated we went to sleep- alice and i got to share a bunkbed in one room, christine/chelsea got the upstairs master bedroom suite and benita/steph got the living room with 2 beds. alice hated the bunks at first because she had to get the top.. but eventually she made it her home and wouldnt ever come down.. HAHA it did look pretty comfortable up there....... she had a bunch of pillows in her fort and had a laptop, book, water like seriously?? anything you needed i could probably find in her bunk! HAHA.. she did have trouble getting down the ladder and suffered minor bruises due to it. ROFL everytime i made fun of alice though, i was karma'ed and i walked into doors and i suffer from bruises as well. sigh*

the next morning our bags FINALLY CAME! we all showered and got dolled up to go down to the heart of paris!

i will continue with our tour of france, the actual tournament, the AFTER PARTY WHERE I GOT SHIT FACED OWNED and so on a bit later, i dont like to make my blogs too hard on your eyes.. i already wrote so much.

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