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End of 1st bootcamp.

By jenny 'jso' so
Feb 17, 2009 00:52

edit - by the way this was the first time i was actually meeting benita!! our 16yr old prodigy! HI skeetz~ =]

hey what the heck! everyone wrote about our bootcamp so let me try to fill in some gaps that were missed

after i was almost late picking up our coach, i perfectly met up with the girls at a different airport (yes, i had to drive the opposite direction to make trips to two different airports!!)

they stayed in my place at school and it was pretty ghetto.. they had to sleep in the living room with two mattresses on the floor, and one on the couch. i gave up my room for aZn, even though i didnt want to. but what can i say, im too nice.

much thanks to my roomies who let them stay here with us, it was pretty crowded.. *sorry rose!!*

anyway, the first day of bootcamp was slow.. everyone seemed tired and jet lagged and setup itself took about 3 hours. trying to get our cfgs and setups right took a while. we worked as a team on the four of us and realized many things we never noticed at home. we saw that we may need to change up positions and setups (lanning really helps us notice the little things that we wouldve never known) and im glad we were able to. now i feel we can successfully grow as a team knowing how each player wants/needs to play. we're hoping that we can bootcamp here in chicago again really soon.. but with our actual 5th who we've just about decided on. we found out that ESWC is earlier this year (end of june instead of in july) which shortens our time. we need to start buckling down right now. sunday which was our last day to play we literally stayed in the office from 1PM to 1AM. we took advantage of our time and even ordered delivery food because we wanted to keep playing. man thats dedication! my teammates didnt get to experience chicago, but they dont seem to mind because they came here for business! sunday night alice, aZn and i had long conversations when the other two were sleeping to figure out what was wrong and what needed to be fixed and im glad we did so. i feel like although this bootcamp was short, it was worth it.

i know the wait on our 5th is brutal, but we want to be sure shes the right candidate and we wouldnt want to be letting out names of other girls we considered especially if they werent going to end up joining.

this weekend was tiring, but fun!
i have to go do homework now, so im going to finish here.
thanks everyone for your interest and support!! we appreciate it!!

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