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ESWC 2010

By jenny 'jso' so
Jul 7, 2010 02:02

overvieww, recap, all of the above

time has FLEW right by us again! i want to make this a non-4324234pagedblogentry thing, but lets see how it goes.

2 weeks ago the girls (steph and benita) flew to dallas before me and alice got there. we all played at christines house and only had about 4 days to prepare for the actual event. the bootcamp went good, we played 10 scrims a day (at least) and hoped it would be enough. i guess it was, but it was still way too short than what we're used to. it might be because we began to play at around 5pm each day (morning scrims are near IMPOSSIBLE to find here), but made up for it by playing till 2-3am at night. ;)

we left bootcamp on june 30th and headed for the airport. everyone flew together (except steph) and we even had our cool manager-like doll faced friend chelsea come with us! she was amazing by the way, much love to her! our trip to paris was easy...... initially we had a connecting flight from dallas -> chicago -> paris.. but there was a delay which would have made us miss the flight from chicago and so american airlines rebooked 5 of our flights to have a direct dallas -> paris flight. cool no? we thought they wouldnt have enough room for us all so we were worried.. but chelsea got SHIT DONE this whole trip! she was definitely our go-to woMAN.

all of our seats were nowhere together but we managed to work our charm (alice used her cute high pitched pikachu voice). we got to sit next to each other! well.. row after row. alice and i were behind christine, chelsea and benita. alice is the worst plane mate by the way. 8 hours of her sleeping and she only woke up when we were 10mins from landing. i tried to wake her up for food but she wouldnt budge so we gave it to christine..... me and christine love airplane food and think its absolutely delish. alice used me as a straight body pillow the whole ride there... her legs were on top of mine and she was laying down sideways and i used her legs as a table and we were criss crossed and just practically cuddled/spooned on the entire flight... this was definitely also because some stupid douche to my right was ALL UP ON MY GRILL AND ARM REST.. he kept turning off my tv in his sleep, and elbowing me in the side/back i wanted to hit him with a rock over and over again. but its okay, again i got to cuddle with alice ;)

once we landed we felt the wrath of euro HEAT. the humidity, the no air conditioning, the no ICE CUBES?????, warm water and smelly public transportation all got the best of us. here in the states we have the awesomeness luxury of staying cool in the heat so it was awkward for a little being surrounded by the sweaty foreigners... we couldnt stand the B.O, the sweating, the stickiness.. UGHHH EWWW...

anyway, we went to the luggage place and found that ALL OUR BAGS were lost.. (christine/chelsea did carry on because theyre smart and christines bags always gets lost) and this time it was me, alice and benita who had to suffer the no bag thing. we got to the hotel and find that it has no air conditioning of course and none of us were able to shower because.......... WE DIDNT HAVE OUR BAGS! cranky and irritated we went to sleep- alice and i got to share a bunkbed in one room, christine/chelsea got the upstairs master bedroom suite and benita/steph got the living room with 2 beds. alice hated the bunks at first because she had to get the top.. but eventually she made it her home and wouldnt ever come down.. HAHA it did look pretty comfortable up there....... she had a bunch of pillows in her fort and had a laptop, book, water like seriously?? anything you needed i could probably find in her bunk! HAHA.. she did have trouble getting down the ladder and suffered minor bruises due to it. ROFL everytime i made fun of alice though, i was karma'ed and i walked into doors and i suffer from bruises as well. sigh*

the next morning our bags FINALLY CAME! we all showered and got dolled up to go down to the heart of paris!

i will continue with our tour of france, the actual tournament, the AFTER PARTY WHERE I GOT SHIT FACED OWNED and so on a bit later, i dont like to make my blogs too hard on your eyes.. i already wrote so much.

change of plans??

By jenny 'jso' so
Jun 21, 2010 06:53

so, as i was breaking my mamas heart about joining the army she began scheming to keep me here. might i say, my mom is quite slick..... she has a realtor friend who she stuck on my ass to PERSUADE me to buy a home instead of enlisting. HAHA.. he said since our economy is poop right now, itd be easy for me to become a homeowner.

honestly, i like the thought of that. 23yrs old and having my own house??? paying a mortgage? then flipping it in 5-10yrs and making $$$$$$ out of all that equity????? okay! sure!

so this is my NEW plan. if my home loan gets approved by the bank im sticking around, working and going to nursing school... if they deny me, i will venture off with my initial plans of becoming a soldier. funny how my life lies in the hands of a bank- but i shall leave it up to god.

wooooo! the place i want to get is really nice ;)
its a loft downtown right by my old school! 2 bedroom 2 bath condo! but chicago is fucking expensive i hope i can afford this shit. LOL again, we shall see once the bank gets back to me. /me crosses fingers

anyway.... the girls are already in texas bootcamping for eswc... me and alice work so we wont be able to go till friday.. they seem to be having a lot of fun and im kind of jealous. im excited to go!!!!!

my computer is a PIECE OF SHIT from 1997 and i have been playing HORRRRRRRRRID. i fps drop when i see someone and when there is smoke my computer pretty much blows up. LOL so im excited to play on a nice computer and if i still suck, then theres no excuse im just bad. hopefully, my computer is the reason ive been playing so shitty because this is the most important tournament OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im pooped we played 9hrs straight today. back to sleep, work and more prac tomorrow.

stay tuned friends! we shall have more updates from tx and paris :)

Life changing decision

By jenny 'jso' so
May 26, 2010 19:16

Hello friends!

Here i am sitting at work and writing a blog for you. What else would i do in this dumb little cubicle? oh, work? maybe.. lol :P

I am so close to putting my two weeks in, but im also disappointed in myself for not sticking out a full year at this job. I work downtown chicago in the sears tower for a law firm. Ive been here for 6 months on the dot, and am planning to quit before we leave for ESWC.

After this tournament im going to enlist in the army. What? Yes. I am.

I have my degree and my jobs pretty secure, but i want to keep learning. Schools expensive, financial aid will no longer support my studies because i completed getting my B.A already and so i've cornered myself into looking into the military. Yes, i know i can get loans.. but i dont want to be in debt for the rest of my life. I want to be debt free and have the army pay off my school loans, I want to travel, I want to shoot guns IRL(wonder if my aim will be like CS. JK) and if i dont go now ill never get to experience this. If i dont force myself now, i will never end up going back to school either.

I know i might hate it. I know i might cry everyday for 2 months wanting to go home and just play CS being lazy, but i need to keep my head on straight. I need to finish my education while im young, support my parents and secure my own future. Funny thing is, the army will do all that for me no matter how many different methods i can think of to avoid going. after a while, i may end up even loving it :) just have to get over being homesick the first couple months.

So, if ESWC is my last tournament ever.. I really hope we get first. That will be the best memory to depart with. Being the best female team in the world is something i know we are, can be and will be as long as we put our hearts in it, our minds on it and our desires through it.

Sometimes I hate my girls (rare), but most of the time I love them to death (they dont know that). I would not want to play with any other lineup even if you handed them to me on a silver platter. We are full of emotions, full of hunger and even after many years of being together with all the UPs and DOWNs, i know the rest of the girls love each other and feel like i do (ihope?). Its funny... we have an interesting mix of personalities that clash sometimes (but who doesnt time to time?), and when it comes for game time.. we all suck it up and headshot! our chemistry is real and we must work hard for ESWC to stay number 1. Whatever happens... This is my team. These are skilled ladies. This is SK-Gaming Ladies at its best.

Thanks yall, cheer for us in france.


Arbalet 2010

By jenny 'jso' so
May 4, 2010 19:07

... holy crap

from the competition to the actual venue, it was so NUTS!! the admins were great, the tournament ran smoothly and oh man was the award ceremony AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

every year the girls get better and better and we respect them for it. it motivates us as well to grow as a team and work on every aspect of our game to stay on top. this tournament was a close one as you can see, and again we managed to prove our worth.

the teamwork we portrayed is still so astonishing to me...... if you watched live on hltv you would understand what i mean.. our retakes, our comebacks, our motivation, our hunger was clearly there throughout each match. we never let our guard down and sure as hell NEVER GAVE UP. even when we were down our final map 14-8.. we knew we can come back. we are pretty good at adjusting in game to figure out whats not working (sometimes we just do it a little too late). with every kill/frag and every round we closed the huge gap and tied up the game.. after that the 2 ot's were intense but finally proved that hey world, we're still number 1!!

i miss my girls dearly, they were all SO great. we played our HEARTS OUT and i believe we deserved this win. we didnt have much time to prepare (and my week of being stuck in germany didnt help our practice time either), but now with eswc just around the corner we will be preparing for hopefully another championship title to put under our name.

SK LADIES!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! great job! lets get 1st at ESWC! see you girls soon.

and thanks to all you fans who support us to the end! we will make you proud! thanks a bunch!!

Should i be sleeping?

By jenny 'jso' so
Apr 23, 2010 05:29


i go home tomorrow and im taking a train to frankfurt in an hour so i forced myself to stay up and not sleep. yeaaaaah what can i say im a badass. with an hour to spare, thought id write some final things about my delightful stay in germany. (hey i tried schnitzel today!!! was good :) and i got to see lenni!!! good seeing you lenni!!! will watch all the TV shows we talked about!!! :D SEE YOU DURING BOOTCAMP IN JUNE!) my time here was great!! a much needed vacation- but now back to reality. working a 9hr/day job just to pay bills. ah, life. i hate you. jk :P i miss my friends back at home, and i miss my daddy... what can i say? im a daddys girl and hes alone in my apartment.... i wonder if hes surviving... the real question, i wonder how CRAZY my apartments going to look when i get home.. haha my dad recently moved in with me.. yep, ive pretty much adopted him. just hope my apartment doesnt look all insane.. hes not too clean.. buttttttttttttt it dont matterrrrrrrr i loveeeee myyyyyyy papaaaaaaaaaa~~~~ :)

while ive been here ive had a LOT of fun thanks to my host SK.reis! thanks so much and when you come to chicago dont forget to say HEY JSO!!!!!! i have to buy you like 9324882374 dinners and take you everywhere to show my gratitude! :D

anyway, the whole time here ive been in and out of stores/restaurants.. getting a good dose of the chilly weather *wtf?* which is fine because it snagged me some more SK clothes. HEHE. the shootout was fun, even though im a douche who doesnt change her interp and i got RICK rolled by some of you! good job! jerks :( LOL jk.. not only did i do a shootout, i played gathers with some of you and had a lot of fun playing in the insider servers!! thanks for keeping me company although it takes soooo long for people to join........ :[

i land at 12pm tomorrow and i realized i have to start training for Kiev again. im a bit rusty if i dont say so myself. i have about 5 days to play like a monster and ill be back.......... to europe........ on a stupid plane.......... for the ACTUAL tournament i hope!!! alice said she read about another volcano and i SWEAR!!!! if something unexpected like this happens again............ OMG!! LOL :( i want to play with my team again.. ugh. apparently we forfeited a league match due to my absence (oops), but hopefully we will just rape the rest of the season!!!

wish us luck in a week!!!!!! ABARLET HERE WE COME :)
(all of us this time i hope... :P)


Now I'm stuck

By jenny 'jso' so
Apr 17, 2010 20:57

Going off potters blog... now im stuck!

so as you have read, my teammates (steph and potter) had their flights cancelled due to the huge volcano cloud. Alice, Benita and my flights were still scheduled to depart... except it was a bit delayed.


Thursday evening:
Right before boarding our whole team was freaking out- were we supposed to come to ukraine without 2 girls? will they find another flight there? are we just not going to play? will they have the tournament without SK Ladies? DO I BOARD THIS PLANE THATS CHECKING IN RIGHT NOW OR DO I MISS MY FLIGHT AND END UP BEING THE ONLY GIRL NOT THERE?

oh man oh man was it hectic!! when we got the final OK and heard the tournament was still going to happen, i boarded my plane. i called alice and confirmed everything and ended my phone call with a "see you tomorrow :D"

i got on my flight and was lucky enough to sit next to a snoring old man and a guy with a tiny bladder to my right. without getting much rest i landed in Munich, Germany to make my connecting flight to Ukraine.

Friday afternoon:
As soon as i got off and walked around the airport i heard a "Paging Ms Jennifer So. Jennifer So please come to the closest information desk. Jennifer So. Jennifer So please come to the closest information desk." I was thinking... oh my god.. dont tell me i cant make it to Ukraine.. Dont tell me my flight is cancelled. Then a part of me was like.. Hey, maybe alex is looking for you!! (TheSlash and I had the same connecting flight to Ukraine).. Excited and worried, i searched for the information booth but couldnt find it....... i asked a flight attendant and she told me "someone is waiting for you outside the terminal, dont board your plane. you are not going to Kiev"..... oh word? what? okay... i waited for my bags which i figured wasnt going to come out.. and indeed. it didnt. my bags went to Kiev without me.

I came outside and i met Bernhard and his girlfriend standing there smiling. First thing he said was.. "So.. youre not going to Ukraine.. oh and none of the other girls made it. All their flights got cancelled".. WHAT??? NO!!!!! :( "the tournament is postponed till may 1st, we're trying to get you on the first plane to Chicago"........ oh man i HAD to get back to Chicago as scheduled because ive already requested off 2 days for this trip. I was freaking out because now i have to request 2 other days off.. and its still a question of whether they will grant it.

After hearing news i told him about my lost luggage and we found out that it would take 4 HOURS to wait in line to get any sort of information on where my bags would be. the lady said it will probably end up getting shipped back to Chicago, but that can take up to 2 weeks. Um.. Okay....... lets not wait in that line and just wing it. i can live without my goods....... especially because ill be leaving soon (or so i thought)

Bernhard took me to a train station close to the Munich airport where he bought me a ticket to Cologne. Of course, since the flights were cancelled all around Europe-- the trains were PACKED!! I rode on ICE (SUCH A NICE TRAIN!!) but we couldnt reserve a seat last minute which resulted to me sitting on the floor for 5 hours. eventually when the trains cleared i sneaked into 1st class and rode like a champ till i got off in Cologne. TheSlash was there to greet me and he took me to Dusseldorf.

Alex and i had some good talks and he dropped me off at Hotel Ko! *Min-Sik's hotel*.. Since then ive been exploring, walking, chatting! and enjoying my time ive had here in Germany. (although ive been pestering min-sik with like a millllllion questions LOL)

I went to the airport today and supposedly my flight is still scheduled to leave on monday morning.. so hopefully all goes well and i can get back to work when i go home!

This whole experience had me scared for a bit, sad my teammates werent here and still worried about my work situation and requesting the REAL weekend of Abarlet off... but all in all im having a blast :)

my friends are going to ask- "so whatd you do last weekend?" oh you know, went to germany.. shopped downtown dusseldorf, had some good food and met good company. who else can say that?? life is good :)

a personal thanks to:
Bernhard- Thanks again for finding me in Munich.. I dont know what i woulda done if you didnt come!! I woulda probably ended up in Kiev alone and been stranded without my awesome SK staff there to support me :)
Alex- of course you! thanks for arranging everything to keep me comfortable and safe. you are the best! hope you enjoy your ipad!! :P
Tim- for worrying and checking my flight status over and over.. it was good seeing you today!! hope to see you tom! and your lady is a sweetheart!! had fun talking to her and hope i see her next time im in cologne bootcamping :)
Min-Sik- you for your kindness and generosity. i swear i feel so princess status here at the hotel!! tours, food and good times! come to chicago and ill definitely treat you on your stay!!

Thanks again to all of you! hope to see you guys again before i leave :)

bye sk fans! will have more updates here, Acer Twitter and more so keep tuned!! Abarlet is two weeks away and we are ready "to explode" (right ali?? ;])

where have... i been?

By jenny 'jso' so
Dec 15, 2009 04:51


WHATS UP??! how are all you guys??!

i havent written a blog in what, like 3 months? oh man, so much went on during those three months and it finally cleared up recently.

first of all, i graduated college! wee! :) i finished on friday (LAST EXAM EVER! for a couple years that is...)!!!!!!!!!!!! haha yea! im so happy to be done with school.

Today was my first day at my full time job. im so freaking tired. i am definitely NOT a morning person. I was recently hired by an attorney office in downtown chicago. I work in the sears tower (i guess its called the willis tower now) as a legal assistant. remember when i said i didnt know if i wanted to pursue law, or become a nurse? well nows my chance to find out. i guess i should be thankful for starting to work in this terrible economy so quickly! and in the sears tower!! awesome!

haha i was so scared for 2 months i wouldnt get a job after graduating, and even considered joining the airforce as an officer. :( but good thing that didnt happen :)

I got my own apartment and im just waiting to sign the lease tomorrow. Ill move in after work and for a while live like a bum off the floor till i start making that $$$ to have a baller place. although, it is a dinky studio (more spacious than i make it seem) and its well suitable for at least two people. i dont need a lot of space anyway, its too expensive! my apartment is downtown right off lake shore (lake michigan) and im literally steps from the beach! Yes, chicago has a beach and no its not a small pond.. its actually really really huge! :P

as for CS i must admit i miss it dearly! i cant wait to start fragging with my team now that my life is in place and all is well. once i get my life in routine working full time commuting home im just gonna sit on my comp and fragfragfrag. CS is honestly the best money saving method ever. dont you agree?

anyway watch out for us in 2010~! ESWC IS BACK NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEAN!!!!!!!!!!

BYE SK!! will keep you guys posted. ;)

time flies.

By jenny 'jso' so
Sep 21, 2009 17:40

so... its already WEEK 5 in school! what the heck! midterms! ah!!!!!

when school began last month i kinda was lazy and missed the first 2 weeks of school.. (the first week doesnt even count anyway, and the second week i was still adjusting to getting up and going to campus :P LOL).. then week 3 i went to MEXICO!!! last week i realized HOW MUCH SCHOOLING i have missed and HOW FAR BEHIND I AM IN SCHOOL O_O!!!!

this being my last semester you would expect oneself to pick it up and stay on track and graduate strong right? wrong. my stupid ass instead has been flaking and not going to class. going out, staying out, working, and playing games have been on my agenda but now its time to re-prioritize. right? right.

december come quicker so i wont be a bad student any longer. pleeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeee let me graduateeeeeeeeeeee!!

if you guys wanted to know, which you probabaly didnt, i go to the Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago. a decent university. how i managed to go 4 years here is dumbfounding and i pretty much breezed through it without even trying (which i absolutely regret). im majoring in English and minoring in Criminal Justice. i was gonna be an english teacher but realized im too impatient and A.D.D to teach or handle kids so i picked up that minor. i always enjoyed police stuff and crime etc but what im going to do with my degrees.. I HAVE NO IDEA!!

part of me wants to go back to nursing school, and part of me wants to pursue my criminal justice field. (how cool would it be if jso really shot guns IRL? hehehehehehehheheheh ^_^).

anyway....... hopefully ill learn soon enough what i want to do with my life, but for the time being once i graduate im going to work with something in the law and make $$$$$$$$. if i make enough and i still wanna pursue nursing i shall go back to nursing school and one day stab people with needles to save their lives.

whichever career path i choose, i will be helping/serving the community and im thrilled to begin my life OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL!

i want my own apt where i can do whatever i want with ALL the privacyyyyyyyyy i can get :). im still wondering if i should move out of chicago but we shall see.

i shall keep you all updated on my pathetic and boring life so stay tuned!

thanks guysssss! i have to go to class now :( only a nerd like me would write a blog before class. but i have a valid excuse. i had been up all night studying which was hard to pull off. had a couple of DOCKERS energy drinks to make not falling asleep easier :)). as you can seeeeee it worked. i have enough (if not toooo much -.-)) energy to write a blog in between studying and class ^_^ delicious cranberry power!

so... does this mean more blogs to kill time? MAYBE! thats if i go to class :PPPPPP


home sweet home

By jenny 'jso' so
Sep 14, 2009 20:56

and without a voice
hi sk fans!!!!!!!!

i came home last night.. pretty late after a full day of flying....... i hate connecting flights and customs and even being in the plane itself.. its exhausting!!!!!!

i woulda blogged while i was in mexico but the internet there sucked.. it kept kicking me off in the middle of surfing the web. but its cool.. that gave me more time with the girls :)

a little opinion/recap of mexico in jsos point of view:

i feel like my girls and i all did REALLY WELL. online prior to the tournament things were down, and not as up as last season but we still rocked it on lan.

we had obvious chemistry that could be felt throughout the crowds and kept up an insane amount of momentum through all our matches. we played so well compared to how we played online prior to the tournament and that made me so proud of each of my teammates.. cmon guys!! i mean i even lost my voice!! hahahaha

usually before big tournaments we as a team bootcamp for several days to prepare ourselves for the event. this tournament we werent allowed that same comfort of being prepared so it was more of a surprise how well we did together.

there were some rounds that i uh.. whiffed, but i mean hey its cs. HAHAHAHA but i feel like everytime someone on the team slacked, someone else did insane to give us the many W's in each of our BO3 matches.. :) we all brought our A game when it was needed and the fire that we sparked never seemed to die. the come back against VLR is a prime example! we were down 11-4 on T side train but came back for the W CT side.. we almost hardly ever pull through such a big margin game.. but we proved to the #1 chile team that we girls got game ;)~

i miss all my ladies, and mexico itself. this tournament was a wakeup call for me as it truly resparked my passion for cs. the love of my girls and the fun time i had makes me excited to play cs online and only improve from here on out.

thank you for all the support!!! and hopefully soon enough we'll make sure to pay you guys back for the kind words you guys have for us!!!

thank you so much SK community!!!

and to my SK LADIES:
i love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
INTERNET TEQUILA SHOT TOAST! and then it would slowly result to BENITA DOWN.


By jenny 'jso' so
Sep 9, 2009 05:34

here we come ;)
hey guys!!

tomorrow i board the plane and i can finally see my girls in mexico!!! we're playing at gamegune and im SO FREAKING EXCITED TO SEE MY TEAMMATES!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! i havent seen potter/steph in like over a year ;( and alice/bean in like too many months..... ugh.

we will have lots of coverage from pics to videos... and even twitter!! ill be doing the twitter updates so make sure you guys pay attention to what i have to say! im a very interesting person you know ;)

school has started and im glad to be finishing up my last semester. im still rarely at home, and ive been living with my friends downtown to make my commuting to school a bit easier...

keep watching for us tomorrow till sunday! we'll have plenty of fun things for you guys to see! promise.

anyyyyyyyyy suggestions? like christine shotgunning a beer? or me? HAAHHA im a shotgun pro. (of course this is after we play serious all day ;])!

bye sk!! see you guys tomorrow! or i mean you guys see us tomorrow. ;)
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