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Sleep is overrated.

By jenny 'jso' so
May 28, 2009 03:11

so sleepy!!

im such an imsomniac.. the ONE THING gaming has ruined for me is my SLEEP TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

i slept for an hour, worked for 6 hrs, gym for 2 hours, and now im waiting for practice @_@ im so sleepies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what can i write about here that will keep you guys entertained for a maximum of liek 4 minutes? because if you guys are like me, you might have A.D.D and stopped reading already.. which means im still typing like an idiot for nothing? :)

i started working today... i work at like a cafe since there is literally no other place hiring haha LOL all the kids are out of school on summer break and the jobs filled up too quick! i was planning to be a waitress to make lots of $$$$$$$$ and save up to move to L.A but i figured.. since i am required to practice... being a waitress would be worthless!!! if i dont work night shifts ill make shit tip and shit pay!! so i rejected it. dang. i woulda been ballin making cash everyday. cash moniesssss.

oh yea, did i already write im moving to LA in a different blog? yea well im moving to LA when i graduate college!!!! most likely. im moving out of chicago for sure but im just not 100% where. first i was hesitant since the expenses would kill me and i would probably suffer horribly being there on my own, but then my brother told me (hes 25) that he is gonna move there with his gf in december when she graduates (which is luckily the same time i graduate ;]). he said i can live with him without paying rent until i find my own place/job cuz he can probably pick up a job out there easily while my noob college graduate-ness will struggle. shitty.

im most likely going to end up going back to school once i figure out WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. i absolutely can NOT sit in one spot.. like a business job.. :( so when i live life and experience more i hope ill find my passion.. and follow it. :P till then i will work fulltime with whatever my college degree gets me and be independent while being close to my (HI FRIEND) alice.

alice doesnt want me though so maybe ill move further south from her..... ass.

then again i might move to colorado, my friend is gonna start a business and wants me to help with itttttttttt sooooo we'll see!!! ^_^

oh yea. im getting a tattoo in like 2 months :).

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