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jso -- history ;]

By jenny 'jso' so
Jan 19, 2009 05:32

yes, im obviously stuck at work again.
so once again here i am at work writing another fine blog.
the first one was about our team, and now this is about me.
(i figure cuz a lot of it is about my brother and i, ill attatch a picture of us :P [yea yea, we sort of look a like -_-] )

the first time i ever saw counterstrike was at home in the basement. yes, the times of a young girl peering into her brothers room as he talked to a monitor was what sparked my curiosity for the game. my brother used to play cs a lot and even played it competitively for a bit. he began playing at lan centers, but one day finally decided to bring the game home and install it on his own computer (thank god ;]!).

he knew how addicting the game was/is and absolutely banished me from his room and gave me a strict warning about how much trouble i would be in if he ever caught me playing. of course, being as rebellious as i am, i managed to work around his threats and began playing it on my own. i had noone to teach me what to do so i went on a mission to figure out what this appealing game was.. and i was determined to talk to the monitor as well!!! :P

i first opened the game when it was version 1.5, and i was a freshman in highschool. my brother, whos four years older than i am, would lock his computer every night but luckily started to get lazy and i had access to it. i didnt know how the hell i was supposed to start it.. i didnt even know how to join a server!!! whenever he went out i went into his room and began the self training missions that they used to have where i would have to shoot targets and rescue hostages. i had so much fun sitting in the dark getting scared by random things shooting at me and eventually i easily "pwned" them. hehe :)

my brother caught me playing and saw there would be no real harm done since he figured i would just remain a pub star if that and taught me how to join servers. i still didnt know what to buy and eventually just bought every gun till i figured out which worked best... LOL my brother kept me on a pretty tight leash and restricted my social life by a great margin which is why i fell into counterstrike. day after day, night after night whenever my brother wasnt home i began to play endless hours of this game in pubs. i literally became nocturnal when summer rolled around and my mom began to HATE this game with a passion for being the obsession of my life. hahahahah (and to think she still hates it :(...)

my mom eventually told on me and my brother uninstalled cs from his computer. at this point i was devastated! ive grown so addicted to the game i was pissed he wouldnt let me play! if he wouldnt let me play he should at least let me go out right? wrong. i was stuck at home forced to do homework which i didnt do and was annoyed at the fact of being treated like a baby. by this time i was a sophomore.

when he went away to college i think thats when it went downhill for me. he got his own comp and i got his old one and installed cs right away. i began highschool with a 3.8 gpa, and by the time my brother left it gradually fell to 3.5, 3.2.. and even lower by the time i graduated. LOL around my sophomore year i met another girl who changed my view on cs as a whole. i used to be a pub allstar who refused to join a team till this girl explained to me the benefits of her lan team. it was an all girl clan and they were all experienced. they recruited me even though i had no knowledge in scrimming or anything.

we played in tournaments and we practiced on lan and they taught me the basics behind scrimming. when the team broke up i realized that i wouldnt get better unless i played with guys and so soon enough i began playing with a lot of chicago locals. i never joined any of the male teams but instead made my own female teams and led those for quite a while. this went on for at least 3-4 years and i got sick of being on horrid female teams! i later joined male teams and then one day tried out for SK. the first time i was on this team i myself was not up for the challenge and dedication these girls put in. i was actually timid and afraid and it greatly affected my play style. i left the team before eswc 2007 and made a promise to myself that i would get better (i didnt like the fact i wasnt one of the best). i immediately took the game way more seriously and took time to understand it using my head, more than my aim.

i then heard of SK's need for a new 5th and i tried out for them a second time. i knew they wouldnt know the time/effort i put into making myself a better player, but im pretty sure they saw the difference right away. the tryout process this time around was quite short for me.. whereas the first time it took over a month.

im happy to have joined a wonderful organization again, and im happy to have such cool girls to play with!

alice and lidy are great people IRL, so outside of the game its nice to be in their company~ im excited to see/play with benita for 2009 as this young 16yr old will definitely amaze many.. and for our 5th i hope its a girl who can mesh in well with us and have as much fun as we already do/did in 2008.

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